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Queensland GPS R2: One Possession Game

Queensland GPS R2: One Possession Game

The season opener of 2014 pitted BBC against TSS, Terrace against BGS, Brisbane State High against Toowoomba, and Churchie against Ipswich.

This year’s return fixtures were the perfect rematch that we’d all been hoping for, especially after last year’s average margin of victory crept to a disappointingly high 24.5-points per game.

That tune was changed this weekend as sides played out the closest round of fixtures since Green & Gold Rugby began covering GPS Rugby in 2012.

With a competition-wide victory margin of five-points, three from four matches finished up one possession games.

TGS v BSHS MacNamara linebreak

Photography: DoubleTake Productions

Toowoomba Grammar exacted sweet revenge for last year’s heartbreaking 29-34 loss to Brisbane State with the round’s biggest victory: 38-30. Winger Bill Vary scored a hat-trick for the Mountain Men, while a shoulder injury to Australian Schoolboy prop Harry Hoopert will rule him out for at least several weeks. Brisbane State High were represented by the younger siblings of Queensland Reds backline combination Chris Feauai-Sautia and Jamie-Jerry Taulagi.

Gregory Terrace added their third consecutive Spring Hill derby win over Brisbane Grammar, but were forced to come from behind to win it 18-25. TheKing covered the match in great detail on page three.

Churchie were caught out by an Ipswich side with a chip on it’s shoulder, surviving their scare to win 27-31 after a 46-16 win in 2014.

The Green & Gold Rugby Game of the Round was a two point affair between BBC and TSS. Southport came away with a vital win, 15-17. HJ Nelson photographed the match in stunning high definition, and attached his match report on page two.



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  • Lee Grant

    Great coverage guys and, as usual, excellent photos by HJ Nelson.

    Who look like the favourites at this point?

    • RedsHappy

      Indeed Lee. GPS rugby in Sydney and Brisbane – by far and away the greatest feedstock system for elite rugby in Australia. Needs and deserves way more support and attention from the ARU (and other bodies) than it gets.

      The guys here that write the GPS-related essays, game reports and take the photos bring to us older rugby lovers so much that is fine, honourable and inspiring about the code.

      Pure and wonderfully simple: good young men playing for the sheer pleasure of the game and the uplifting camaraderie of their school.

      Our GPS writers extract the goodness within the games they love to watch, and are to be much appreciated for doing so.

      Lest we forget: rugby began on a school field.

      • muffy

        Mate, I love school boy rugby, but as a coach at junior level, the GPS system is counter productive in developing talent.
        There is only one school in the comp from Toowoomba, but there are hundreds of kids playing rugby at junior level, then lost for ever, mostly to league, because if they don’t go to Grammar or Downlands they have no structured comp. There are a few half arsed attempts to get other schools to play, but it amounts to nothing in the end. Its sad to see your club team go from 20 happy kids in year 7 to 10 kids wondering if they will be enough numbers for a game once the hit year 8, with weekend club comps slowly dying, ending up with combined age groups, which see the lower kids slowly disappear as the 13 year olds get smashed by 14 year olds, the 15s but 16 etc.
        Your statement that rugby starts at school couldn’t be further from the truth. Most kids start at a club at five or six years old, learn how to tackle, pass and run at a club for the next 7 years and then a few go off to a rugby school and play to a fawning crowd, marvelling and navel gazing at how good their rugby program is – these kids started at a club, are hijacked by the school at the expense of the club and then they are dropped like a hot rock once they leave school only to come back to their clubs, which if they have not folded in the mean time, are scratching to field a team of players at under 19 level…
        So please don’t tell me that school rugby is more important than club rugby!
        Clubs are the life blood of our game, GPS schools are (I believe inadvertently) the death of teenage club football, and ultimately, the game struggles at senior level.
        There is a place for school rugby, its beautiful and its a pleasure to watch the game played with spirit, passion and pace, but it must learn to coexist with the clubs or our game will continue to be an elitist, private school boy rah-rah.
        And let me qualify this, I am from an elitist rugby playing private school, but as a dad and junior coach, I have seen hundreds of kids lost to the wilderness or league once they hit 13 and 14 and their mates disappear off to the GPS system.
        To the young men (because that’s what you are!) playing their rugby at their GPS schools, I am not picking on you, this is not your problem, play your game with passion and belief and we will see you at the club when you leave school. You will have mates for life (I bet you are still friends with some of those kids you played with when you were ten) and one day when you put on the puple shorts at 55 you will look back on a life that was made so much richer for the greatest game on earth!

        • Sour Grapes?

          Muffy, are you blaming GPS Rugby for the fact that other schools in Toowoomba can’t get their shit organised?

          I know for a fact that there are development officers at the QRU ringing up schools in the Darling Downs daily to participate in the Ballymore Cup or Rookies2Reds programs.

          The answer, from what I’ve overheard, is “yeah nah cheers for the call but we haven’t really got numbers to send down to Brisbane” for the former, and “thanks but no thanks” for the latter. The QRU can’t force schools to participate if they don’t want to.

          So where do these hundreds of juniors in Toowoomba go? They clearly aren’t interested in playing for their school in the same numbers. It sounds like they aren’t even interested in playing for their clubs.

          To bring this back to my point, how is this the fault of the GPS?

          Or rather, how can two schools in Toowoomba having their shit together be counter-productive to the development of the code?

        • RedsHappy


          1. In no way did I discredit, or intend to discredit or diminish, club rugby’s importance and contribution to Australian rugby, indisputedly it makes a major contribution. My son played both GPS and club rugby (Brothers and Easts) and gained much from his club experience, both personally and as a player. I have no idea where you got the notion that I was down-playing club rugby’s value, however it is a fact that a very considerable % of Australian Super and Wallaby players went to GPS schools and developed elements of their rugby skills there, like it or not.

          And it’s important to add that many boys do begin their rugby at schools offering it as an option, either in the junior years, or in the early period of high school years. Sadly, the number of State schools offering rugby as a serious alternative to other sports are small in number and declining in number.

          2. You have unfortunately completely misunderstood my last sentence above. It was a vaguely light-hearted historical reference to the simple fact that ‘rugby the sport’ began it’s life ‘right at a school’ which was of course sited in none other than Rugby, England.

        • muffy

          Hi RH

          All fair points, and I know that my position on this is unpopular, and out of respect to the boys that are in the GPS comp and playing their hearts out, I dont want to get into a to and fro.

  • Bernie Chan

    Love the sportsmanship…the quiet as a goal kicker makes a crucial attempt. Respect for school sports..

  • Troppo

    Watched the game and now the video – no BBC knock-on at disallowed try and other decisions were clearly wrong and invariably favoured TSS. Very poor referreeing that ruined an otherwise stunning game. QRU needs to do something re apalling referreeing.

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