Report Card 13: C Minus - Green and Gold Rugby

Report Card 13: C Minus

Report Card 13: C Minus

The boys discuss the progression of the wallaby team throughout their spring tour and analyse who deserves to keep their jersey next June.

  • Simon

    A bit early to actually talk about who deserves to keep their jersey with a big Super season between now and then, but I know what you’re saying – who came out of the last five months looking okay. In my opinion:

    Definites: DHP, Hodge, Kerevi, Kuridrani (after Kerevi gave him a shake up), Coleman, Arnold, Naivalu, Timani, Hooper, Pocock, Moore (got there in the end), Latu, Kepu, Genia, Folau (though well down on his best form he was still solid in most games).

    Did enough to be in the squad (but wish we had some better options): Foley, Cooper, Speight, Simmons, Douglas, Mumm, Fardy, McMahon, Sio, Alaalatoa, Robertson

    Should have been given a proper go: Morahan, Lance, Frisby

    Need improvement: Phipps, Slipper, Skelton

    Past saving: Cheika

    • Rebels3

      McMahon in your ‘wish we had better options’ list?

      I can see him being close to our best player come 2019 wc. He’s still only 22, so plenty of years to get bigger, stronger, smarter and more skillful.

      • Simon

        No, most of those are “did enough to be in the squad” and not “wish we had some better options.” It’s only really at flyhalf that I wish we had some options – or at least some options Cheika was willing to play.

        I don’t feel McMahon has really proven himself at test level yet, at least against Tier 1 sides. He’s a wrecking ball at Super level, but some players struggle more than others to convert Super form to test form.

        • Brumby Runner

          I am a McMahon fan, but I thought he did little to exert his presence or enhance his reputation against England.

        • Simon

          TBH I don’t think he exerted himself in many tests at all this season. It doesn’t help that he’s usually coming off the bench quite late in the game.

        • jamie

          I blame Cheik instead of McMahon here. No one can impose themselves easily in cameo’s in serious test matches.

          Last year, our bench let us beat the All Blacks. This year, our bench is non-existent.

        • You’ve just contradicted yourself

        • Keith Butler

          I am a Rebels fan and a big McMahon fan. He will give you 110% every game. However, I don’t see him as either a 6 or 8 at international level. With Pocock gone for 2017 Cheks will always go with Hooper at 7 and someone like Fardy at 6 with Lopeti at 8. SeanMc has been beaten by genetics. If he was a bit taller and heavier he could have been the Aussie 6 for years to come. Even the Rebs don’t know where to play him but they completely stuffed up their back row recruitment by having too many 7s. I only hope they see sense a pick Lopeti at 8 instead of lock but who can say.

        • Rebels3

          I think he will fill out. If you look at most professional players, the amount of size and bulk that will get built onto his frame before the age of 25/26 will be significant.

        • Keith Butler

          Filling out is fine but he’s 1.86m too small for a 6 or 8. Ideally 1.90+ imo

  • John Ridley

    The Haylett-Petty was never a yellow, but it does show an issue with this Aus side. Why did he do something so stupid and put himself in that position. It’s the type of thing that used to kill England.

    From an England perspective Aus are a weird side. You have some of the best players I’ve seen. But then you rock up with Mumm, Simmonds, Arnold and Phipps. Just rubbish. And were was Timani?

    Harsh on Ford, his distribution, kicking from hand and game management is better than Farrell. It’s just his kicking from tee that is rubbish. Hence we need to have Faz who offers no running or passing threat and isn’t actually that good defensively.

    Don’t really rate Foley. He’s looked pretty average in the matches I’ve seen.

    • Simon

      “From an England perspective Aus are a weird side. You have some of the best players I’ve seen. But then you rock up with Mumm, Simmonds, Arnold and Phipps. Just rubbish.”

      I think there are two problems here. The first is that we just don’t have the depth to put provide multiple world-class players at every position. We’re fine at 7 for example, but struggling at 6, 9, 10 and several others.

      The other problem is that this is made worse by the anchoring behaviour of the current coaching staff. There are genuine options staring them in the face but they avoid trying them at all costs until forced to. Playing Foley out of position at 12 while Hodge was available typifies the problem.

  • Joe Blow

    6. Timani
    7. Hooper
    8. Higgers or Holloway

    Maddog McMahon on the bench.
    McCalman just has zero impact. He does not carry well. Timani is just as busy but has a lot more weight. He can play as a Melon type 6 in tight and carrying the ball. Higgers can play a little wider a la Kieren Read.

    • Brumby Runner

      Want a Melon type No 6 – RHP is tailor made.

      • Ian

        David Klemmer….played a few years of Union in his juniors.

        • Brumby Runner

          Who is David Klemmer? Must’ve missed him going round this year in SR or NRC.

        • Ian

          Let me educate you…6 foot, 6 inches tall, 120kgs, played back-row or centre in Union, can throw 20m+ cut-out passes off both hands. Currently plays rugby Loig for a small country called Australia, where they utilize all his skills as a prop.

          Famous Rugby coach named William Shakespeare said “You can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear”….so if you want the best output (ie Wallabies winning), you need the best inputs. Klemmer would be a superb blind side flanker…..and is borderline with the minimal tattoo ratio to be allowed to stay in Loig.

  • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

    Really enjoyed listening to you guys this year. Thanks for putting the time in to make these podcasts. It’s been really great having this to look forward to every week after our games. This podcast fuels my addiction to this game and for that I thank you all.

  • Mart

    Great stuff guys really enjoyed em

  • Nicholas

    The way I rate Australia for the year is as follows:
    1. Did we win both home games against RSA, ARG? Yes, just
    2. Did we win or draw one NZ games? No, two beltings as well
    3. Did we get a away win against one of RSA, ARG? Yes
    4. Did we win the June Test (2-1, 3-0)? No
    5. Did we win the majority of Spring Tour(3-2,4-1,5-0)? Yes, just

    With that in mind I would rate this years as 4/10. You throw in a lost to Scotland or France and think about how we lost to the worst RSA team in recent memory and we could be in the same boat as RSA. But that didn’t happen thankfully.

    While winning is not always the best marker, it does however give you a bench mark to look at. We have blooded a good number of players both in position we lacked for a while and some in areas we have been strong in. That being Second-Row, Wing and then added some depth to the centres that we have being lacking.

    Going forward we need to clean up our act a bit. We cannot be bleeding yellow cards as we have been. It doesn’t matter if it was the right call or not, we cannot put ourselves in that position. That being said we do get some soft one which I think is a result of us giving away fair cards and then creating a perception of a poor discipline team. A message to Super Rugby teams about ball handling, Set piece and defensive improvements and we can put this year as a run bump and move on.


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