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Quade Cooper Trip-hop-appotamus

Quade Cooper Trip-hop-appotamus

Which was more f*ckwitted?

You decide


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  • Newb

    i love the ref against the sharks…

    “uhh, i wasn’t…”


    *card, stares*

    • Pete

      Love that, and the replay that starts at 0:30 – Du Plessis is pissing himself laughin as he hits the deck.

    • SKIDDO: Talk to the yellow card girlfriend

  • Patrick

    In fairness, there should be a third option for both!!

  • Robson

    Du Plessis was just walking into his path – yes?????

    No, he wasn’t

    Quade’s action, however, was clearly perpetrated by “malice aforethought” Even Quade admitted it.

  • cyclopath

    Quade does win that hands down – at least the Doc tried to make it look innocent.

  • RugbyRiddler

    Where’s the citation? Alun Wyn Jones (I think) got a yellow card for a trip in this years six nations, cost his team a hatfull of points whilst he was in the bin and then got 4 weeks extra for his sins at the judiciary.

    • Kinghitz

      AWJ is from the Northern Hemisphere where they like to penalise the f*ck out of everything! So they get to shoot for goal more often. It seems to float their collective boats.

      Both of these were trips, yes. But really they were nothing more than play school stuff. Stupid, yes. Penalty … and get on with the game!

  • ads

    Quade was lucky to not be red carded for that…so blatant. Atleast Du Plessis tried to make it look like an accident.
    Is this another brain snap…atleast no-one laptop got stolen this time…

    If only Quade could get his head screwed on he would be on of the best but unfortunately he could be heading for Andrew Walker/Matt Dunning category…

    • yol

      yeah wats your history? mister perfect

  • Sagerian

    People should give Quade a break here. He was just busting the dance moves like he always does and the saffa didn’t get out of the way of Cooper’s happy feet.

  • Crashball

    Comedy gold from Quade, did he think he was invisible?

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