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QLD Reds Announce Leadership Team for 2015

QLD Reds Announce Leadership Team for 2015

The Queensland Reds have today announced that 2014 Green and Gold Rugby Player of the Year, Pilecki Medal and RUPA Medal for Excellence winner, James Slipper will take over from James Horwill as Captain of the Queensland Reds in 2015.  Slipper will be supported in this role by Rob Simmons and Karmichael Hunt as Vice Captains.

In a press conference earlier this afternoon, James Horwill spoke first, announcing that he would be stepping down as captain for his beloved QLD Reds in his final season with the club.  The role deservedly being given to prop, James Slipper.

slipper running vs bulls 516

Slipper was consistently one of the top performers for the Reds in 2014, a feat which was recognised when he was awarded the Pilecki Medal (Reds Players player award) and the RUPA Medal for Excellence which is voted on by all Super Rugby Players .  A strong scrummager and an absolute workhorse around the field, Slipper has amassed 65 Super Rugby and 63 Test caps since his Reds debut in 2010.

Slipper said he was honoured to be given the role of Captain for the Reds.

“I’m incredibly humbled by this decision. I take great pride in playing for Queensland, so to be named captain is a great honour

“James has been a great captain and I know he will be a great mentor to me in my first season as skipper of the Reds. He gives everything for Queensland and he deserves to go out on the right note – so I’ll do everything I can to make sure that happens.

The naming of lock Rob Simmons and Reds new recruit, Karmichael Hunt as Vice Captains is a little surprising given that previous captains of the Reds, Quade Cooper, Will Genia and Anthony Fainga’a are still with the club.  Queensland Reds coach Richard Graham said the move was aimed at expanding the leadership base within the playing group.

“In appointing two new vice-captains, we are continuing to expand the leadership base within our group. Rob understands the strategic side of the game well and deserves an opportunity to be part of the leadership group. Having an official title will provide some more formal opportunities for him to lead within the team.

“While Karmichael is new to the team, he has shown throughout his career and during Reds pre-season that his standards and work ethic will drive the group to higher expectations.

“We are also fortunate to have four players in our squad who have had the honour of representing Queensland more than 100 times in their careers. Quade Cooper, Will Genia, Greg Holmes and James Horwill, all very experienced players, have held leadership roles within the Reds at various times. They are already leaders within this group so they don’t need to carry a formal title.

  • So…. Slipper and Simmons are forced from the field for any reason, Hunt skipper? Will he be able to manipulate the ref, understand the rules effectively and manage the game? Does this suggest QC is not looking long term? Horwill out because of the long term view. Assume the same with Genia. Gill not in contention? Had a cracking NRC. Turner?

    • Mr T.

      Why stop there? What if Slipper, Simmons, Hunt, Horwill, Genia, Cooper, Gill, Schatz, Thompson, Faingaa S, Faingaa A, Holmes and O’Connor are forced from the field for any reason? WHAT THEN??????? What if the manager hurts himself? Will the assistant manager be able to step up and handle the role, wIll he manage the team effectively?

      What if Suncorp floods again? Will Ballymore be a suitable replacement. Will it effectively handle the proposed 60k members?

      Don’t the Reds know they should only make plans based on the absolute worst case scenario and not pick who they think is the best person for the job?

      • brumby runner

        I’m afraid I see it a bit like Matthew Lalor does. Props rarely play the full 80 minutes so it’s not an unlikely scenario that at some stage KH will be the only member of the leadership team on the ground. But a far bigger concern to me is that KH’s appointment suggests that Quade qon’t be around in 2016. That will be a huge loss to both the Reds and the Wallabies if it comes to pass.

      • Rugby

        It’s like the film the slap
        Genia and Quade must be miffed to give ground to a new marketing player

      • Westo

        65000 membership target this year – WOW!

        I cannot see it as unfortunately there is a level of lost faith and delusion across the board for all facts of rugby at the moment. I am far from a negative guy, but for the State we need to draw a line in the sand, get stuck in, and make sure we win games.

        PS The last point will be helped as we play the Lions at home negating last years very deflating, yet humorous, referring debacle.

  • RobC

    Thanks for the news. A good decision.

  • The Rant

    Well done Slipper.
    As for the VCs…Nup. Seriously…nup.

    • Bill

      Ok I was a bit OTT, but fuck that, I’m just a little tired of people ignoring quality just because their fing cravat’s in the way. What effing more would you have to do that these two particular guys haven’t done to be acknowledged as quality players. I just don’t get it.

      • Bill

        And if I can get it, I don’t want to, because it would be a fing disease.

  • Arus

    Liam gill for VC

    • gel

      Won’t happen while RG is the coach. If RG stays on throughout this year, Genia, Cooper and Gill will be gone.

  • jamie

    Bye quade and Genia I’m guessing then…

    • RubberLegs

      Some years back Sanchez considered joining the Force; then he met RG.

  • Robson

    Can’t argue with Slippper’s appointment, but have question marks over the VCs. There’s just a slight element of looseness about RG’s rationale concerning the “wider leadership” group. it seems to carry the whiff of an apology for not appointing one of the seasoned leaders as vice captains. Just my opinion of course. We’ll wait and see what actually happens on the field of play. If it’s anything like last season, the biggest selection oddity will be that of the coach!

  • James Thompson

    The slide continues for Will Genia.

  • jamie

    Simmons? A consistent softie, and Hunt? A new recruit playing Union in Australia for the first time?

  • RubberLegs

    There’s nothing soft about Simmo apart from his baby face. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW7M0aY_dxU
    Former Wallaby VC Quade calls the shots in Reds games. The Reds captain is in charge of press conferences, whining to the ref and deciding whether or not to take a shot at goal; I wouldn’t trust Kev or Sanchez with that decision.

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