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Reds Roll the Jaguares

Reds Roll the Jaguares

The Reds show up in Buenos Aires with two wins under their belt. They might have been ugly but they are still in the book as wins. Part of me is happy that this trip comes this early in the season. As Sully pointed out the other day, lapping around the world is hard enough without the pressure of playing professional rugby every 7 days while you do it. Even if they only hold the Jaguares out for more than 30 seconds I will call to a win.

The Jaguares clocked up their first win last weekend when they, ahem, burned the Waratahs. This will be their third game in a row at home in a five game stretch, so they were looking to put some more points on the board before an extended trip through Australia and New Zealand.

First Half

After a few minutes of the teams feeling each other out the Reds were awarded a penalty when one of the Jaguares players was a little slow to roll away. James Tuttle stepped in to make the score 0-3 after 4 minutes.

The restart was taken cleanly by Jono Lance but it came undone with a forward pass by Samu Kerevi trying to put Chris Feauai-Sautia in some space. From the subsequent scrum, after a few resets, Joaquin Tuculet was put through a yawning gap in the Reds defence and was over under the posts. The try was duly converted by Nicolas Sanchez and the home side was up 7-3 in the 9th minute.

Most of the rest of the first half was spent between the 22’s with both side blowing opportunities with handling errors, both forced and unforced. Eventually, the Reds were awarded a penalty when Tomas Lavanini did a Superman through a ruck just outside the Red’s 22. Lance kicked the hell out of the ball to make touch inside the Jaguares 22. A good 40 plus metre gain!

What followed was successive infringements at lineouts by the Jaguares which drew the Reds back to the same five metre mark four times. The forwards then got sick of having to run, banded together in a huddle and drove Brandon Paenga-Amosa over the line for their first try. Tuttle missed the conversion but the Reds were in the lead 7 – 8 in the 31st minute.

From the restart, the Reds systematically worked their way back up the field assisted by an error at the lineout by the Jaguares. Caleb Timu struggled to get his hands on a Tuttle pass so a scrum was set just inside the Jaguares half. After a chat from the ref about both packs not holding their weight and a reset, the Reds won a penalty when the Jags front row collapsed. Tuttle stepped up and hammered the ball over. 7 – 11 the score.

A few phases after the Jags recovered possession at the restart Angus Scott-Young hit Sanchez. Hard. Really hard. And maybe a touch late. Play continued for a few minutes until Lance kicked the ball into touch and the local broadcaster decided to help the Jaguares out with repeated replays. ASY was then penalised and the Jags got the opportunity to have the final say in the first half.

All came to nought however when first CFS and Lance held Lavaini up over the line and then Kerevi knocked the ball loose in a tackle and it was judged that the Jags had lost the ball forward. The Reds had the lead at halftime 7 – 11 after 42 minutes.
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Second Half

The second half started as the first half finished – handling errors passing possession back and forth between the two sides. The Reds pack was starting to get the ascendancy in the tight work and this was applying the pressure to the Jags.

After repeated penalties by the Jags, the Reds had a lineout just inside their own half. The throw was taken cleanly and the ball was shifted to Timu who was lurking midfield. He busted through the Jags defensive line and handed the ball off to Kerevi, who passed to CFS who flicked the ball onto Daugunu who showed a turn of speed to be over for the last try of the game. Tuttle added the extras and the Reds were leading 18 – 7.

That was the last time the scorer was woken from his slumber. Late in the game, the Jags looked like they were over the line, three times, in the one passage of play. After seeing the replays everybody other than the TMO thought the first time was a try, but Kerevi must have got his boot under it and we returned for a 5 metre scrum. But, the ball was turned over by the Reds and they got themselves out of trouble. Again.

Last week the Waratahs couldn’t think that they had a way of stopping the Jags. Well, I think they might need to talk to Brad Thorn because the Reds seemed to find a way. Although it may seem that the Jags were their own worst enemies, the Reds defence was largely responsible for forcing many of the errors committed. The Reds made their fair share as well but didn’t seem to lose their cool quite as much.

The game eventually died a death of a thousand knock-ons and the Reds had got their 3rd win in a row. The first time in 5 years!

The Game Changer

The Reds defence was the difference in the game. One of the best examples was when Hamish Stewart and Ben Lucas forced Leguizamon into touch preventing him from scoring a try in the 76th minute.


Daugunu takes it for me. For a small fast bloke, he shows good strength in both defence and attack. He is evasive and is starting to look for work all over the park very much in the mould of a young Diggers. Special mentions to Timu and Rodda.

Wallaby Watch

What is Daugunu’s eligibility story? Others to keep an eye on include Douglas who appears to be playing his way back into some form, and you could do worse with Timu as a big busting No. 8.




The Details

REDS: 18

Tries: Paenga-Amosa, Daugunu

Conversions: Tuttle (1/2)

Penalties: Tuttle (2/2)


Tries: Tuculet

Conversions: Sanchez (1/1)

Penalties: N/A

  • Never in doubt! I wasn’t worried at all. All I got wrong was the margin.

  • Yowie

    “A few phases after the Jags recovered possession at the restart Angus Scott-Young hit Sanchez. Hard. Really hard. And maybe a touch late. Play continued for a few minutes until Lance kicked the ball into touch and the local broadcaster decided to help the Jaguares out with repeated replays. ASY was then penalised and the Jags got the opportunity to have the final say in the first half.”

    I wonder if this is the last we’ll hear about the dirty incident involving Sanchez…

  • Brumby Runner

    Go Reds. Half way to my prediction of two wins on the road.

  • onlinesideline

    The team to me have all the hall marks of a well coached team. (new zealand team)

    1 – players picked in their proper positions.
    2. – players having the right combination of size, power and speed for their position.
    3 – players understanding their roles.
    4 – players working as a pack with fast reaction times to each task whether it breakdown / maul for the tryline etc
    5 – no scragglers and large spaces between forwards unless intentional – looks tight and fast.
    6 – players having good body height and tackle technique with lots of good hits across the whole 80 mins.
    7 – strong defensive patterns
    8 – strong scrummaging
    9 – strong lineouts
    10 – team seems clearheaded and confident it can take on anyone physically.
    11- everyone on same page with an uncomplicated feel about the team.

    I could go on and of course they are a massive work in progress but if there are a couple of things I had to identify as the most pleasing its the team selections being bang on and the look that that they have knowledge about what to do next second by second.

    They look purposeful, intelligent and in the know.

    BRAD THORN. What a legend and boy did aussie rugby need this guy.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I like the way the players sprint back into position. Lots of great attitude

      • onlinesideline

        yep just a absolute breath of fresh air and sanity in a country that seems to complicate their footy so much.

    • SuckerForRed

      Also like that they don’t seem to panic. Even late in games.

      • onlinesideline

        yeah good point – look intelligent from 1-23

        • SuckerForRed

          Intelligent or just know what the hell they are meant to be doing? Sometimes I think that coaches can get a bit to tricky with game plans etc. Keep it simple and make sure people know their roles and do them well and it all seems to work out in the end.

        • onlinesideline

          yeah that too – just well taught. How lost do a lot of forwards in aussie packs look. Thats the diff between us and kiwi packs. They just have purpose in numbers and they go about their work quickly and as one. Its so simple. Kiwi always arrive in numbers. Aussies arrives in dribs and drabs, and react when their arrive. And like KRL said the reds were sprint back to realign – Bob Dwyers old bugbear. Would be good to hear from him.

        • John Tynan

          Truer words never spoken.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Nice write up SFR. I thought Timu was MotM. He was immense in both attack and defence. Yeah lots of errors, mainly due to either pressure from the opposition or pushing things too much, but a hell of a good game and so good for the Reds. Hoping the push on mate

    • onlinesideline

      I agree, Timu was indeed immense IMO. Tell ya what if Cheika persists with the Pooper this year he needs to go back to the clothing industry. There is absolutely no reason why we cant field a balanced normal pack of 8 this year, each position being their proper position.

      • SuckerForRed

        That number 18 was one Ruan Smith. Twin brother to the number 17 JP Smith. They both certainly love their work.

        It was a hard run thing between Daugunu & Timu for MOTM. I honestly don’t know what made me come down on the side of Daugunu. Just a gut feel I guess. And seeing how he brushed off defenders to score his try. They reckon he is 90kgs….. wringing wet maybe…. but certainly plays like it.

        • onlinesideline

          how long have these Smith blokes been in OZ rugby, are they eligable?

        • Brumby Runner

          Short answer is nobody seems to know. Both brothers moved to Brisbane I think with their family some years ago, and maybe played a short while with the Force before two or three years at the Brumbies. JP then went back to South Africa to play with the Sharks (I think) and Ruan went to Japan. Seems like JP is probably ineligible and would have to satisfy another qualifying period, but Ruan might be eligible because he didn’t go back to his birth place, but mightbe ineligible because he retains eligibility to play for SA.

          It is good to see them both back here and playing so strongly.

        • Dean

          Pretty sure both are Australian citizens

        • Brumby Runner

          I believe that is true, but I also understand that, of itself, that is insufficient to confer eligibility for the Wallabies.

        • Alexander Sharman

          The 36/60 months residence rules is continuous .. and is broken if you go elsewhere to live .. which both did with their moves to SA and Japan from 2015 onwards …

          Based on this reset .. JP will have 3 years in 2020 sometime .. Ruan moved back from Japan in 2018 .. so has to wait til 2023 ..

          They may qualify earlier uinder the 10 year cumalative residence rule ..

        • SuckerForRed

          They certainly would have met the residential rules before they went else where to play. Ruan represented both Australia and South Africa at schoolboys level and was in the ARU Academy in 2012. JP was also in the academy for 2012-2013. Whether or not their residiential requirement has been reset for some reason I am not sure. I think they finished their schooling in Toowoomba, so at 27 one would assume, unless there is a “reset clause” they would be eligible.

        • onlinesideline

          cheers mate – well anyway that Ruan bloke is one strong human. Thorn has put together a bloody strong 8. With Tui and Higgers coming back and Rodda and Timu with Thor and Smith in front row. Thats some real strength.

        • John Tynan

          My young bloke calls JP “Gru” from Despicable Me. Take a look next time, and tell me he’s wrong!

        • SuckerForRed

          *Googles Gru from Dispicable Me*
          Ha! Gru has a straighter nose. Ruan is more of a Gru look alike.
          (Ruan & JP – If you are reading this, it is a compliment I am sure. And John started it….)

    • Hoss

      Timu was epic and has been all year – some nice problems at 8 for Cheika – Pocock, Timu, Naisarani & Holoway.

      The thing that shows me the great culture and heart of the Reds is quiet simply their D> They all get up off the ground, get back and go hard – even till the 81st minute. Great signs of a strong ‘team’ ethos

      Bodes well.

      • SuckerForRed

        Personally I would love to see Pocock at 7 and Timu at 8. But I am one of those people who like to play people in their best positions…… Just Sayin’

        • John Tynan


  • Andy

    Fantastic result. Really liking the graft being shown by the reds this year especially from their younger players. Something we have been lacking in Australian rugby for some time.

  • Alister Smith

    To paraphrase the election advertising for former Nationals Senator Ron Boswell…”the Reds aren’t pretty … but their pretty effective”. Appears, particularly the younger players from the U20s and NRC Queensland Country have really bought into the Thorn ethos. Lance’s custodianship of the fly-half role is allowing Stewart to build minutes and experience while not having the full blow torch of starting fly-half thrown upon him. Normally with a team culture is built and trickles down from the senior players and new players are surrounded it but it seems Thorn has taken the approach that if a new winning culture is to develop at the Reds it needs to be imported through the new, emerging players who are tainted by the previous years. Touring like this, spending a couple of weeks with the group rather than just the regular training session when at home, must be invaluable in developing a young side. To date their wins haven’t been too exciting but the desperation, will to win and determination to stick unerringly to a simple, basic game plan suggest they are building to something – if not this year than in years to come.

    • SuckerForRed

      Another comment on Hamish Stewart that didn’t make my review. I believe as he was coming through the schoolboy ranks he was actually a flanker. You can see this in his play still now. He is not afraid to stick his head in dark places and is pretty handy getting a turnover. I agree with you I like seeing how he is being developed at the moment. I was surprised that Lance was taken off at half time on the weekend but I wonder how much of this was managing workload after a rather long trip.

      • Funk

        I think he got a head knock and wasn’t allowed back on??

        • John Tynan

          Official version might be a head knock, but his passing was looking pretty fatigued, and in fact quite poor for most of that half. Uncharacteristic, but it put some unneeded pressure on.

        • SuckerForRed

          I did wonder. He looked a bit wonky after one of the tackles when the Reds were holding them out right at the end of the first half.

  • mattyjinred

    All I am going to say is this team has some heart, the platform is there and we are starting to see the attacking potential. Test is next week, beat the Stormers at home and we are looking great for the season.

    One player not mentioned above was CFS. The man has come back from a bad injury run as a machine this season. HIs defence was superb and his running is strong. Almost a pity he is overshadowed by SK inside him. In my opinion was one of the best on park today.

    • SuckerForRed

      CFS did have a reasonable game and has/is showing some significant improvement. I think that his development has been stifled to an extent, not only by injury, but also from being swapped around a bit. I would like to see him stay at 13. Yes he has the speed for the wing but I think we see the best of him when he is at 13.

  • Gallagher

    I’m a REDS fan through and through, but still cant believe QC was dropped completely, we are wining ugly which is great and doing some awesome things with attitude and defence etc, but that WILL NOT hold up against the touch footy NZ sides! We are the THIRD BEST defensive team, BUT THE WORST attacking team… QC should at least be at training, and Lance shouldn’t have been subbed for the first time this season if hes leaving next year and Stewart has now only just been given a run…

  • Mart

    Eto Nabuli is a waste of a wing spot for reds

    • SuckerForRed

      One of the burning questions I think the GAGR boys should address in the podcast – What have multiple coaches seen in Eto Nabuli that keeps him getting selected?

      • Gallagher

        Prob just waiting for Perese to return I hope!

    • onlinesideline

      Shame they dont have Sefa or Karoibete on left wing – someone of that speed and power.

      • Mart

        yeah if only they could’ve said, we’ll give you Cooper for Sefa?

  • Brisneyland Local

    well my Beloved GAGR’s, BL is in a positive frame of mood. Some call it lots of coffee, some calling it no incidents at work over the weekend, some calling it good Aus conference SR results, so call it Eddie Jones’s England getting beaten. I just call it all of the above.
    – AN enjoyable contest, look definitely some scrappy shit in there, but we are seeing a Reds teams grow and learn with each outing which is more than we can say for the under the Woody ‘Herpes*” graham era and the Stilesy era.
    – There defence is good and getting better.
    – THey still need to develop more in attack, but hopefully that will come.
    – Their set piece is great.
    – I am glad that Thorn has instilled in them the love of the hard stuff, the graft, the physical contact. These boys want to be there. Not just when it is good, but all of the time.
    Not much else to add that hasnt been said already. But I see this front row as the nucleus for the Wallabies front row.
    Over to you GAGR’s

  • Custard Taht

    The Reds are going to being feeling blue after the Tahs are done with them.

  • Custard Taht

    After a rough off season, it seems Thorn has the Reds definitely trending in the right direction. The Bread and Butter is coming along nicely, and I have no doubt the Reds will soon be adding Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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