Red for a Day - The Movie
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Red for a Day – The Movie

Red for a Day – The Movie

The new recruit gets his Jersey presented.

When Reg had his day training with the Reds (Here), I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to capture it on film.

I know you have already had the Quade tackle teaser, but this is a longer edit of the experience. Link was pretty hard, and like a security guard in one of Kevin Rudds favourite establishments, he was not keen for any of the important calls and stuff to be recorded. Never-the-less, I smuggled the camera in using Reg’s handbag and managed to capture a bit. You need to keep in mind this is my first video edit, so while I was going for a James Cameron’s Avatar type production, I think I ended up with something a little less lofty, Anyway settle in and enjoy, Reg – Red for a Day


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  • Can we get the hot spot or snickometer working on the finger claim?

  • D.

    Absolute Class!!!!! Great Video!!!!

    If this was shot 2 years ago Reg, you would have had a shot at the bench!!!!

  • Also, looking at the picture Reg, I know exactly what you looked like opening chrissie presents as a 7 year old

  • Bobas

    is Digby sporting the Larkham look or just raising awareness of the problems in Egypt?

  • Stoff

    Living the dream Reg.

  • Awesome work fellas, very entertaining video and isn’t it superb that Link and the Reds were able to organise this promo. Maybe they can get you back next year for a gym session ;)

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