Podslam 94: Chronological with Ed O'Donoghue - Green and Gold Rugby

Podslam 94: Chronological with Ed O’Donoghue

Podslam 94: Chronological with Ed O’Donoghue

Steve Timms and Scott Allen explore the craic with Ed O’Donoghue. They discuss his part-time gig as Mr Whippy as well as how he’s enjoying his second stint at the Reds (plus some other stuff). Then they take a look at the Australian conference Super matches and go over this week’s issues in Australian rugby.

nb. There were some technical issues with the sound; hopefully the problem doesn’t distract too much.


  • Kiap

    Thanks for the podcast, guys. The Ed O’Donoghue craic was good. Also looking forward to France vs France this weekend.

    And maybe with another Cheika trademark halftime speech.

  • Great job on the podcast fellas – BUT WHERE’S THE FREAKIN CHRONOLOGY GONE?!?!

    • Steve Timms

      It must be random, I hate order.

      • Lucky you don’t have anything to do with IT or logistics then

  • Benny A’s Tackle

    Gents, I gotta say ‘hats off’. You lads do a fantastic job with these pod casts and how you get real guess on this pokey little corner of the internet is beyound me. Can’t wait till you guys get Dingo Deans on for a chat about his selection policies!

    I listen every week, love the comment. Coworkers often hear a couple of out loud giggles at the G&G boys antics and down right humourous colloquialism. The analysis is great, but I’d love a tiny bit more. Perhaps some examples, ie “check out the Tahs game at the 51st min, classic example of poor execution…”, “…watch what Genia does in the last 20 mins, see how he finds runs on the fringe…”. Also, where’s the Wallabies starting XV speculations? Come on boys, its all the rage!
    Either way, keep up the great work lads. And lastly, am I the only straight bloke to have a rugby man crush on Scott Allen, the bloke is never wrong in my opinion!

    • Agreed on Scott, although he could’a given the Tahs a bit more of a wrap. The Blues tries were opportunistic. Take the Red shades of for a tic. They played well.
      Good podcast guys


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