Raw Wallaroos do the job against Wales - Green and Gold Rugby

Raw Wallaroos do the job against Wales

Raw Wallaroos do the job against Wales
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Australia took a bonus point win against Wales in their World Cup opener in a raw and overenthusiastic performance, winning 26-12.

The Wallaroo backs showed all the class expected of them, running in three tries in the first 24 minutes, but the unpracticed side lifted the foot from Wales’ throat with ill-discipline, conceding three yellow cards in the 10 minutes either side of the break in the sometimes fiery encounter.

Wales pulled back the 14 point lead with a penalty try (collapsed maul) shortly after half time while #8 Alex Hargreaves was serving a ten minute spell for repeated breakdown infringements (sound familiar? although to be fair, she was on her feet on this occasion).

Coach John Manenti’s injection of squad captain Cheryl Soon and seasoned backrower Debbie Hodgkinson assisted in slowing the momentum of Wales, who had tightened their attack and showed some flair with fullback Non Evans making inroads.

Wales scored again and were aiming for a bonus point for a close loss before fullback Trish Brown finally secured the 4-try bonus point for Australia with another sparkling attack in the last play of the game.

Australia looked good counter-attacking and when moving the ball wide off the set piece. Trish Brown and winger Nicole Beck really capitalised on any space they were given, and outside centre Sharni Williams was marvellous running straight and hard. Inside centre Cobie Morgan also showed great feet to score.

The Wallaroo backrow was also dominant, and effectively slowed Wales’ ball, which gave the Aussies plenty of time to set the defensive line. Strong defence, even when down to 13 players, is probably one of the biggest pluses to take from the game.

Less good was the ill discipline. Over-enthusiasm told in a hefty penalty count and lost momentum. The more accomplished sides will punish the Aussies if this persists into the remaining games.

The set piece was also shaky. Lineout ball was always messy and an improvement is needed here for the Wallaroos to give their speedy outside backs a chance. The scrum was inconsistent.

All told, the Wallaroos will be happy they did the job in their first test match in 12 months, but there’s a lot of polishing to do before we take on defending champs New Zealand on 24 August – a mere three days away. New Zealand well and truly showed their intent with a 55 – 3 victory over South Africa yesterday.

In order to qualify for the semis, Australia will need to either finish top of the “Pool of Death”, or be best runner up across the three pools. We’ll need a bonus point win over South Africa on 28 August, and a victory or close loss in the Black Ferns match.

Fox Sports 2 are broadcasting the Wallaroo’s matches at 7am the day after each match.

  • RockyElboa

    Well done, good to see a team in Green and Gold doing us proud.
    Good luck in your next game against NZ

  • Robson

    Ah, at last a different slant on things. We need a bit more televised action of women’s games especially the test matches. Really like your gym Amanda and all the best in your match up with the Black Ferns in a couple of days.

    • Thanks, Robson, glad you liked it!

      I think we also need a few more Test Matches, haha, the Wallaroos seem to get one or two a year in non-World Cup years.

      Sadly, I’m still in Oz, but I’m looking forward to seeing my friends rip up :)

  • I have only the first half so far on IQ, but the girls play a great brand of rugby, great to watch.

    Hope we get to see much more of them.

    • I mean, only got through the first half so far…

  • D.

    That photo looks like it needs a “Van the Man” quote. Maybe “Come next fucking Sunday, we’ll roll these cocks okay”

  • gun

    Go the Walla…roos, the women’s swimming, the Diamonds and the Kookaburras. Finally a winning team to support.

  • Ian

    Hang on…

    Defending Champs NEW ZEALAND?????

    you mean they have won a world cup some time during this eon???

    Well blow me!

    • Don’t fall over, but the Black Ferns have won the last THREE World Cups. The only other winners are England and, umm, USA.

      Australia finished 7th in 2006.

    • KiwiPower

      Ian. What a meanie. 0-9 lol

      Amanda. Hard luck v NZ. Love the fact there’s a wahine RWC & that Ferns & WRooz represent. How come Rebecca Tavo’s not in your team?

  • I’m pretty sure the matches are able to be viewed live on the irb website as well.

    • Good point! Full replays and live streams available here.

  • Timbo

    My wife plays hockey with Sharni Williams. She is such a machine. I would be scared if she ran at me.

  • I heard she was a pretty good hockey player??

    She’s mastered the art of running straight now, too, so she is formidable. And one of the fiercest tacklers, too.

    • Timbo

      She is a gun hockey player. One of those people who are just a natural athlete and can do anything without really trying.

  • todd4

    Recorded the game and watched it yesterday…fantastic.

    It was a more entertaining game than a lot of mens games I have seen. The women certainly don’t hold back! I look forward to watching their game against NZ.

    Well done girls.

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    Yep I absolutely loved watching the Wallaroos play Wales on Fox. Great match. Very intense & good skills on display. Both teams very good.

    I’ve been trying to figure out when the next game is on & against who but so far without success.

    I’d also be keen to watch other nations but not too sure if that’s being shown on Aussie Fox Sport.

    Cheers & go the Wallaroos!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Australia’s next match is against the Black Ferns (tough but possible):

      New Zealand v Australia, 16:15 UK time, 01:15 25 Aug Sydney time time, 03:15 25 Aug New Zealand time

      The match will be streamed live here and replayed on Fox Sports 2 on Wednesday morning at 7am.

      Same deal for Australia v South Africa:

      Australia v South Africa, 16:15 UK time, 01:15 29 Aug Australia time,
      18:15 South Africa time

      RWCWomens.com will have replays of the 13 matches that are being broadcast, with the 3 from Day 1 already available here. Those games are England v Ireland, NZ v SA and Australia v Wales.

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    Amanda – Thanks for that info.

    You can bet I’ll be watching (not live though) and cheering the girls along.

    Appreciate the NZ girls are top of the tree. However they will need to be on their game to beat the Wallaroos because these Aussie girls are tough, skillful & confident.

    It should be a good game.

    Go you good looking things!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    Ooee that was pretty hard to watch. NZ really showed why they are the champs and made us look pretty average in the process.

    But I do wonder why we failed to play to the conditions. In the first half we looked to be running into a gale and I would have expected kicking to be avoided at all costs and instead opt for ball in hand.

    The stategy needed to be dead simple for the first half into the gale. ie No dickheads, keep it simple, avoid kicking & minimise the points that NZ can score so that we can launch our counter in the second half.

    As luck would have it, by the second half the wind had died down considerably (or so it seemed), and NZ continued where they left off by pressuring our line.

    The commentators said it really “New Zealand just do the simple things really well on a consistent basis”.

    So where to from here for our girls?
    How is it decided who goes through?
    Best 2 teams in each pool I’m guessing.

    C’arn girls you can do it!!!!!!!

    • I’m going to be a little circumspect :)

      I think NZ did a great job of pressuring McGann, which forced mistakes (and odd options) and nullified our attacking threat.

      As you say, their kicks were smart and they used the wind pretty well, kicking to the open side in the first or second phase. That really put pressure on Cobie, who normally plays in the centres.

      From here, it’s tough. We need to be the best runner up out of the three pools, so we’ll need a bonus point win over SA, and it’ll have to be big!

      But get that ball wide and the girls will give it a good crack!

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    Well in that case fingers & toes crossed against Sth Africa, who went down big time against NZ.

    I must say that I think our girls look pretty good playing with ball in hand and run some nice angles. We just need to get that decision making quicker. But they look very good.

    Any idea of how much we need to beat SA by?

    Or is it all yet to played out depending on how other teams go?

    Anyways, the girls are playing good positive Rugby AND seem to be enjoying themselves.


    • KiwiPower

      Dude, contenders for top runner up goes something like this:

      Pool A Aus pts diff -13 to play Saffas

      Pool B Ire pts diff -17 to play Khazakhstan (USA are 2nd but will play ENg who should beat & eliminate them)

      Pool C Fra pts diff +16 to play Canada (Can lead pool & should beat France & eliminate them which leaves it between Aus & Ire).

      As you can see Aus +4 compared to Ire, but Kstan has been thrashed 50+ pts in both its games v USA & Eng so far. Saffas also aren’t strong but will be tougher than Kstan. The maths for W-Roos is “keep scoring until you can walk no more or are DEAD.

      • KiwiPower

        Nah Amanda I think you points diffs for Aus & Ire incorrect?

        Aus beat Wales 26 -12 = +14
        Aus lost NZ 5 – 32 = -27
        Therefore -27 + 14 = -13

        Ire beat USA 22 – 12 = +10
        Ire lost Eng 0 – 27 = -27
        Therefore -27 + 10 = -17

        Thus, Aus holds a +4 diff over Ire. France & USA will be eliminated by Canada & Eng respectively. I’d say 60+ and maybe not even then. canada won’t be in the equation as they will finish 1st as France needs to beat then by 42 points to claim top spot (which they won’t). Nope, it’ll come down to Ire/Aus pts diff.

        • Yep, you’re right, apologies. Missed the -ve sign for the Ireland figure and God knows why I got the calc wrong for the Aussies :)

          France can take top spot in their pool if they beat Canada, unless F&A comes into it, ie, with a non-bonus point win for France and a 2 bonus point loss for Canada (possible, I guess). This is because France currently have 8pts and Canada 10pts.

          Another interesting consideration is that France has a better defensive record than Canada, conceding only 1 try to Canada’s 3 for the tournament.

          If Canada loses, yep, we will need 60+ points, and maybe that much even if we are only competing against Ireland for the fourth finals spot.

          But I agree that Canada are most likely to win and that Ireland is most likely to progress as best runner-up.

          Hopefully the strong ball runners in Manenti’s squad really stand up tomorrow.

    • We need to beat SA by a LOT. It depends a bit on other results. 60 points might do it!

      RWCWomens.com has the Pools and Standings. According to that, the runners-up rankings are currently:

      1. France (Pool C): 8pts, +16 F&A
      2. USA (Pool B): 5pts, +41 F&A
      3. Australia (Pool A): 5pts, -16 F&A
      4. Ireland (Pool C): 5pts, 17 F&A

      We still have a shot. These are the remaining fixtures of particular interest:

      – USA play England (who beat Ireland 27-0 and Kazakhstan 81-0, while Ireland beat USA 22-12).

      – France play Canada, who had bigger wins over Scotland and Sweden than France did.

      – Ireland play Kazakhstan, who lost 51-0 to USA and 81-nil to England.

      SO, if England beat USA and Canada beat France – both quite conceivable – we will still need to beat South Africa with a greater or equal margin than what Ireland beats Kazakhstan by.

      And, if France lose, our F&A will need to be better than Canada’s, which is currently 57.

      Let’s hope the girls can get that ball wide!


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