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Quade Cooper set to leave rugby… again

Quade Cooper set to leave rugby… again

Last night the renowned rugby union reporter and rugby league agent-mouthpiece Danny Weidler announced via Twitter that Quade Cooper is leaving rugby, again.

It’s understood that Quade’s Queensland contract alone is worth $400,000 next year. The ARU contract was a $13,000 fee per game only structure — which, if he played all the Wallabies matches in 2013, would bring his total rugby salary to $600,000.

If the G&GR Forum thread (now totalling more than 100 pages) on the Quade Cooper issue is anything to go by, there are two factions:

Pro Quade

“Quade Cooper is one of the most important players in Australian rugby. The brand of rugby he brought to the Reds has been integral to their success, and therefore crucial to the wellbeing of the game in Australia. For the ARU to force him out like this because he dared to say what we all think is borderline criminal.”

Anti Quade

“Cooper and his management have brought this on themselves. It was they who wanted one-year contracts, and then got involved in off-field incidents, airing dirty laundry in public and poor international form on top of injury. Didn’t he say it wasn’t about the money, but playing for the Reds? Got what he wished for.”

I think I actually agree with both views. Neither side have covered themselves in glory. Which maybe gives us hope that this is just the usual Weidler beat up… it’s been about a year since the last one.

In the meantime, here’s Quade’s last tweet from 6.30pm last night Sydney time:











Boxing here he comes!


  • MT

    I hear he is going into comedy. I’ve heard some of his material, it’s hilarious. “I’m going to box.”

  • Brumby Runner

    The messenger has been shot.

    • redbull

      Shot, tarred and feathered

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    Surely a boxing promoter’s dream come true.

    I normally would never watch boxing. But when Quade enters the ring I’ll tune-in to see if he has what it takes in this man on man brutal combat sport. Hopefully boxing can make him a man.

  • Hannibal

    I hope this doesnt mean the ARU has already decided to stick with Deans!

    I mean if you are not sure Cooper will play many games (due to selection) then an incentive contract makes sense as you dont have to pay him much. Lets face it = its unlikely Deans will play Cooper again unless forced to by injury.

    Whereas McKenzie would have no such qualms probably and if in the mix for a change of coach would probably push to keep Cooper happy.

  • Fin

    If true it is dissappointing for Australian Rugby. I find it hard to take anyone represented by that Nasser seriously however my 12 year old who has played all 3 other codes before finally ending up in Union last year loves the way he plays and wants to play like him. If he goes to league he’ll take a portion of the next generation with him.

    However I can’t point the finger at the ARU or Deans over this one.

  • Pedro

    Although I would rather he’d stay, it’s going to be a great story to follow. On the positive side, he’s still young and he’ll have time enough to come back, maybe better on and off the field.

    The boxing thing is a bit weird. Sounds to me like someone’s trying to take advantage of their increasing punchability. Or maybe that was the plan all along.

  • Old Gumby

    Cooper overplayed his hand, much like Giteau did. Big talk followed up by very average performances in the Wallaby Jersey after a stellar start. Forget the passions raised by the Reds/Blues divide; he kept expressing his interest in playing for another code, he made ill conceived comments publicly about the National Team, its management and by implication his team mates, he set himself up to crash and burn or become a mega star in the RWC; he crashed and burnt, he has been involved in highly publicised off field incidents that displayed a high level of immaturity and you could probably go on and on. All that in what? Just three years?

    I didn’t want to see him leave because if he sorted out his ego and got his headspace right he could be a great asset to Rugby. Unfortunately his mental capacity doesn’t match his playing potential and going to boxing will not help him to improve that. At best it is another case of a naive young man being given very poor, shortsighted advice and mentoring by his management team who in all probability just see him as a commodity to exploit.

    Good luck Quade; sorry to see you not fulfil your potential in the game that gave you the opportunity in the first place. Many would believe your behaviour and departure to be your final act of disloyalty. Sort out your shit man for your own sake or the same story will repeat itself wherever you go.

    • Robson

      Over play his hand? Would be the case if he had one! Not even Dan Carter would have got away with some of the stunts Quade pulled. But like you I am really sorry to see him make such train wreck of his potential in the game.

    • Tahzan

      If only money could buy Quade wisdom. If so perhaps the ARU would have paid Quade more. Whatever Quade does will earn him money. But the Lynaghs, Farr-jones, Gregans, Larkhams, Eales and other past greats all earned respect as well, …….and for that, will be valued for eternity.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      On his head space – Clearly the bloke is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He needs to understand that & acknowledge it. Otherwise life will be a real mine field for him (and all those who associate with him).

      If you have talent & are only capable of one smart move in your life, then that move needs to be obtaining a good mentor or a good manager or a good life coach.

      Unfortunately for him, the brain that makes flawed day to day decisions is the very same brain that told him his current manager is ‘best for him’. Remember ‘not all that glitters is gold’. Or should that be ‘yellow’?

  • Johnny-boy

    What flabbergasts me is that people take Danny Weidlers word for it. I guess now there’s no Greg Crowden NSW rugby needs someone. There’s always the spinless biro.

  • Someone

    Being compared to Carter got to him. Lack of will negates talent.

    • Mica

      More like Carlos Spencer at the moment than Carter I’d say

      Carter is often brilliant and has virtually no deficiencies when fully fit.

      Spencer was rocks or diamonds and the same can be said of Cooper’s performances.

      What a waste though – imagine if Cooper was able to get his head in the right space and sort out some of his deficiencies. His defence showed improvement this season so there were signs that with some hard work and the right application he had the potential to be one of the best fly halves ever.

      It’s not too late Quade!!

      C’mon show some mongrel and sort this out and really prove that your potential is actually capability!

      You don’t want to look back in fifteen years time and think “If only I rode out those tough times”

  • Queenslander

    There are 3 people that needed to leave oz rugby. O’neill, Cooper and Deans. 2 down and 1 to go then we can start regaining some credibility. Qld rugby will be fine as will the Wallabies without these knuckleheads

    • Halleys Comet

      the 4th, Nucifora

    • Brumby Runner

      I do believe the Wallabies will cope but the Reds without Quade could be a disaster.

      • bill

        The reds will be fine, someone else will come through. But it’ll be a loss to the public in terms of getting to watch a great player, and a loss of trust and faith in the ARU I suspect. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Robbie gets booed next time he attends a reds game.

        I guess if you said something airy fairy like “once in a generation” player to the ARU you’d be met with blank faces. Not exactly a stretch, and I doubt they’d know it to miss it.

        • Jimmydubs

          without quade 50% win record
          with quade 100% win record

          the wallabies numbers of with and without are less stark but equally as telling. the mofo has talent to burn.

        • bazzar

          Don’t bring facts into this, people are being morally outraged.

        • bill

          I know, but was thinking more of their long term health and recent rejuvenation. I think Quade and the rest of the team got people excited and ‘allowed’ them to get off their arses and support the reds, the support has always been there in my opinion, they just didn’t have a reason before.

  • JKB

    This is outrageous. ARU has f’d themselves and the Reds.
    The Reds should take legal action against the ARU for potential loss of income by failing to offer Quade a fair deal.
    Quade is the only player on the planet who can do what he can do.

    He is exponentially more important to the Wallabies than Robbie Deans. At least Quade admits when he has made a mistake unlike Deans who just keeps talking the same crap over and over again justifying his own pathetic performance over the last 18 months.
    Also note that the ARU is still yet to finalize a deal with Genia…

    • Let’s not forget that the ARU had a much better offer on the table for months that Cooper refused to sign. His subsequent poor on field performances, off field indiscretions and public criticism of his employers led to that offer being reduced.

      While I accept there may be some truths to Cooper’s comments (such as Deans’ poor man management) he has no one to blame but himself for the current state of events.

      Anyone who turns down the opportunity to wear the Wallabies jersey deserves a lot less than Cooper has been offered, in my humble opinion.

      • Robson

        Last sentence – very, very good point.

      • redbull

        Hang on, the truth’s to statements about Deans are actually the central issue here. Now backed up by comments in books across the ditch.

        Okay so it is a national jersey. So he should be proud to wear it despite the fact that he, and possibly a few others around him, have no confidence in the leadership. The leadership that has clearly stated for the record that they are second place. If you have a shit manager, the only reason you hang around is 1. the money bucket is bigger than the shit bucket, 2. you don’t have better options, 3. you feel outraged at the status quo and want to try and change it.

        Despite all comments about QC, it would seem scenario 3 is where he has found himself. And he messed it up pretty badly. Maybe he has more pride in the jersey than the yes-men who will swallow Deans’ bullshit about not being in the race for number 1.

        There was even some crap on the press about how CONSISTENT the wallabies have been under Deans.

        • bill

          Consistently shit.

        • Queenslander

          That’s funny

      • bill

        I thought the wallabies were supposed to be about having a go, not being hamstrung by a dickhead of a coach, which is what Cooper was reacting to.

        • Robson

          I don’t blame Quade for being pissed off by Deans, hell I am myself. But I’m not a player contracted to the ARU and when Quade broke ranks to have a spit at the coach he also implied by his “toxic environment” statement that some of his colleagues weren’t up to it either. Quite apart from that you really should not do stuff that has the potential of de focusing the team because whatever the coach does or does not do, it is the team that should come first and Quade, sadly, seems to be putting himself above and before the team.

        • bill

          I agree, but there has never been a 5/8 who could prosper under Robbie’s gameplan for that world cup and most of this year. In that respect while it’s an unsavoury situation I can understand why he’s had a spit.

          I think questions ought to be asked of the wallabies players as a whole, why they put up with that gameplan as well. It’s one thing to play to your strengths, but it doesn’t. What use is leadership if it’s lemmings off a cliff.

        • Robson

          I suppose there is more than one historic example of player power getting rid of a coach, so why did they put up with that game plan? Good question!

      • JKB

        Quade got confused during that interview. His rugby prowess is inversely proportional to his intelligence and public speaking ability. Let’s not start punishing every stupid comment made on TV or Greg Martin would be lining up with all the All Blacks supporters at centrelink.

    • Packy

      JKB I’m with you. Tens of thousands of Qld supporters outraged. I remember getting 90 points scored against us in south africa I prefer winning

  • rugby in my blood

    The reds will not be the same with out him. Although everyone is against him he has some of the greatest moves I have ever seen. Truly disappointing. I wonder what Dave Dennis is on.

  • Mart

    No say it aint so. Not the fact that Coopers leaving but that the gossip columnist Weidler broke the story. It’ll just give him credit.
    He’ll be on cloud nine being able to stick it to rugby

  • I think the real reason I want Quade to stay in rugby is to shut Danny Weidler up.

    • Mart

      New headline. ARU find out Weidler broke story, suddenly offer Cooper more to discredit him

  • redbull

    The ARU is continuing in its goal to strive for mediocrity. The longest serving coach has the poorest of records. When will the ARU put Deans on an incentive contract that takes wins into account?

    Nothing more than a piss-weak attempt to prove to the media, stakeholders and followers that QC left of his own accord. How gutless

  • I’ve just called Khoder Nasser to manage my career. His first advice was I had to quit what I was doing and get into boxing.


    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      Ha. Brilliant!!!!!!!

    • Goddess

      You didn’t mention anything about religious conversion… Surely that’s a key to boxing success??

      • Robson

        Yes and I’ve been worried about that ever since I knew who Quade’s manager was.

  • Andrew Cox

    No matter where he goes, he’ll have to take himself with him.

    And Khoder.

    • Robson

      I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that one, deserves more than one point.
      But how TRUE.

  • Mixed feelings on all this.. he was an amazing player to watch when in form and in attack plus a figure who put butts on seats and certainly raised the profile of the game in oz. However he was undoubtedly a disturbing influence on the wallabies and burdened the team with his appalling defence.

    No doubt he regrets his greed and for listening to his ridiculous manager when he chose to sign only a one year contract, that decision was disastrous and devoid of any foresight. Now no one will come close to offering him what was on the table then in league and after the poor showing at the WC and the injuries, clubs in europe will be wary.

    My old man says he should be grateful to still be offered a new contract and should show his commitment to the ARU, back himself and EARN a better deal – and i pretty much agree. its a shame to lose such an exciting talent but no one is bigger then the sport and we have plenty to fill his place – Beale, JOC and Lealiifano come to mind.

  • FOOTY44

    Reading the press re the rumoured contract Quade has been offered – he has a Reds contract at $400k a year but MUST sign an ARU contract in order to play for the Reds.

    The ARU contract would mean they own his services. However they are not willing to make any upfront payment for these services, only match payments if he is selected for the Wallabies.

    If the Wallabies don’t want his services why not let him play for Reds then he can go to Japan or Europe during the Wallabies international season. If the Wallabies do want his service then pay him!!

  • RJ

    Surely we could figure out a way for him to play for the reds, then in the off season go play in japan and get the living shite kicked out of himself in the ring. Lets be honest, he’e our 4th choice test flyhalf, but he’s the best flyhalf in the super rugby competition (if that makes sense). I never want to see him in wallaby colours agains, but ill be destroyed if i never see him in a reds jersey again.

  • Gooddog

    Great decision. No one is bigger than the game. We’ll have him back only on our terms and only after he has put in the hard yards. Otherwise, we don’t want him. Every successful club has a no dickheads policy – I’m glad the Wallabies have set down this marker.

  • Roscoe Tims

    Dear Quade

    1. Big gulp, accept the reduced ARU offer and sign on the dotted line.

    2. Play with the Reds next year (who you’re contracted to).

    3. Return to form with the Reds, play the house down and force them to select you in the Wallabies (and collect the albeit reduced dosh through your incentive based top-up).

    4. You will earn the respect of everyone if you swallow your pride and show them a new level of maturity and ticker.

    5. If you again play to your undoubted potential and capacity, you will quickly be back in the fold, all this will be forgotten and your next contract will right the ship.

    6. The other option is to become yesterday’s hero…

    Yours in Rugby


    • Robson

      (Quade will know what that means and if he doesn’t he can ask one of his whanau in EnZed).

      • Roscoe Tims


    • The Other Dave

      ^^ THIS. His comments were silly, but he’s already copped the fine, and now he’s essentially been told by the ARU that he is not in their designs for next season. Double jeopardy.

      A true sign of character would be for him to play the house down for the Reds and outlast Deans and co., rather than giving a mungo like Weidler more oxygen.

    • Red Kev

      Point 3 is wrong.

      It should beReturn to form with the Reds, play the house down and force them to select you in the Wallabies, issue a media statement saying you won’t play for Deans, watch Deans lose to the Lions, wait and see who is installed as the next coach while you win the Reds championship no.2, if they give it to Deans again go play in France, if they are sensible and give it to anyone else, stay and profit.

      • Someone

        I don’t get it. You really support that? Why is Quade above everyone else in the Wallabies team playing under Deans? No wonder he’s acting like this??? He made several crucial mistakes during his last couple of international outings due to his ‘flair’ so isn’t it logically to admit that Deans is at least sort of right to ‘stifle’ him???

        • Red Kev

          I’d prefer the entire team boycott and tell the ARU that Deans and Nucifora have to go before they’ll pull on the jersey. But so far only Quade has shown the required fortitude.

    • goldie

      Oh come on you really think he’s going to take a pay cut to play for the reds? I say good on him ,go make some money in japan and france while his names still intact.Australian rugby’s crap at the moment, and i cant see him regaining that form again especially if Deans is around.Rugbys not played for love in this country so why should he??

  • MyRugbyMate

    Hey Quade, DON’T!!!…

    forgot to close the door on the way out… bye

  • bill

    Australian rugby really is theatre of the absurd at the moment. Fine, sack Quade, he loses, we lose, talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. The ARU do realise they’re supposed to grow the code not destroy it don’t they? They’re hopeless.

  • Wheatman01

    I’m saying this is all a red herring to get Will Genia’s contract sorted out… is he contracted yet??!!

    But in all seriousness, as a Reds supporter, it’s not a good look for anyone. Why is it nearly December and we have just got Quade’s negotiations finalised and no word on Will Genia’s? How do you have team stability when two of your best players don’t have contracts? It’s a business, and without a contract they can’t play. Are they insured against injury without a contract, if they are training/rehabing? ARU should have all contracts finalised by end of October for all super team players. Again ARU is looking like an amateur organisation.

    I would like Quade to stay (both in rugby and Qld), he has been great for Qld rugby. He is one of the main reasons I have bought season tickets both this and last year, and drive over 3 hours one way to go to Red’s home games (lucky it’s Lions this year or money back). The amount of kids (and adults) that try his moves are enormous, and if we getting better players growing up with his playing flamboyance, then he has made a real difference. I agree with some of these posters, that if he is not in ARU plans, can he be contracted to the Reds for the Super season and let him play elsewhere in the off.

    If he doesn’t stay, I wish him well. It’s his life and his decision (which he hasn’t made public, whatever it is – bloody speculation!!).

  • mxyzptlk

    Who’s more punchable now, QC or Chris Ashton?

    Cooper’s the hot date you brought to a party because everyone will look at her with envy. Problem is she can’t stop flirting with everyone else and talks smack about the last person she flirted with while talking up the next person, all in the hopes of getting more eyes on her — there’s no payoff there. She really REALLY wants to be like her “best friend” Sheila Bill Williams, but she’s not as pretty and doesn’t have quite the mystique, so she ends up trying too hard and upsetting way more people than she turns on. And her best friend KN just enables her, and never warns her about her bad choices. (And she doesn’t know KN giggles about her to Sheila behind her back.)

  • mxyzptlk
  • Nowared

    While we are all have something to say about Quade, let’s not leave out some of the upper echelon of the ARU – take for instance the High performance man, Nucifora – has an interesting background – dumped as Brumbies coach, left the Auckland Blues under a cloud, unpopular and unliked by Franchise – ends up with ARU – this year coached our under 20’s to 8th place in world cup and , now the coup de gras, it was reported he was the negotiator of Quade’s ARU contract. While Quade deserves the original fine by the ARU, he did not deserve to be driven out of the game – well done Nucifora – should do a book on how to hold your job while failing miserably.
    Come on ARU get your arse into gear.

    • Johnny-boy

      And Ali Williams (an All Black no less – cos this would never happen in NZ ?) refused to play for the Auckland Blues when Nucifora was coach because he couldn’t stomach him. He went and played for the Crusaders unttl Nucifora left. Sound familiar ?

      • goldie

        Atleast in New zealand high profile players like Mccaw have a say in what coache’s they’re happy with….

  • skip

    this is a symptom of rugby becoming more mainstream – the “bogan-factor”, or the “boganization” of the game. it’s both good and bad but the ARU are going to have to learn to do better at teaching these kids the history of what happens to players who think they are the ants pants and expect the huge contracts to just fall into their laps. If nothing else, they have cut and dried cautionary tale now.

    It’ll get more common, this dealing with kids whose attitude is “all i need to know is how to sign my autograph – the rest is bullshit for geeks and losers”. The man who was most famous for saying originally was Paul Gascoise, who now does not enjoy the millions he earned but instead sits on a park bench shouting at busses. I note the irony that I write this on the day Quade is pictured with Mike Tyson, a man famously fucked over by the perfect storm of a shitty manager, bad advice and not thinking about in the longer term. He now poses for pics with strangers in exchange for money as he’s broke and is remembered for what he might have achieved..

    Quade’s management are incompetent, they’ve given their player stupid advice (and he’s followed it ‘cos all he needed to know was how to sign a contract) and the ARU have not managed their asset especially well. Or maybe, just maybe, QC listened to the ARU, and thought he preferred the sound of the honied words of Mr Nasser Esq.

  • HardenUp

    First of all, hopefully Quade fulfils his contract with QLD and has a blinder super season and demands selection for the wallabies, hence earning himself a cool $200K.

    Second, I don’t see whats wrong with incentive based contracts? I think all players should have a proportion of their salary incentive based so that no-one thinks they are bigger than the game. Yeah Quade’s might be a bit lower than others, but given that his form is bad, his off field behaviour is bad and he is injured, he can’t really expect to be paid top dollars.

    Really, it doesn’t matter if he goes or stays, I don’t think he can be classed as a great 10 anyway. If his manager truly cares about him; he, mundine and SBW will run at him and teach him to tackle, making him worthy of a new contract next year……….

  • Brax

    I’m just sick & tired of all the speculation on Quade. Nothing has been said from his camp & the bloke who “broke” the news has form of speaking shit & taking tenuous rumours & running with them in the media. As far as I’m concerned QC is going nowhere until I hear it’s official. I recommend you all do the same or look as dumb as Weilder.

  • Grrrrrrim

    No dickheads policy needs to apply here. Besides, he is not a consistently good player at international level. Lets check him out in the rear vision mirror and move on.

  • Groucho

    …and can we check your bag before you leave?

  • mxyzptlk

    Hey, can QC’s boxing nickname be Quade “Toxic” Cooper?

  • Nutta

    My dad used to say “Be careful what you ask for Boy. You just might get it…”. Well Quadey you got what you asked for. You wanted out. You openly stated you weren’t going to play for the Wobblies again unless they did what you wanted. So they told you to fk-off. You over-played your hand lad. Now go away. And may this, Cipriani & Tuqiri be a lesson to any/all those who think they may be bigger then the game (are you listening Beagle & Beiber?)

  • Robson

    I see that Nucifora is saying that Quade was offered a substantial remuneration package, not the rookie incentives at all. So who do you believe in all this?

  • Canuckruck

    On Quade Cooper: I’ve stated the same in other places. The magic about Quade Cooper is that his incredible skills and sheer audacity makes rugby loving kids in Canada (of all places) want to wear a Reds jersey with a number 10 on it. That is bums in seats……anywhere where Union is popular. I’d rather see him in a Wallabies jersey than a Stade Francais maillot de Rugby.

    I still won’t watch league even with him and SBW playing.

  • galumay

    Good riddance to him, he was greatly over rated IMO, was a reasonable S15 player and that was about it. Like his cousi-bro SBW he thinks he is bigger than the team and the game.

  • PJ

    I just want Quade to really tell us what was on those laptops he stole * according to a former wallaby captain it was shall we say some Ian Roberts style images

    • Johnny-boy

      Yeah I’ve heard the same about you PJ ….

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