Podslam 95: Windswept and Interesting - Green and Gold Rugby

Podslam 95: Windswept and Interesting

Podslam 95: Windswept and Interesting
Got the Windswept and Interesting look down...

Got the Windswept and Interesting look down…

On this week’s Podslam, Steve Timms and Scott Allen catch up with Brumbies tighthead Dan Palmer. They go on a journey to discover that there is a magical day on which the only the best props are born, among other things.

Then they look at the Super matches, past and future, and go on to pick the form forward pack as if the first Lions Test were on this weekend.

Cover photo by Tim Anger

  • The Rant

    Bit interesting that Dan asked not to answer what I thought was a fairly tame question – ‘Why move to France now?’ on air?
    Speculation abounds…

    • Steve Timms

      Yeah, I thought so too.

      Such a shame he is going.

      • servo

        Quite simple really. Money. Don’t think he’s going to say it on air, I know I wouldn’t. ARU probably didn’t offer him enough or didn’t offer him at all. But I agree it’s a loss to Australian Rugby let alone the Brumbies. He’s really come through since moving down here.

  • Timmsy, listening now and totally agree on the Wallaby selections. The team you and Scott are talking about, is pretty much the exact team everyone wants But…. as you said, you can bet Deans will play favourites and pick guys like Tatafu, possibly Dennis and maybe Simmons and Alexander.

    Which would be a travesty…if MMM isn’t in the starting pack or bench then it really has become a joke..And if Squeak isn’t starting then WTF

    • Steve Timms

      I only hope I am wrong.

  • Podslam 100 guest has gotta be Woodys round with theme song back
    Or Laurie Fisher for his honest insights

  • Luke_Baird

    Definitely did not expect Dan to be as outgoing as he was, speaking on the podcast. Thought he would be more reserved but looks are deceiving i guess


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