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Queensland GPS 2013 All-Stars: Backline

Queensland GPS 2013 All-Stars: Backline

Many of you contributed a vote in the Queensland GPS 2013 All-Stars: Forward Pack piece released last month, but now our attention turns to the All-Stars of the Backline.

If you hadn’t, simply click here to submit your votes for the All-Stars Forward Pack.

Southport lead the group with candidates in every single position in the backline, rounding out an incredible 15/15 nominations for the 2013 Team of the Year. BBC are a close second, only narrowing missing out on 2 positions, bringing that school to 5 backline nominations. Nudgee and Churchie are tied in third place with 4 backline candidates each. Terrace are next cab off the rank with 3 nominations, while Ipswich and Toowoomba end the season with 2 nominations apiece. State High wins their first nomination to the All-Stars, and BGS miss out.

2013 GPS All-Stars Nominations

Please excuse the inaccuracy in this table – ACGS finished 3rd, with BBC and GT finishing joint 4/5.

For the final round of voting, we have also introduced a vote for the most devastating injury to each First XV. In this category, we ask you to decide which of these players was the most important to their school’s chances of winning the premiership before missing most if not the entire season. An example would be Toowoomba Grammar losing their Captain Liam Jurd in Round 1 against Churchie to a significant shoulder injury, robbing that side of an Australia ‘A’ Schoolboy in the outside backs.

TGS dive

Liam Jurd in 2012, obviously making an incredible, diving try-saver of a tackle. Probably.

With the admin of the voting wrapped up, please scroll down and let us know which players were the best in their position in 2013. Please note that players are listed alphabetically. Happy voting!


  • Getwithme

    Nice Article
    My Team would be

    1. Evander Guttenbiel (Watched this kid and thought he was an actual monster)
    2. Bronson Taukipulu (Impact! Picked over Mafi because of form during season)
    3. James McColl (One boppa who works hard from up the range)
    4. Reece Hewat (The prodigy for next year, work horse, impact. I reckon could be a awesome #6)
    5. Dylan Leyland (My Lineout runner)
    6. Jayden Rodwell (Another Nudgee workhourse, shows Nudgee’s dominance)
    7. Toby McNamee (The most prolific pilferer ever
    8. Maclean Jones (impact)

    9. Izaac Fines (Closest to schoolboy Genia)
    10. Bobby Tuttle (C,GK) (Followed his brother)
    11. Tyrone Southorn (Good Finisher)
    12. Conrad Quick (A quick,flashy inside. Beats Nigel because of combo with McLean and Wlikins)
    13. Campell Magnay (Would have picked Nikau Te Rupe though closest replacement)
    14. Noel McLean (Too quick)
    15. Tiaan Wilkins (Picked out of positions over Gibson?)

  • Footy head

    Get Mitch third in there, what is this ?

  • Hammer96

    No Nathan Russell ?? one of the best GPS backs of the year without a doubt

  • The King

    For 2013 there were 1700 votes for TOTY, and the results were as followed:

    1. Evander Guttenbeil TSS (41.94%)
    2. Alex Mafi NC (50.41%)
    3. Sam Clifton TSS (36.27%)
    4. Tom Perkins TSS (27.01%)
    5. Jake Upfield TSS (41.51%)
    6. PJ Van Den Burg TSS (32.37%)
    7. Digger McMillan ACGS (36.97%)
    8. Maclean Jones NC (37.55%)
    9. Isaac Fines TSS (39.35%)
    10. Mitch Third TSS (42.65%)
    11. Fred Dorrough TSS (39.35%)
    12. Conrad Quick BBC (31.82%)
    13. Campbell Magnay NC (40.16%)
    14. Isaac Nathan TSS (40.23%)
    15. Josh Bowen BBC (32.17%)

    16. Jake Lyon TSS (18.91%)
    17. Gavin Luka NC (23.06%)
    18. Matt Gibbon NC (31.24%)
    19. Angus Scott-Young ACGS / Reece Hewat NC (Both on 24.79%)
    20. Jayden Rodwell NC (28.06%)
    21. Angus Fowler GT (27.10%)
    22. Nigel Tanuvasa ACGS (30.09%)
    23. George Partridge GT (33.28%)

    Most Valuable Injured Player
    24. Patrick Morrey BGS (31.52%)


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