GAGR PODSLAM 85 - Spare Flyhalf with Richard Graham

Podslam 85: Spare Fly-half with Richard Graham

Podslam 85: Spare Fly-half with Richard Graham

Richard in his Organic Veggie Growing finest

In this week’s Podslam, I’ve come back from a week at the beach to have a chat with Matt about the famous (yeah, we’re calling it that) victory at Twickenham. We are joined by incoming Reds coach Richard Graham to have a wang. We even manage to clear Robshaw’s name.

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  • bill

    I was watching that game at work and a mate said that jersey colour is gay. I said the colour isn’t gay, the bullshit about “royalty” is fey as hell.

    first time in a long time we placed those grubbers/chips well.

  • The Rant

    disagree with noddy that we had no other scoring chances.

    Taps shocker pass to the badger at 48.14 that just went he had to jump up in the air the catch- if it had just been a straight pass he had 5m open to the line (maybe the covering fullback would have had a shot but wouldn’t have stopped him).

    Again in the 50th minute Taps made the break but threw a no-look pass to noone – if he’d hit cummins he was in as he had the jump on sharples.
    And TPN doesn’t need a rest – he needs to be dropped. he played 40minutes and was too blame for at least 4 turnovers that I counted and that’s been a consistent factor for him this season. Moore is a quality 80minute hooker.

    • Actually, Benny A also had that try disallowed.

      But at the end of the day we scored just one try. No better than the rest of the season

      • The Rant

        true but after the previous outing – one try is still vertical!!

  • Luke_Baird

    Great podcast again, but would just like to give a few points:

    1. I might have to respectfully disagree with Timmsy and Gagger about Australia getting the rub of the green at scrum time; Australia were very technically excellent at scrumtime, especially Benny A.

    And whether it was because of Ben and Timani’s scrummaging up his arse or one factor alone, Joe Marler was put under immense pressure, hinging and being pushed back. And I trust Roman Poite’s judgement at scrumtime more than any other referee because the French know their shit.

    2. Woody brought up some very significant points about Quade’s contracting issues. While I understand why Woody and Quade may feel aggrieved about the notion of the double punishment with the contract, boiling it all down I think the ARU should factor in performance along with public indiscretions / perception.

    Whilst harsh, I wish Cooper would prove the ARU wrong in copping out the rookie incentive-base contract and fight his way back to form, rather than run off to boxing.

    • Steve Timms

      As long as you disagree respectfully (jokes…)

      I didn’t see it that way, and thankfully for me, the Stig agrees… Have a look at this and see what you think:

      • Luke_Baird

        Hmm, hindsight is a wonderful thing and now that I’ve watch that and the match in full I might have to retract some of what I said. The penalties that were handed out looked to be a lottery for the most part. ;)

        It did look in real time that Alexander was the dominant scrummager though.

    • Steve Timms

      And I agree, I also wish QC would take the rookie contract and just show what he is made of. Obviously, it’s not my bank balance I’m saying that with and maybe his injury has dented his bullet proofness a bit so he is trying to maximise his base.

      Its an interesting saga either way.

    • bill

      Assuming they’d select him. And as many have pointed out re Taps, sensible selections are not the norm at the wallabies at the moment.

      400k as a base salary isn’t anything I or most people will ever see, but it’s worth looking at things like Hugh McMenimans contract for Jap rugby,900k a year by reports.

      Not many people are good enough to get that sort of offer, Cooper is one of them, so he’d be forgoing 500k a year if the the ARU were dealing in bad faith, And there’s every indication they are. I’d love him to stay and thumb his nose at the pricks, but then I’d like him to tell Khoder to fuck off as well.

      It’s a lot of money to ignore. Ioane did by all accounts though.

      • Goldie

        This is quade, a gen y with no loyalty to”that yellow” jersey, we are talking about here rite.he’l take the monover seas and why not, wallabies are crap at the moment,well the last ten years anyway.

  • Mart

    WTF I’m 1 minute in and I’m not happy already. No “Woody’s round up” theme tune again!

    Timmsy, whats going on, i know we not in super rugby season but come on.

    Never the less, I will continue….

    • Steve Timms

      I moved computers and just didn’t have my kit all in the right bag yet.

      Next time I promise…

  • Mart

    The fact that it has taken so many injuries for Deans to start Tapuai at 12 should be a blight on his coaching.


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