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PODSLAM 87 – Purge The Dirge

PODSLAM 87 – Purge The Dirge

Matt, Scott Allen and I look back over the Welsh Test, take a quick squizz at how the Poms upset the Blicks and then go all-out on Season 2012 for the Men in Gold.

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  • Great podcast guys, as a Wallaby fan in New York it’s very difficult to get insightful and amusing commentary on how the Aussies are going (although this year was forgettable)…I look forward to 2013 with some caution…but am sure you’ll have it well covered. Genia, Horwell and yes even Quade, comeback soon….and I am a Waratahs fan!

  • Johnny-boy

    I’d be interested to hear Scott’s views on AWH being one of the Wallaby locks. It seemed the Reds lost very little when he filled in for Horwill this year at the Reds.

    • Scott Allen

      AWH only started 4 games and was on the bench for 5 for total playing time of 412 minutes last season for the Reds – whilst he added something in those last 4 games, I think we need to see more of him this year to make a real judgement.

      Horwill will be one Reds lock – AWH and Simmons will compete for the other spot. If AWH wins that battle and starts we’ll see what he can do but if he’s the reserve lock for the Reds I don’t think he’s any chance of being picked for the Wallabies.

  • Barbarian

    God, someone crack a smile!

    I know everything wasn’t exactly rosy, but jeez the negativity was getting to me there. You say we didn’t deserve to beat the Welsh- but on what planet did Wales deserve to win? They didn’t score a try, remember.

    And I’d also applaud our newfound ability to grind out games in the last ten minutes. Back in 2009/10 we’d score some great tries, but still lose the game. When it got tight, we packed it in. Now it seems like the opposite is true- when it is close we win almost every time. So that is a big positive there, we are showing a lot of ticker when the game is in the balance.

    And then someone mentioned Deans will ‘destroy rugby’ in Australia. Jeez, hyperbole much?

    • Johnny-boy

      It’s hard to smile when you’re being rogered, unless of course you’re in to that sort of thing ….

      • Barbarian

        But that has only happened once or twice this season. Which is about average really. Look I am not saying everything is great, I’m as pissed off about our playing style as everyone else. But still a bit of optimism never hurts.

    • Interesting – are we grinding out wins that used be losses,

      or are we grinding out wins that used to be easy wins (via tries)?

      • Barbarian

        Well in my memory we never really had easy wins on an NH tour. We’ve always struggled with Italy for some reason (remember the game where Quade had to save us, in the midst of the ‘try scoring’ halcyon days). Same goes for Wales.

        I also reject the argument by you guys that ‘if Italy had kicked that penalty…’, ‘if England had taken the points…’, ‘if KB hadn’t scored that try…’ then the Wallabies would be ranked 6th or something. Because for every answer I could answer with another pointless hypothetical ‘what if the video ref disallowed the Italian try?’, ‘what if the video ref had given Ben A’s try?’ etc. etc.

        You can talk about all the ‘what ifs’ you want but in the end we won the games. And that is what matters. Not to say there aren’t a truckload of negatives but I think that fact needs to be respected.

        • The Rant

          Well said BarBar. Wins are wins and I was almost as stoked with KBs match winner in cardiff as I was when we scored against the ABs in hongkong.

          Sure I’d love to see more running rugby but that we haven’t met our lofty expectations hasn’t sent me into a depressing spiral of ‘Dirge’.

          The last couple of years when Waratah fans starting booing – how many comments did we see hear from fans of other states (mainly a bit north) claiming that waratah fans are not true team fans who support their team no matter what and will take any wins and positives they can. That’s where we are now. We are not ‘Wallaby’ supportes – we’re ‘Wallaby-Ideals’ supporters. Fairweather fans who scream ‘sack them’ after france and ‘hallelujah’ after england. Imagine if rebels and force fans were as fickle and demanding – who’d turn up?
          We seem to forget that there are a bunch of blokes wearing this country’s emblem giving their all trying to win against the rest of the world. They’re getting bruised and injured for us and when they’ve closed out games they hugged each other cos it genuinely means something to them and it didnt come easy.

        • bill

          Criticising shit rugby and calling it shit isn’t being a fairweather fan.

          Just as thinking Robbie is suddenly going to improve isn’t optimism, it’s something else.

        • You’re right Baabaa. We got the same win numbers on this tour as the All Blacks did – we’re clearly as good as they are.

          Pats on the back all round really.

        • Barbarian

          Thanks Captain Straw Man.

  • Anyone else having itunes issues? Podslam not appearing in there

  • You said it Scott. “if we have a crack and we don’t win, then I’d be happier than seeing us playing what we’re playing”.
    Farkin spot on.

    Geez Scotland and Italy are scoring more tries than us.

    What you guys are saying is what the supporters are saying.

    How the hell can we get a change?

  • Mart

    Baffled as to why Fotu didn’t get a look in at 8 on the spring tour. There’s your answer.

    • Barbarian

      Because he only started in about three Super Rugby games all year?

      • bill

        He looked good when he did. Looking forward, when we can’t name Samo, Fotu slots in nicely with Higger’s.

        Then again, I thought Houston was a good 8, what would I know, fking nothing.

  • mxyzptlk

    Matt said in the podcast that could could do another podslam just on the Cooper thing. Although it’s a tired subject, if you do (and I tweeted Matt about this), could you have a look at this Spiro Zavos article in The Roar?

    From that piece, this whole QC debacle seems a lot larger than Quade himself, and it looks like the QRU tried to roll the ARU in order to secure Quade for the Reds. Then after showing they could be rolled, NSW did the same in order to secure Israel Falau, and it sounds like this could all be at the cost of the Sevens and womens programs.

    If you did do a show on that mess, I’d love to hear you guys break that down.

    • Barbarian

      I wouldn’t trust anything Spiro writes. The bloke doesn’t deserve to be treated as a serious journalist. I can’t for the life of me believe any player would know who Spiro is, let alone give him secrets from the inside of Camp Wallaby.

      • mxyzptlk

        I’m not from Oz, so I’m not as familiar. But he’s pulling from articles in The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald; are his sources to be trusted?

        And if it’s all fud, then you could dispel it before naifs like me stumble across any more such crap.

        • Barbarian

          Spiro Zavos used to be quite a respected analyst writing for the SMH, now he’s just a bit dotty writing for the Roar. His articles are less and less insightful. The one he wrote recently about racism towards Robbie Deans was absolute bullshit (to put it mildly).

          So now he has decided to extrapolate articles written by Roy Masters (an ex-League coach and a dyed in the wool leaguie with a hatred for Union) and Wayne Smith (probably the best journo in Oz) and turn it into some grand conspiracy of the local unions rolling the ARU for Cooper and Folau. Despite the fact that neither article states as such, and the NSWRU have rejected his article out of hand (look at their comment on the article).

          No doubt the ARU had a lot to do with the Cooper and Folau deals. But to say it was all so they could put through the board changes is baseless speculation. Mainly because Spiro has no sources at all (players or officials) as he is no longer relevant and pretty senile.

        • mxyzptlk

          Cheers — that makes more sense than his article.

        • bill

          The ‘we don’t want cooper in the team’ angle from ‘senior’ qld wallabies seems pretty off key. The pressuring the aru via signing up to governance, well, maybe it’s a lever, whether it was used or not really doesn’t matter. That lever is presumably a one time deal.

          The only real way of seeing if he’s describing a poor environment is seeing how they handle the next coaching transition and etc. For the life of me I can’t see Robbie adapting to changing circumstances, previously yeah, but the last two years have lifted the scales from my eyes.

          I think it’s unprecedented in a major code that one individual has been given a licence to fail on the scale Robbie has.

        • Johnny-boy

          Interesting point Bill. Deans been given an unprecedented licence to fail.

          Why is it ? The only reasons I can come up with are ;

          1. the ARU can’t afford to sack him and pay him out – but can they
          afford not to sack him ?

          2. The ARU board have a pretty low opinion of the Wallabies and believe they MUST have a kiwi ex all black coach to make them any good

          3. They hope Deans will suddenly stop trying to kybosh the Wallabies
          and will actually start coaching them intelligentlyy

          4. Guys like Eales and Gregan and Robinson subconscioiusly, or consciously don’t actually want the current crop of up and coming Wallabies to succeed, for fear it may make their own efforts as Wallabies look less impressive. Relevance deprivation syndrome can do that
          Whatever it is, it’s hurting Australian rugby. The bottom line is we don’t need an utterly useless foreign coach to get us to play crap rugby. I’m quite sure we are capable of that ourselves and at least we would be able to ‘own the reality’.
          Deans stated when he got the job that we was inspired to coach by Australian coach Dave Brockhoff visiting him in the dressing rooms after a test when he was injured as an All Black. I doubt Brockhoff would think Deans was helping Australian rugby at the moment and the best thing Deans could do for Australian rugby would be to go home, instead of trying to drain it of every last drop of blood. Having ruined our world cup campaign to save his country, Deans now wants the Lions tour to be between two kiwi coaches.
          Deans is not showing the same generosity of spirit Brockhoff did. It’s way way past the time that he did.

        • bill

          Look, I’m not about bashing Robbie, but the sad fact is the guy has stuck to the wrong choices far too much. After that SA test in 2010, where we put 30 points on them in 30min only to have them surf in over the top of us, I could understand the commitment to defence…but how the hell do you defend by not scoring points!

          It’s just been madness.I don’t know how anyone can sit and look at the last 2 years of rubbish and justify Robbie’s tenure.

          We are worse off now than when he started, I think he wants this job, because no-one else would employ him amongst the first tier nations, he’s become a joke. FFS he makes Eddie Jones almost,not quite, palatable.


    Scott your comments about the wallabies going into their shells reflects the coaches attitude to life. Every time He’s been baited publicly he does not come out fighting. A fish rots from the head.

  • Kiap

    If this is the last podcast for the year then you guys have nailed it.

    Maybe the gold hierarchy can regroup over this off-season and get back to having a real go in attack next year. Hard to see it at the moment but we’ve got to hope.


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