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The Reds 16 minute blitz downs the Rebels

The Reds 16 minute blitz downs the Rebels

The rebels couldn’t overcome a three converted try and a penalty blitz in the first 16 minutes by the Queensland Reds. The rebels had the better of the rest of the first half dragging the score back to 24-14 that’s as close as they got with the Reds finishing six tries to three winners.

The Reds forwards dominated with Tupou, Wilson and McReight in particular popping up to cause havoc in attack and defence.

That platform allowed the Reds halves, McDermott and O’Connor to steer the team around with constant front foot ball.

The Match

The Reds looked like the only team who’d shown up for the first ten minutes of the game. Taniela Tupou scored their first after only two minutes in a typical barging run in close to the ruck.

Only two minutes later Hunter Paisami pounce on a slow pass from Hodge to To’omua to run 65 metres for the intercept try. After five minutes it was 14-0 to the Reds. After a penalty it was 17-0

Tupou scored his second try and moved to 7 on the all-time Reds scorers list in the 16 minute. This was a much prettier effort from 25 metres out after O’Connor beat the blindside maul defence and sent the big fella through a yawning chasm of a hole.

24-0 down, the Rebels finally decided they were here to play. Firstly Lomani cut the Reds to pieces up the right side for 24-7. Then he and Hodge combined up the centre for a beautiful long range effort with Hodge just managing to plant the ball over the line in the covering tackle. Halftime score was 24-14.

Another intercept, this time for Jock Campbell, lead to Fraser McReight scoring the first try of the second half. Campbell was run down by Hardwick, but quick ruck ball never gave the Rebels a chance to recover and McDermott put McReight through to stretch the score 31-14.

The scoreboard finally slowed down, but the rugby wasn’t any less entertaining. The Reds scrum depth started to tell with signs of dominance starting to appear. The Reds scored through Campbell in the left corner for a 39-14 lead.

The Rebels finally had possession in Reds territory, and they didn’t waste it as Wells bought the score back to 39-19 after a pretty lead up from his team mates.

Josh Flook put the Reds in bonus point territory in the 76 minute scoring off a Hegarty cross kick after Hodge spilled the ball in goal. That was the final score of the game with the Reds defeating the Rebels 44-19




The Game Changer

The 16 minute scoring blitz at the start of the game that the rebels never recovered from.


Tanieal Tupou. The big fella scored two tries and had a pretty run in traffic that no prop should be able to deliver.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Rebels 19
Tries: Lomani, Hodge, wells
Conversions: Harrison 2
Reds 44
Tries: Tupou 2, Paisami, McReight, Campbell, Flook
Conversions: O’Connor 4

Penalties: O’Connor 2


  • Yowie

    Is there a more beautiful sight than a swan-diving try by a prop?

    Honourable mention to the Rebels for having the best mullets on field.

    • Hoppy

      Agree but he modified the dive so there was no chance of getting a rev up from Thorne for lairising. Faumausili got away with murder in the scrums tonight- he kept changing his bind and locking on to the opposition prop arm after the engage call. Very clear before the Hodge try in particular. Rebels rode that leniency from the ref (who had a good game generally) for several tries. Reds still have lots of improvement in them which makes for an interesting rest of season. O’Connor very composed. Stewart excellent. McWright worth MOM rather than Paisami who was also good but so was McDermott. His replacement was also very good.

      • Reds Revival

        Spot on Hoppy. The fact that 19 year old Kalani Thomas has already got significant game time when they have Sorovi speaks volumes about Thorn’s willingness to blood his new players is the reason that they have so much depth. Kalani was nervous and had a charge down in his first game, but has slowly started to build confidence. That is why the Reds will be very hard to beat this year (but not impossible).

        • laurence king

          Thorn’s committment to blooding young players is certainly in stark contrast to Gibson’s negligence with the Tahs.

    • Keith Butler

      More like a belly flop. With one leg forward he could have done himself some serious damage.

      • Timbo

        Pretty sure it was to avoid putting the earth off its axis. He’s a humanitarian

        • Keith Butler

          Could have been the beginning of a new Ice Age. Phew! Lucky escape.

  • Reds Revival

    Loved that game from the Reds. Probably their most complete performance of the year. I am so looking forward to the Brumbies game next week. As much as this week;s form shows that it should be a comfortable win for the Reds, I am mot convinced. I think the Brums will come with a significantly improved performance at Suncorp. It should be an absolute cracker of a game.
    It also sets up a tantalising game for third with the Rebs and Force…
    BTW, I loved seeing Hamish Stewart back at 12. That is a much more balanced and potent back line.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Agree mate. That backline went much better. What to do with JP. Flashes of brilliance but also so much dumb stuff

      • Rachel Horn

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  • Brisneyland Local

    Evening GAGR’s from Wet Central QLd. And wasnt that a great game to watch. Action a plenty, tries a plenty. Here are the ramblings of a water logged Brisbanite, away from home:
    – I love a game like this. Action action action. Tries tries tries. The pace was full throttle for almost all of the game.
    – Big Nela had a blinder well done.
    – The backs are now settles, lets not mess with that combination. The finishers also looked settled. Only swap I would make is Uru on as a starter.
    – The Rebels tried valiantly, and credit too them. They looked really good in patches. I rate their no. 7.
    – JOC looking very comfortable.
    – Hunter P looks dangerous everytime he gets the ball. Same with Jake McDermott.
    – Beware the wounded Canberra crew. They are going to try and make up for that piss poor performance.
    – BTW have you all noticed how much the Stan team, like the Fox team are trying to pump up the Tah’s. A little blatantly in my book.
    Anyway time to sign off and fortify my hotel room, before the central Qld rednecks chug down too much jungle juice. Over to you GAGR’s

    • Huw Tindall

      Reds looking grrrrrreeeatt right now. Settled and really seem to have a culture where they just love playing rugby together. I was skeptical about Thorn in the early days…he didn’t really have a coaching record to speak of…but my word he’s created something special up there. Only one negative i can see in the Reds right now is Petaia. What to do with him. Seems to have stagnated whereas guys like Paisami and McReight have kept growing and adding dimensions to their game. Right now I’m not sure Petaia is in a Wallaby 23 or even the Reds best starting 15 once Vunivalu is back.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yeah I agree. I like Petaia in Defence, where as Vuni is still caught out of postion. I am starting to see JP as a super sub. Bring him on in the last 20 min to wreak havoc. Fast nimble legs.

      • Mike D

        Some JOC mentoring methinks. He’s still trying to do it all himself is Jordy. Once he settles a bit and remembers it is genuinely a team game, gets some maturity, he’ll be ok. I’d say a 2 year project from here.

    • Keith Butler

      Very difficult to come back from being 24 – 0 but the Reds were way too good. Looking ahead Saturday 22 May Reds v Crusaders could be worth a road trip.

      • Brisneyland Local

        It was a good game. I am not thinking that far ahead. I am worried about next week. The wounded and embarassed ponies will be a challenge.

        • Keith Butler

          They will definitely be up for it after The coach reads then the riot act.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yep. I reckon McKellar would have torn them a new one.

        • Brumby Runner

          Not so sure. It was only when McKellar made wholesale changes with 30 minutes remaining that the Tahs got back in the game. All well and good to give the replacements extended game time but 30 minutes with three, four or more changes is really risky, and it nearly went to shit on Friday night.

          Up to that point the Brumbies were well on top and on track for a bonus point win. Hope the coach thought it was all worthwhile.

        • Keith Butler

          A coaches dilemma, all well and good bringing on a new front row at around 55-60 mins but when do you bring on the rest of your finishers?

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      I thought the same thing about the Stan crew blowing smoke out the Tahs. Pretty shit tbh as it’ll only feed the board

  • HK Red

    Nice try to Michael Wells towards the end there, well deserved, even though the pass from Koroibete was easily two meters forward. Still don’t know how Wells ran down Campbell, that was a great effort.

    • Mike D

      Long legs. Not great over the 20m run, but over 60 can close distance on most players.

  • Huw Tindall

    Reds title to lose at this stage. The most complete performance of the season. Unless the Brums can pull one out of the bag and do them over in Brisbane is could be a home final at Suncorp fortress in a month or so.

    • laurence king

      The Reds also dealt fairly well (to my untrained eye) with the Rebs rolling maul. So the Brums may not have it so easy in this area next time.

  • mortlucky

    Ok, I understand all the maroon-love, and the Rebels were poor at crucial moments but they seriously got the rough end of the pineapple on the real technical penalties – offside, jackler’s hands in front of the ball, offside catch from a teammate, and is contact with the head a card or not?!
    Rant over.

    • Mike D

      Agree. As a Reds fan, I was yelling at some of the penalties that went our way. Yeah I want to win, but first and foremost good rugby is what I want. Particularly thought the penalty where there were 2 Reds players not rolling away and ref gave the penalty to the Reds because Rebels player had rolled on top of them.

  • Brumby Runner

    A liitle bit of reality check from Mortlocky here. The Reds were always going to win, but they certainly didn’t do it with the panache a lot of posters are piling on them.

    Two intercept tries, one from a Hodge pass and another from a shocker by To’omua. One try (Campbell’s?) from a definite illegal pilfer by McReight with both hands on the ground over the ball. Should have been a Rebels penalty in front. Another try from a fucking rolling maul, legalised obstruction!!! Only Tupou’s tries count as jobs well done.

    Paisami was strong at 13, but I reckon still better at 12 and hope to see him there in the Wallabies. Petaia, along with a couple of the Rebels should have played himself out of Wallaby contention in this game. O’Connor has pretty much sealed the 10 spot and Captaincy imo. TT is fearsome – funny that Wells could run down Campbell but not make any impression in chasing Tupou.

    Rebels are looking ok for the No 3 spot, I think. Very unlucky to give up the bonus point win to the Reds in this game. MT has so little finesse in his long passing game and in his kicking game, that although I’ve been a fan since his Brumbies days, he just should not be in the Wallabies. Hodge is ponderous and his big boot hardly contributes to any games. Time to look elsewhere for a Wallabies 23.

    The referee was very bloody ordinary. Only times she looked to enforce the laws was when one or other of the two sides was inside the attacking 20m area. Her miss on McReight’s hands on the ground when effecting the turnover that led to the second last try was unacceptable. Am I the only one who reckons that Flook knocked the ball on in goal in the contest with Hodge for his try after the bell? TMO didn’t think so, but I thought it was fairly clear.

    • Reds Revival

      BR, I am going to try to be objective here, but my moniker gives away my bias.
      I think we have seen from history that the dominant team gets a lot of the 50/50 calls from the ref (think ABs and Crusaders). It’s not that they are trying to cheat any more than the opposition, it is just that the ref has a subconscious mindset of them being the more positive, attacking team, and therefore reward them accordingly.
      I also have to disagree about Paisami. I think Stewart proved tonight why he is so critical to the backline performance at 12, which allows Hunter the extra space to create havoc for the opposition at 13.

    • Hutch

      Refs aren’t really calling hands on the ground this year. It’s a poor trend that will see our jackals whistled off the park in the internationals McReight in particular hasn’t nailed his technique yet but is getting away with it under these refs.

    • Complaining about rolling mauls is not going to get you far.

      The game might change to outlaw them because they’re regarded as “not a spectacle” or similar, but they’ve been part of the game for over a century, with very little tinkering, and there doesn’t seem to be a mood to change them.

      • Reds Revival

        What was your opinion of the game EP? How does it compare to the standard of Prem Rugby at the moment?
        Apart from the kicking duels, it seemed to be a fairly fast paced match.

        • I’m still not seeing whole matches sadly, only highlights, which makes it hard to judge fairly.

          From what I’m seeing, I’d say the speed is high but that is common as we’re coming out of winter and wetter pitches than you’ve got. The refereeing seems less strict around the breakdown and high tackle. That won’t be a problem this year I guess, but it will next and not long to adjust before 2023.

          But i don’t really see a lot of scrums, lineouts, nor routine plays that lead to lack of scores so the overall state of play is hard to judge.

    • Who?

      The ref was definitely at the standard of the majority of games I’ve seen. How she missed the obvious obstruction leading to the penalty warning to the Rebels is beyond me (which was a scrum, for Jock Campbell’s try). Rebels sacked the lineout, McReight had a knee on the deck, Tupou was unbound behind him but had a hand reaching forward to grab ASY. McReight regains his feet, gets pulled forward by ASY (who’s still miles in front of the ball and ball carrier), and ASY is the head of the spear around the corner of the breakdown into the Rebels defence. It’s as obvious an obstruction penalty as you get – there’s no maul, because the pile of players bound around – and in front of – the ball are all from the same team.

      Some of the calls I could look and think, “Yeah, positioning’s not bad – it’s where you expect the ref to be – so she’s unsighted.” But that one, she was perfectly positioned, just flat out missed it.

      Also, still yet to see any ref figure out that the Reds have a single scrum tactic – they walk around their LHP. They do it every, single, time…

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