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Reds v Sunwolves

Reds v Sunwolves

This game means nothing to anyone. It makes no real difference to the ladder and nothing for the wooden spoon. The only thing on the line is Brad Thorn’s coaching record. If the Reds win this could be their best season since 2013. The only problem I can see is that the Sunwolves are just the type of team that could completely stuff up the Reds systems. The good thing is there is nothing on the line so just maybe we’ll get some stress free exciting football. Fingers crossed!


Duncan Paia'aua lokks for a gap

Duncan Paia’aua looks for a gap

The Match

One Half

All in all that was a pretty good half of football from both sides. Completely destroyed by an absolute clusterfuck of a Red card delivered to an incredulous Ed Quirk in farcical circumstances.

The Reds scored four tries to one, and while they never dominated they clearly looked the better side even without their expected scrum dominance. The young halves pairing of Tate McDermott and Hamish Stewart looked comfortable and accomplished, but it was the old stager Jono Lance who looked the pick of the backs with Duncan Paia’aua close behind him despite a silly Yellow card and penalty try for a slap down.

In the forwards, Lukan Tui and JP Smith had huge halves but, to be honest everyone contributed with the only downside being a shoulder injury to Higginbotham late in the half.

Jono Lance scored a try and kicked 6 goals in his last game for the Queensland Reds

Jono Lance scored a try and kicked 6 goals in his last game for the Queensland Reds

Another Half

The first half red card was made to look even sillier when Caleb Timu was only yellow carded for a shoulder to the head of the Sunwolves flyhalf Hayden Parker.

The Reds took advantage of their numerical advantage and ran in another three tries to dominate the game. The Sunwolves never gave up and ran in two late tries to bring the final score back to 48-27.


Eto Nabuli scores the first of his 2 tries

Eto Nabuli scores the first of his 2 tries

The Game Changer

That Red card! did it change the result? I don’t know, but it definitely changed the game. Week on week we are seeing players handed their marching orders on the slimmest of evidence. While other situations get hardly a look. Something has to change because right now it’s destroying too many contests.


Jono Lance gets the gong. A try and 7 from nine off the boot and shared the second playmaker with Duncan Paia’aua

Wallaby watch

I might have actually picked Duncan Paia’aua for MOtM if not for his yellow card. His try assist to Eto Nabuli after stripping the ball and running 35 metres was special. Taniela Tupou was class as usual. as was JP Smith, Lukhan Tui, Izaak Rodda, Tate McDermott and Hamish Stewart. did I miss anyone?

The Details


Score & Scorers

Reds: 48
Tries: Liam Wright, Eto Nabuli 2, Jono Lance, Taneila Tupou, Duncan Paia’aua, Moses Sorovi
Conversions: Jono Lance 5/7
Penalties: Jono Lance 1/2
Sunwolves: 27
Tries: penalty try, Ryoto Nakamura, Jaba Bregvadze
Conversions: Hayden Parker 2
Penalties: Hayden Parker

Cards & citings

Duncan Paia’aua (Y), Ed Quirk (BULLSHIT RED),  Caleb Timu (Y)

Eto Nabuli scored 2 tries

Eto Nabuli scored 2 tries

  • Ian Rodger

    Once again a shitty decision has a huge impact on a game.
    But apart from that, happy to see many young reds have a good game! If they can keep on developing these players the future for the reds looks pretty decent!

  • Hoss

    Thanks for the quick write up Sully.

    So the same ref who misses an all black prop In an offside position crush a Tahs players throat with a leading elbow and takes no action, sends off a player for something that amounts to no more than flyhalf foreplay in a skirmish on the ground…The same thing happens multiple times per game FFS

    Our game truly has reached a new low

    • HK Red

      Stewart probably didn’t even feel it. Jayzus, that warranted a chat with Quirk…”Leave it out”….Penalty, move on. Once again Ben O’Keeffe in the middle of a shocking decision. How did the TMO even find that????

      • IIPA

        Exactly HK Red. Barely even worth a caution on the run and a penalty. Meanwhile the Timu incident OKeefe describes as “shoulder to the body”. Huh ? Only if the head is part of the body.

        But yeah what a terrible decision that Quirk one was and its like are making our sport at pro level a joke.

      • Andy

        I don’t think this mistake was all his responsibility but he did play a crucial part. And agree, he is a terrible referee. I have no idea how he has been promoted to internationals. And for the record, it’s not because he’s a kiwi (for the few sensitive ones) it’s becasue he is just very poor, like virtually all the Aussie refs bar maybe 2 of them..

        • Bernie Chan

          It is curious isn’t it….? I watch replays of the Premier Rugby, and the Refs in that comp appear to show some game appreciation and yet Super Rugby refs seem to lose that “feel” for the game. O’Keefe was so poor, and has been all season. Is WR simply looking for “box tickers” …the game is struggling enough without promoting this kind of officiating.

        • Andy

          WR have a lot of work to do in this space. But unless it affects England or France nothing will get done. That is my gut feel on this as the Northern Hemisphere pretty much own the game these days.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Yeah mate but remember he also tries to dominate as a TMO. Personally I think he needs to just fuck off

        • Bernie Chan

          Agree…he is shite…

    • Archie

      Yep second game in a row they’ve been royally rogered by officials in Australia. And Timu should have had a red… not sure why the special treatment for the home side!!

      Good on ya Sunwolves for keeping the margin semi-respectable. Would’ve been nice to see what they could do on an even playing field.

      • McWarren

        I know these home town refs….oh wait?

        • Archie

          None of the refs in the AB v France series were hometown; yet that didn’t stop the claims of ‘bias’… so what’s the difference here?

        • McWarren

          This is a Green and Gold blog. Need I say anymore?

        • Archie

          Point taken mate :)

        • Andy

          Don’t whinge about bias if you’re just going to apply the same standard.

          There will be a few in here who pin that stuff on the AB’s but the majority of posters on this site will blame the officiating, which is solely where the responsibilities lie.

    • McWarren

      I think the red was deserved! As a 6 with a prone 10 lying before you, almost begging to be hit, and Quirk delivers the softest punch since records began!! I’d suspend him for 6 weeks as well.

      • McWarren

        See ya all in a few weeks, I’m off to Trumpland for some hiking, biking and fighting!!

        • Brisneyland Local

          Enjoy McW. Am in NZ doing similar. Well similar if that involves shitloads of drinking skiing, and eating the NZ national sex object!

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Baaabaara says leve me alone

        • Brisneyland Local

          I never touched her. I only ate it!

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Have fun

    • Keith Butler

      Yep another game ruined by shite officiating. In the Landers/Canes game a straight red for no arms shoulder to the head. Timu swings Parker round by the shirt neck a few times (which I’ve seen a YC given for) throws him to the ground and then follows up with the shoulder. I wonder if he’ll be cited.

    • Andy

      Something has to be done. That would have been a competitive game if the officials didn’t blow it up.

      I have no issue with the use of a tmo but it needs to be used properly and consistently. This was a penalty only, at best. Play on….

    • Missing Link

      Same ref who got both Rebels games in the Republic. Both SA teams are languishing down the bottom of their conference but the Rebels couldn’t take a trick for 80 minutes. What is it with guys named Ben from UnZed?

  • Adrian

    Yes, as predicted, Duncan P was the difference between this result and the last one….aided and abetted by the rediculous red card.

    Pae’aea is pretty creative in my book, and for me he’d be the guy to use at 12 for the Wallabies if Beale was injured. He looks like he can play flat and do the creating in the 12 channel al la Beale.

    Good on Reds though, and Stewart is slowly becoming a 10. Another season or so though before he’s there.

    • HK Red

      Yeah agree, I would like to have seen him have a few more runs at 10 through the season, but he’s coming along.

    • Andy

      Agree. He’s a 12/13 for me. It would be great to have a 13 with his sort of skill set. A bit like a Conrad Smith.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Hey Adrian. Maybe KB at 10 and him at 12. I know I’ve said in the past that I think KB needs more room not less. But Foley is so lacking in ideas it may be a good solution until you can develop a real 10

      • HK Red

        The way Kuridrani played today, would he be a straight call up to 13 for the RC?
        Just not sure about KB @ 10, he’s still a crabber.

      • Adrian

        I see what you mean KRL, but I still think in the modern game, 12 is the right channel to attack from, and Beale can do that, and keep the defence guessing. Foley gets it to him.

        If Foley were injured, and given the current cattle, I’m not sure whether I’d put KB at 10 and Duncan at 12, or Duncan at 10 and KB at 12, or draft in Mason or Hegarty to 10.

        No current SR 10s appeal to me as an alternate Wallaby 10, and Toomua doesn’t either.

        • formerflanker

          3 tries to Hodge puts him in the frame for Wallaby 10.

        • Adrian

          Good heavens!

          Good outside back with an eye for a try. He might be on DHP’s wing if he’s still injured.

          Otherwise a super sub that can fill in at 5/8 for a quarter of a match

  • Gottsy

    Can we please stop talking about the red card for a minute and just all acknowledge that fucking majestic run from JP smith at 34 minutes?? The man is part warthog part gazelle

  • Nutta

    Dear World Rugby

    I am the middle class, fat, ex-player who buys some pay tv, has kids who love the game and a wife who thinks it’s all great.

    I am your wet dream. I am everything your business model is based on.

    Hear me when I say the ridiculous, contradictory, and completely contra-accountable refereeing standards we have seen over the last 6wks in particular are now reaching crisis level.

    It is crisis level because you – as Stewards of the game – are on the cusp of losing supporters like me.

    Seriously, stop fking about. Fix it. Or I and the hundreds of thousands like me (along with our cash) are gone.

    In Hope


    • HK Red

      Sadly Nutta, I fear these words are laid down in vain.

  • cantab

    Closed fist punch to a player lying on the ground. If we are going to continue with red cards (FYI I think it’s a poor system) then this is the time to use them.

    A ‘soft’ punch to the face isn’t a thing.

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