Reds v Force - Quick Review
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Reds v Force – Quick Report

Reds v Force – Quick Report

Just waiting for the next Penalty attempt

Watching the game at Suncorp Stadium, I was glad the air conditioning in the press box wasn’t damaged in the Floods, it was HOT.

There was not a chance the Force were going to come out and do anything other than be the Reds bitches. However, no one sent the memo west. Both teams came out and showed good intent, but it was the force forwards who showed the early dominance.  The teams traded penalties, but it was the force who got on top, with Quade only getting two opportunities at goal, and slotting both, J’OC got 5 opportunities, missing one to have the Reds down 6-12 in the game they couldn’t lose. The game was set as such a foregone conclusion, that when Will Chambers knocked on while scoring a try, the fireworks at the stadium went off.

The highlight of the half for me was Rocket Rod Davies showing that he wasn’t all speed, and could actually throw a couple of punches at Brett Sheehan, earning himself 10 in the bin for his troubles. The ability of the Reds to continue a man down in the heat will be telling in the result.

The second half continued much the same, with the Force’s more mobile pack very busy and effective in disrupting the Reds continuity. Another couple of penalties from each kept the score board ticking over, but still the margin didn’t change.

A deft lineout move from the Reds saw a short throw to the front passed straight back to Saia Fiangaa who ran the 30 odd metres to the line, scoring the first try of the match.  Quade pushed the conversion wide.

The momentum shift appeared to continue for the Reds, when the force were shown a yellow card, however the Force pounced on a loose pass from the Reds with JO’C running near length of the field for an opportunistic try.

Big Kev then made the decision to keep the ball out of the backs hands, opting instead to use the power of the big forwards to work a move, barging over the line. James Hanson getting the points. Quade added the extras and the Reds were now in front.

A heart breaking loss for the force, after the effort they had put in, but this will be a great confidence booster as the reds look to add some composure and maturity to the BBQ rugby of the past.

The crowd today was 26 060, down a little on the 30000 the Reds were hoping for. Reg and I are off to the presser now, we will be back soon with a full report

QLD Reds 14 (Tries: Saia Fiangaa, James Hanson Conversions: Quade Cooper 1/2 Penalties: Quade Cooper 3/5) Western Force 20 (Tries: James O’Connor Conversions: James O’Connor 0/1 Penalties: James O’Connor 5/6)

  • Now that was a speedy report

  • Seb V

    I gotta say that was a dissappointing game. The Reds did not have the same confidence as they did last year. Looks like the Tahs are gunna be the ones to beat this season.

  • You field a massive pack in 37C and then play touch footy. Can’t believe that was Link’s gameplan. I’d expect him to be ropeable.

  • Reddy!

    So what, we didn’t play great rugby for most of the game. But we won! The Reds of the past would not have one, I everyone knows it. It’s an encouraging sign that there is still a lot of improvement left in this team.

    Rod Davies was one of the standouts for me. His defence has come in leaps and bounds and put in some great tackles and hits to put the Force on the back foot.

  • ForceFan

    Much better than last year’s 10:50 but still a loss.

    Force had their chances but too many sloppy errors.

    Force can do better with the return Ripia and Hockings and the chance to play Rabbit a bit wider.

    Like the pressure each week of picking best 3 from 4 for the Back Row.

    Both teams look like they’ll struggle against more organised packs.

  • Brax

    The Reds didn’t play very well at all but they closed it out in the end & finished strongly. They can only improve on that display. Agree on Rocket Rod, he had a blinder & his defence was very telling for someone not renowned for it.

  • Train Without A Station

    Two things.

    How fat has Saia got?

    And I honestly believe snotting Brett Sheehan should earn the thrower a penalty. Such a grub.

    • Brax

      How fat or how fast? He showed a lot of toe to score that try.

      • Hawko

        Easy when there’s no one in front of you.

        • Brax

          You still have to beat the cover defence. So not easy at all mate.

    • redbull

      Snotting a half back should earn five points

      • Langthorne

        I think Marto put it best when he said that punch was only worth 5 mins in the bin. Sheehan didn’t even flinch.

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  • bms

    For all the other expats/people who missed it at home

  • Ben

    How did the front rows go……I didn’t see match was am interested how slipper went. I read about a tight head o the force. It’s going to be fascination next weekend see if le fuse gets some payback.

    • Robson

      I’m glad you mentioned front rows. The refs are now ponderously calling “crouch”, “touch”, “pause”, engage with an eternity between each word. To their credit the front rows are responding to it very well indeed. But they are so tensed up that the resulting impact when they do engage is significantly intensified.

      This is going to increase neck and back problems for ex front rowers further down the track. But the way the calls are now made really does invite a front rower to take half a pace forward to stabilise himself and be rewarded for a short arm penalty. There will be some very important games won and lost on this officiating stupidity.

      Anyway to answer your question, the honours were pretty equally shared I think.

      • The Rant

        Seen a lot of slow scrum calls over the weekend – I think these extended scrum calls are deliberate this year in super rugby after the northern tours last year where all those refs dragged it out for ages – maybe so there is no misunderstandings come world cup time?

  • Robson

    The Force 2011 is going to be a force to be reckoned with. They got on the points board last night and could easily have come away with four of them.

    The Reds looked like they had been on holiday for too long, but they have been in training for as long as anyone else. Link referred to an attitude issue with them. I think he’s right. At the beginning of last season they went on to the park and played like they had absolutely nothing to lose and everything to win. Last night they played like they had everything to lose.

    I think the “must win” gremlins have invaded their attitude. Nothing wrong with wanting to win of course, (hell that’s what they are out ther to do) but it’s how you carry it in your top two inches that makes the difference.

  • bones

    The Reds pack was beaten, which surprised me (except for rolling mauls etc). The line out was shocking, which makes me wonder about the Simmons / Faingaa dynamic. Clearly Sharpie and Graham, who knows Simmons, Van H and Faingaa very well from the EOYT, were not worried in advance.

    Elsewhere I thought Davies was great and his tackle on Inman at the end saved the game for the Reds. Digby was quite, QC cannot really still be hiding in defence if he is serious about being the Wallaby 10, and Hynes was slow and out of position regularly, and was penalised for it with slow realignments. Ant Faingaa also very quite. For the Force, Shepherd was OK after so long, but did have a big boot. The star for sure was Rabbit, and also the Force Pack.

  • James Humphries

    Handling errors in the backs! Reds bombed at least 3 tries with cutout falcons, and rush-jobs.

    Pocock was awesome at the breakdown.

    I felt Digby was wasted on the wing – put him in the centres where he can do real damage.

  • Homer j

    All the Aussie scrums stayed uyp fairly well uinder the slow call. Many did not collapse or have to be reset. UNfortunately in a few games the refs ignored hands on the ground until a cruicial moment and then decided their eyes were open. Let it go if it is inconsequential.

    Thought Whittaker from the Force easily outplayed Faainga. Slipper was dissappointing and Ed Quirk was very busy but not in a Pocock at the breakdown way, he is probably better suited to No. 6.

  • Homer j

    Oh and Horwill was awesome.

    I don’t know which games the SMH team was watching to lick their team of the week.

  • chequebalance

    I will take a one point win after playing scrappy football in the first round, over the 2 point loss after playing decent football, 1st round last season.

  • redbull

    Absoultely, a nasty game, but what else can be expected of 37C? Very happy to see the Reds come from behind and change their gameplay to grind out a win. A couple of years ago it would have been a capitualtion. They are coming along well.

    I will say though that if this was a test against RSA or NZL the reporters would have up in arms about how the play was deliberately slowed and “not in the spirit of the new interpretations”. It was a gameplan the Force carried out extremely well and fair credit to them, but it is negative and should have been yellow-carded long before it actually was. That said, it is rugby and not league, and the Reds have to figure out to get around it, and get a back row that can take on the opposition. They were outplayed and Link will need to look at his options.

    Still early days in the season. Looking forward to next weekend and a slightly cooler night in Sydeney.

  • Pedro

    Yeah the scrum calls were slow, annoying but what can you do it was the same for both teams. Reds looked like they were trying too hard, still pushing slow ball when the back line became too shallow. I think the reds underestimated the force pack, but weren’t helped by a retarded game plan. Mom should go to o’connor, showed great skill, maturity and nearly stole this result from the reds.

  • Pedro

    Oh and what’s sharpe’s caper was he injured or just having nanna naps?

  • Observer

    I noted from the photos in the Courier Mail today (21/2/11), that 2 of the Queensland Reds players dont wear mouthguards. Is this a new trend? I get concerned since there are young kids who look up and copy what their idols do, on and off the field.

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