Podslam 82 - Used Rubber

GAGR Podslam 82: Used Rubber

GAGR Podslam 82: Used Rubber

Welcome to Podslam 82.

We go totally in-house this week to look back over The Rugby Championship, the final Bledisloe match and all the goings-on in the game since the sister-kissing incident.

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  • Dovester

    “Like kissing your sister, without any tongue”. Cutting edge stuff!

  • Mart


    Just heard your point about subbing off Douglas for Gill.

    That drove me crazy too. It seem mad.
    Douglas was providing solid go forward.

    And i think they did it at a line out as well. Straight after TPN threw it straight to Mccaw. It was almost like we had a tall forward missing!?!

    Why you would sub a second rower for an extra fetcher just before a lineout on your own try line baffles me.

    But hey these sought of decisions are really not that suprising any more

  • Mart

    (insert a commer after “straight after” )

  • mxyzptlk

    Timms, how much do you think you could get for that autograph on Ebay?

    Don’t sell it; that’ll be a rare archaeological artifact hundreds of years from now when the future tries to reconstruct “The Rugby Wars.”

    As for Hanson’s comment, first I think you’re dead on noting that this is Hanson getting ahead of the media (Timms, you’re new journalism skills are showing).

    But second, he did say that he thought Australia should be developing more of their own talent. Isn’t this the same argument that’s been happening right here on the hallowed GAGR pages regarding a third-tier domestic competition and broadening the appeal to younger players beyond private schools?

    I’ve read/heard plenty of people snarking back at Hanson’s snark-worthy first part of his comment, but not too many saying anything about the second thing he said.

    All that said, I can’t remember the last time I was that riveted by a game with no tries scored. I really hope the Wallabies can start to consolidate what’s working for them and provide the All Blacks with the competition they, Australia and the fans need.

    • Yeah, I’ll hold on to it.

      It’s interesting, the second part of Shag’s comments are being forgotten, and it’s true. I think the reason why it’s being overlooked is because it is associated with the fact we only steal players. We don’t, we develop plenty. Do we need to develop more? probably, but if a player wants to live here and play rugby here, why should we turn them away?

      Good points though.

  • Alan

    God id love to see an All Black obstruction clip reel!

    • Mart

      Yes please GAGR.

      We’re due for one of these

  • bill

    Was it just my imagination or was that last part check your column Timmsy or check your colon?

    Steve Hanson, not much sweeter than hearing a kiwi coach whinge.


Steve Timms, He likes watching the odd game of Rugby, occasionally writes about it.. Proud member of the original Mudchooks.

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