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Report Card 8 – Shepherds In NZ

Report Card 8 – Shepherds In NZ

The Rugby Report Card boys, James and Richard come out swinging after yesterday’s Bledisloe.

WARNING – May contain explicit language.

  • liam

    tuning in for this. clowngate!

  • Waterboy

    Thanks for the podcast guys. Barrett was rested as he had an ear infection.

  • Richard

    Mostly I enjoy these guys – but some structure to the conversation would be helpful. Tonight felt like watching a pinball machine, the subject matter was flying around all over the place!!

    My last point is sadly topical – but I will persevere… Can we please refrain from going down that path of turning these podcasts into referee bashing contests. In any given rugby game, on any given week no referee is 100% perfect. They make mistakes just like players and coaches make mistakes. Just me or do others also get tired of match reviews like these spending excessive time critiquing the handful of incorrect decisions that may have been made (many subject to interpretation) and ignoring the 95% they actually got right. Quite frankly, I find them boring. I personally believe intelligent commentary on players, tactics, strategies and key moments in the game is considerably more interesting. I hope that will be where the focus will lie.

    • Time to Go

      Agree Richard, when I first discovered this podcast these guys seemed balanced and actual reasonable rugby analysts who knew what they were talking about.
      The move to this site seems to have coincided with a need to be sensational, vulgar and more attention seeking rather than focused on actual rugby – Rather like the Clown heading up the Wallabies.

      • Merrow

        Really? I thought the boys had toned it down since the move.

    • Jason

      As someone who has refereed sports at a fairly high level, I don’t think anyone at that level is going to be bias, while I think the officiating was probably a little inconsistent and some of the issues they talk about are on point, I think the decisions weren’t ‘WRONG’ but perhaps not as good as they could have been.

  • RugbyReg

    Thanks lads, you mentioned Michael Dowset was in the Wallaby squad earlier this year. That would be a sign of a lack of depth at half back. But it’s incorrect. It was Joe Powell. Regardless, if you’d seen much of the NRC you may have noticed the performances of Matt Lucas, Jake Gordon and Ryan Louwrens. Now those guys have to step up at Super Rugby level first (well, get the chance at Super Rugby level but that’s the role of the NRC. Identify and develop Super Rugby players, not Wallabies (or even as a holding pattern for Wallabies, as you suggest).

  • reggie

    talking up sefas performance, bringing in koroivete and dropping dhp?

    • Reggie

      Oh also I enjoy the podcast guys, thanks

  • Jason

    My concern with the TMO was that they ignored the exact same pushing (in fact worse) from Savia on DHP just before the push from DHP back. While I’m not saying the wrong decision was made, but I would have liked to see some consistency, same thing with the Foley tackle on Coles, the trip of Kepu. Either all of these are illegal or all of these are legal.

    To my mind Rugby is a contact sport, and honestly push and shoving *like that* is a normal part of rugby and should be fine. Sure, a big two handed deliberate push, taking someone out absolutely should be called but small pushing and shoving like what went on during that game is fine.

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