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Reigning Australia’s Greatest Athlete Joins The Reds

Reigning Australia’s Greatest Athlete Joins The Reds

Reigning ‘Australia’s Greatest Athlete’ Quade Cooper has joined the Queensland Reds on a three year deal. Cooper won the competition with a score of 995 points from eleven events with wins in ‘Rugby Oz Tag’, Rowing and Basketball but it was his all-round skills that most impressed the judges.

A little to familiar Wendell

A little to familiar Wendell

In his spare time he has racked up 100+ games for the Reds scoring a record 770 points, 15 games for Toulon, 58 games for Australia, three games for the East Coast Aces, three for Brisbane City and the subject of thousands of YouTube videos.

Yes Quade Cooper is back at the Reds and an entire state is rejoicing. I can hear the banjos singing with joy from every hill and valley.


But Seriously

It feels great to have Quade back at the Reds where (I think) he belongs.  He came to the Reds straight out of high school in 2005 and left at the end 2015 without fanfare or a proper send off. I hope the next time he farewells us it’s to retirement and the Reds and the Fans give him the send off a 100 club member, record points scorer and Super Rugby Champion deserves. It’s great to have you back Quade. Welcome Home.

And finally

One of my favourite bits of Sooper Cooper magic

  • Brendan Hume

    He was on fire in 2013. One can only wonder at what might have been with a less conservative game plan at RWC2011 that utilised his strengths and the strengths of the Reds that season. Hope he does well back home for the future.

  • Tim

    I think reds have brought really well for next year. They have got really good fowards now with cooper they can work on their backline

  • The 2015 send off to Quade was really awkward. I remember Kev and Genia getting a lot of attention/tributes and got to say a goodbye speech in front of the home crowd after the last game. I’m pretty sure everyone in the crowd wanted Quade to be up there with them (knowing it was likely that he wasn’t going to return in 2016) but he hadn’t announced his contract situation.

    Awesome to have him back though. Excited for round 2!

  • Gavin Healy

    Good luck to him. He’s one of their own and has a loyal fanbase there. He won’t find a more suitable environment to reach his form of the McKenzie era. If he can do that then it will be good for Australian rugby and give the coaches a selection headache.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Great to hear.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Excellent. Home where he belongs, and hopefully will be instrumental in helping the Reds re-build. New coach, new signings and new hope!

  • Jack

    1. Slipper
    2. Ready
    3. Talakai
    4. Simmons
    5. Douglas
    6. Shatz
    7. Smith
    8. Houston
    9. Frisby
    10. Cooper
    11. Nabuli
    12. Kerevi
    13. Magnay
    14. Kuridrani
    15. Hunt

    Wasn’t sure on a few. Ready based on SR form over Squeak’s current form. 12, 13 & 14 are really all 13’s, so not sure if this configuration is the best idea, but Magnay impressed at the back of the season. Maybe he and Samu swap jerseys. Kuridrani because CFS just hasn’t produced the goods, although CK isn’t really a winger. Love to have a Lachie Turner or a Rod Davies, have we got anyone with genuine pace..??

    Looks pretty good though I reckon…Discuss.

    • Happyman

      Mate like your thinking I have always been a huge fan of CFS and him running lines off Quade could be a game changer. He has the ability to Shred really good defences but also the take a holiday on the field. Don’t forget he is only 23 next year. I have never liked the look of Magnay I hope I am wrong but I just don’t see it. I think Moore just looks tired and in need of a break I believe the best thing for him would be not going on the end of year tour. He would have played about 30 games this season so far.

      • Patrick

        Magnay is very good, I was impressed the first time I saw him in the NRC against Melbourne he really looked a lot older than he was, I expect him to play a lot this year.

    • Simon

      We still have Tui for another year and I think he’ll get the gig over Schatz. Still don’t think Schatz’s future is confirmed. Agree with the rest of the squad though. Then on the bench:

      16. Moore/Mafi
      17. Fa’agase
      18. Tupou
      19. Neville/L. Tui
      20. Gunn/Schatz
      21. Tuttle
      22. McIntyre/Mason/Paia’aua
      23. Laloifi/Banks

      Not ideal, particularly at 22, but we have to work with what we’ve got.

      I’d also try 12 Paia’aua and 13 Kerevi. A combination of Cooper – Paia’aua – Kerevi would be very interesting, as Paia’aua is starting to look quite slippery in attack and Cooper’s passing game could put him away nicely for a line break, especially since the opposition will be keeping an eye on Kerevi outside him.

      • sampro

        Can’t remember the details, but Schatz was definitely in the Reds’ farewell video.

    • Seb V

      Tongan THOR!!!!!! Give him game time please!

      • Jack

        For sure, had him on the bench. Not quite ready for first XV, but he’ll get there pretty quickly.

    • MNIMD

      Do you really think the Reds would sign up the current Wallabies captain and put him on the Bench??? I highly doubt it!

      • Jack

        Just my opinion. Not saying it’ll happen, obviously selection of the Reds starting XV is well beyond my influence, just saying that based a comparison of Ready’s form in super rugby and Moore’s current test form, I’d give Ready the nod. As Happyman alluded to, Moore just looks tired at the moment. Hopefully by the start of next season he’s had time to rejuvenate and is back to his best.

  • Nickwaiheke

    I hope he goes well as he has had some tough gigs and rough treatment from some of my countrymen but he still has a lot to bring the game

  • Grey

    Good on him. He’s probably now the 7th or 8th best Kiwi no. 10 playing in the Southern Hemisphere… good score for the Reds.

  • RobC

    Thanks Sully. Love the step on Big Dog. I struggle to find something like that anywhere else, at top level.

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