Reds v Brumbies 2017 - Green and Gold Rugby
ACT Brumbies

Reds v Brumbies 2017

Reds v Brumbies 2017

The Brumbies are looking for some much needed momentum going into their finals match against whichever Kiwi juggernaut they draw in the pool. The reds are scrambling for a much needed moral boosting win after yet another horror season once again driven by what seems like poor fitness and bad coaching. The Brumbies welcome back their fantastic halfback Tomas Cubelli and have the inspirational Leali’ifano running the water while the Reds have lost Higgers, Kerevi and Hendrick Tui.

The Match

The first half

I was expecting much and sometimes you get what you expect. The Brumbies, well Aiden Toua, absolutely murdered the only try scoring opportunity of the half by failing to fall on the ball as it crossed the line.

Having said how uninspiring the half was I’d be remiss in not saying that the Reds actually look better in almost every facet of the game except attack. There defensive line speed seems faster and more direct than I’ve seen it for a long while. And it seems that the attack could mesh any moment. The brumbies seem to have gone backwards over the July test window. Their head coach being with the Wallabies probably didn’t help them much.

Second Half

The second half produced three tries, a dubious penalty try to the Brumbies, and a try to Godwin after Quade Cooper spilled the ball over the line after some great pressure from Tom Banks. The game seemed to be heading in the same direction as a billion other Reds games this year with a fade out in the final quarter but, no one counted on 19 year old Hamish Stewart. Within minutes of his entry to the game he’d scored his first Super Rugby try off the back of the perhaps the only couple of minutes of decent attacking play the Reds had managed all night.  

The Reds were back in the match at 13-15 with eight minutes to go. I’ll admit that even at this stage I didn’t think the the Reds could win but to their credit they worked the ball down field through a great Karmichael Hunt kick, smothered the Brumbies mall from the resulting lineout and set up for a last minute run at the line from the games last scrum. Tuttle took the ball hard towards the centre of the field off the scrum then passed the ball to Cooperwho drew his man and slipped the ball inside to Perese who had worked his guts out to get there from the blindside wing. Andrew Smith dragged Parese down just short of the line but either by design or good luck Parese popped a pass up into Smith’s chest winning the Reds a penalty and the game for offside at the ruck.

The final score was 16-15 to the Reds

The Game Changer

I was tempted to leave this blank but I’ll say the four or five under 20 players the Reds had playing tonight. In particular Hamish Stewart and Isaia Parese.


Yeah nah! nothing to see here.

Wallaby watch

Anyone pinning their hopes on a wallaby jersey from tonights performance will be bitterly disappointed.

The Details

Crowd: Not many

Score & Scorers

Reds: 16
Tries: Hamish Stewart
Conversions: Quade Cooper
Penalties: Quade Cooper 3/3
Brumbies: 15
Tries: penalty try, Kyle Godwin
Conversions: Wharenui Hawera
Penalties: Wharenui Hawera 1/2

Cards & citings

George Smith (yc)

  • Reds hopeful

    The fog at the game was very thick, which was good because it covered up some very poor skills from both teams. Can someone please pay quade and steve moore to take up golf FFS, let the new guys coming through build some combos and renew our faith in the reds.

    We have a bucket load of young players that just need game time. Karmichael is now a beacon in a very dark night for the reds lets build a young team around him.

    Sorry for the rant but even i’m at the end of my rope with the Reds and aussie rugby.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Quade’s a real enigma isn’t he? Had a couple of really good moments with his passing, kicked well, apart from the charge down, and did some really dumb things as well. That try he gave away was just diabolical. However, I will say he is at least always trying something and as bad as he played at times I don’t think you would have won without him.

      • joy

        That is the worst game I’ve seen from him. 5 mistakes from his first 5 touches but he was still instrumental in winning the game.

      • Who?

        To be fair to Quade, people were dropping balls that seemed well secure all over the field. He just happened to be the unlucky one to do it in his own in goal. I don’t think the Brums got enough credit for their tactic of putting the ball on the ground inside the 22 – they put in several intelligent grubbers to very good effect.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah that is true mate. I guess Quade being Quade he attracts more interest when he does it. If he defends up in the line he wouldn’t be setting himself up all the time. Just saying.

  • Tim

    That game sums up Australian rugby it was trash. Isaia Parese i thought had a very good game.

  • Bobas

    As a Brumbies fan all you can say is at least we have the home final…

    Injuries and poor pretty much everywhere bar the occasional scrum.

    As Brumby Runner said choosing to wrap Speight and Powell in cotton wool for the last 20 after already having an injury replacement in the backs…
    So no backs replacements for 20minutes and then Godwin gets injured.
    So Butler goes to the centers and the Brums have their two hookers to finish the game, then Qld starts getting some go forward out wide.

    • Pclifto

      That point about the Brums’ replacement decisions in the last 20 mins is pretty critical… not having watched the match it would have been good to see mention of it in the match report!

  • Gottsy

    My MOTM was the fog

    • Moose

      I recently turned forty and am feeling my age. Watching this game made me think that in a few years, this is what watching rugby with cataracts will look like.
      Also, that wasn’t fog, it was (insert deity of choice) spraying the field with WD40.

      • Fatflanker

        Ahhh 40 I remember it well – not pop-and-crackling like a 21-gun salute from every joint when you get up in the morning; not panicking that you’ve got early-onset dementia every time you can’t find the car keys…

    • Reds hopeful

      It got to one point from the cheap end seats, i could not even see the 22 mtr line

  • Brisneyland Local

    Well GAGR’s didnt I pick the right match to stay home and watch at my next door neighbours. (Yes I am still to tight to spring for Foxtel). The wife and kids refused to venture out in the cold, as their Qld blood cant handle the cold, actually to be honest I have been living north of the border now for so long that I couldnt disagree with them.

    The Game, well with the cold, wet paddock and fog, I thought that this would have been a lay down misere for the Brumbies, being from the ACT they would be used to it.
    Well the skills on display from both teams was really average, not the improvement I was hoping for.
    From the Reds perspective Izzy and Special K were the only two worth mentioning, perhaps other than Simmons who maybe should have been playing 6 all along.
    Despite QC being average, his place kicking was pretty good.

    My defining thought walking home from next door was:
    ” if the Brumbies last night were the best our conference is offering Super Rugby, we are in a utterly shitful place in the rugby universe!”

    • Andy

      Perese and Magnay look the goods. Like Rodda as well. Would prefer him in the wallabies squad over Carter. That guy is an absolute flog. I have no idea how he is being picked.

      QC was outplayed by the kiwi ring in. Agree his place kicking was solid though but his game was utter tripe.

      Other than that I wouldn’t give anyone else on the park a rating over 5.
      Consequently, as both teams were so shit it made for a good spectacle. Every cloud…..

      • Brisneyland Local

        Andy, on watching the game a second time the next morning, I have to agree with you. Because they were both approximately the same level of ineptness it appeared a competitive game. Which are always better to watch.

  • McWarren

    Wow, what game was I watching you bunch of misery guts. I thought it was a very entertaining game ruined a little by the conditions. Yes there were handling errors, Moore in particular was poor here. But I came away from that thinking this whole doom and gloom of Aussie rugby fans is not as well foundered as I thought. I’ll do a BRL and give you my random thoughts in no particular order.

    1. Why the fuck are we letting Simmons go and keeping Douglas. Simmons steals line outs, hits hard in defence, scrummages well. Douglas gets counter rucked off the ball by a scrum half.

    2. The emergence of those youngsters on both teams tells me our development ain’t that bad. Perese and Magnay are super stars in the making, Stewart looks like he has the composure to go a long way in Wallaby colours if coached properly from this point on. Powell should have started all three June tests with Gordon or Tuttle on the bench. Isaac Rodda must surely be pushing for Wallaby squad inclusion in a year or two.

    3. Some of the spilled pill last night was from great defence and if it was a bloody Saders V Canes game that’s what everyone would be talking about. But no it was Reds v Ponies so it must have been poor handling from badly skilled players who don’t care enough.

    4. I’m starting to see more smarts come back into Aussie teams game plans. Both teams seemed aware of the need for field position last night and kicked accordingly. Chasing defenders were well organised and aggressive.

    5. If I could choose to bring back one player from recently departed Reds who would I pick? not Genia, not Horwil or even LFG, I’d get Greg Holmes, the most underrated player of his generation for mine.

    6. On reflection last night I was thinking how the Reds season could have gone, how different all our perspective would be if they’d held on against the Saders and Blues.

    7. I’ll finish with the future. If the ARU are serious about increasing the quality of the four teams next year they have to stop players like Campbell Magnay taking easy money in Japan. Those types of guys need special contract attention, which ever super club they come from.

    Well done Reds and Brumbies, I enjoyed that game. Ignore those desperate to be dissappointed.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Thanks for the reference! ;-)

    • John Tynan

      I don’t know if it was the fog, but at the game there was just no continuity or intensity. Every stoppage seemed to take forever and huge swathes of time with just nothing happening.

    • John Tynan

      PS agree on the Simmons sentiment.

    • first time long time

      Good thoughts.
      I’m a bit worried however that “BRL” might be Brisneyland Local and KRL’s love child!
      Say it ain’t so!

      • McWarren

        I can’t with any certainty!!

    • Who?

      Excellent post. Couple of points…
      1. Exactly!!! The only excuse for letting a true Queenslander like Simmo go – while retaining a wannabe Qlder (he’s from Yamba – they all support Qld in Origin down there – speaking from experience here) Dougy is only understandable if Dougy’s contract isn’t up for renewal. But if it isn’t, then what moron thought it was a good idea to sign a bloke with no history with the province to more than a two year deal?! He was a Red last year (and spent it all recovering from his RWC knee injury).
      2. Development below Super level isn’t bad, and there’s always talent coming through. It’s just how they get developed from here on…
      3. Have to agree.
      6. Very true. Amazing to think that, along with the Clan, the Reds are the team that’s come closest to knocking them off. Watching that night at the game, the Saders didn’t seem that dominant a team that they’d go unbeaten until the Lions arrived.
      7. If the ARU are serious about developing talent, they’ll not cut a team, when guys like Magnay aren’t even regular starters…
      And my own point – good luck to the groundsmen getting it ready for Wednesday night! :-P

      • McWarren

        I hope the grounds ready, I’ve tickets for me an three little me’s on half way. Don’t know if the little me’s are more excited about the game or missing school on Thursday. I’ve declared it a public holiday.

        • Who?

          Bummer… I was hoping it’d be a farce, but now I know you’re going, and you’re taking the kids, I can’t feel as much hatred for the event… Watching the Lions this month is a nice reminder of our trip – our family, including the then 15 month old – to Suncorp wearing those stupid Lion-hunting Safari hats. I hope you have a great night.
          I grew up on League, converted to Rugby, and now prefer NFL to the NRL… It’s crazy to think it’s easier to watch three NFL games a week – live – on FTA in Australia than to see live Rugby on FTA…

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Sully, good write up and your frustration is coming through loud and clear. Maybe the game change was the constant mistakes being made by each side that allowed the other side back in. Parese is a bit of a shining light. That kick down field from inside his goal that got to half way, I’d have him in the Wallabies just for that because god knows Foley could never do it.
    Brumbies have got a lot of work to do if they want to get past the Chiefs let alone get past a limp semi final the following week.
    It was good to see the Reds fight to the end and I just wish they’d done more of that during the year.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Maybe all the bad press about the Wallabies and Super Rugby in general is finally hitting home and they are recieving it 5 x 5!
      Lets hope this off season is all about skills and fitness. Because if we see a poor demonstration next year, I am truly worried about the Super clubs existence goig forward! Heaven forbid I dont want to watch AFL or that other lower socio economic version of the game. ;-)

  • McWarren

    Maybe the turning point was the Reds not conceding a point while Smith was in the naughty corner. The upside of the Reds getting all those yellows through the season is they’ve learnt to play 14 v 15 rugby.

    Apologies for being positive everyone.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Always good to see a silver lining somewhere

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