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Queensland Reds

Review Crusaders V. Reds

Review Crusaders V. Reds

An improving Reds side travelled to Christchurch to take on a Crusaders side who look to be on a mission to win another Super Rugby Title. The Reds hadn’t read the script though and from the kick off charged down Ellis’s kick for touch, regained the ball and through fast and hard ruck work set up James Hanson for a try. The game was barely 60 seconds old and the Reds were up 5-0.

The Crusaders took the early set back in their stride and from the kick off worked their way into Reds territory. From here they win a penalty for not rolling away 20 metres left of the posts, Taylor Calmly slots the shot and the score is 5-3.

The Crusaders come back into the game with a vengeance and with a bit of possession they manage to get the ball over the line after a great run from Kieran Read. But Ben Lucas manages to get under the Ball and holds him up to save a certain try. From the scrum the Crusaders continue to attack until a dubious scrum penalty in front of the posts hands the Crusaders another 3 points. 5-6

About 25 minutes in form backrower Scott Higginbotham picks up the ball from the base of the ruck and scoots down the blindside. The Crusaders defenders move to tackle him and he is accidentally hit in the eye with a thumb. He has to leave the field in great discomfort and does not return until after half time.

Just before half time the Reds Set up a great maul 20 metres from The Crusaders line. They march the Maul up to 5 metres from the line. And win the scrum feed from a tackle 4 metres out from the line. The  Crusaders try to  push the Reds off the scrum And win a penalty right on half time but Lawrence and his assistant referee  miss the illegal scrummaging from loosehead Ben Franks who uses his hand to push off the ground and get under the Reds front row. The crusaders kick the ball out and the half is over.

Just after half time the Reds win another ruck penalty and slot the kick to take the lead again 8-6

After the kick off the Crusaders regain possession and work the ball to within millimetres of the Reds line and the Reds get caught offside giving the lead back to the Crusaders 8-9

Wyatt Crockett comes onto the field and in almost his first involvement in the game shoulder charges Will Genia over the touch line. The Assistant referee is only metres away and his flag is out instantly. Crockett is sin binned for 10 and the reds convert the penalty to take back the lead 11-9.

The crusaders try a short kick off up the centre and it comes off. They work the ball off the back of a scrum into the Reds 22 and try to set up a ruck in front of the posts. Liam Gill tackle and attempted pilfer looks above board but the referee penalises him for hands in the ruck gifting the crusaders 3 points. The lead has changed again this time the Crusaders squeak in front 11-12.

This Crusaders kick off is deep into Reds territory and Rod Davis takes the catch and decides to run the ball back. Not a bad decision with only minutes on the clock. Unfortunately he is isolated in the tackle and tries to play the ball on the ground. The penalty conversion all but seals the Reds fate in this game. The Crusaders finish the game in front 11-15.

The Result

Crusaders 15
Pens: Taylor (5)

Reds 11
Try: Hansen
Pen: Harris (2)

Half Time: 6-5

The Damage

For the Reds Scott Higginbotham has a damaged eye, Ben Lucas has a scalp wound.

For the Crusaders Luke Romano has a head wound

The Moment

Right on half time the Reds are hard on attack with a Scrum 5 metres from the Crusaders line. The Crusaders are determined to keep them out. They put the shove on the scrum and even though Ben Franks pushes off the ground with his arm win a penalty. The Crusaders go into half time on a high and the Reds lose the opportunity at the hard fought for points on offer.

The Man

It’s not often you can say every player on the pitch played to their potential but I think in this game they were pretty close. If I had to pick one I would go for Scott Higginbothams first half performance. Except for a pushed pass it was pretty close to spot on.

The Talking Point

Unfortunately most of the post match talk I’ve seen is about the refereeing and it’s pretty hard to deny it was a lottery. Too many of today’s referee’s matches end in discussions of his performance and not about the game. Is it time for him to move on? Tell us what you think.




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  • Gallagher

    Both teams played very well, good skill and high tempo, every player put their hand up in this one. Too bad the Ref made it all about him though.

    Go the Reds, despite the loss, our injured are returning, and so is our form!

    • I agree Gallagher both teams were very good!

      • Cantab

        Really? As a crusaders fan I thought we played very poorly, the basics were poor and exercusion found lacking. I would put it at one of the worst crusaders performances I have ever seen (other than the scrum). I rate Andy Ellis and he should be the AB scrum half this year but he had a very poor game.

        • mania

          cantab – i agree. as a canes supporter i was moaning when they played last as i thought what horrible timing just as the saders are turning their form around. last week i thought maybe the saders were still getting into their stride. but this weekend i gotta ask; are there cracks appearing in the red and black facade?

        • Cantab

          Yeah there is certainly worrying signs, but saying that I won’t be getting too worried whilst they are still chalking up w’s.

        • Riccardo

          That’s rubbish.

          Saders played poorly and in fact have struggled for cohesion most of the season.

          Don’t let Fruean’s heriocs against the woeful Tahs cloud your judgement.

          It has to be said that the Reds played well though and this combined with BL’s inaccurate officiating contributed to the Saders’ so-so performance.

          Don’t worry though. Richie’s back and eyeing a starting birth which is a relief as Matt Todd was average.

  • Alan

    IMO its certainly time for Bryce to move the f*ck on. While anyone with half a brain will acknowledge that referees have a tough job its pretty difficult to defend another shambolic performance like this one. Some ridiculous calls. Even Justin Marshall at times seemed perplexed – even embarrassed by the penalties offered to the Crusaders.

    For too long now he has been spoiling the contest and the game.

    Sir Ritchie. Well he continues to amaze me with just what he can get away with, the NFL style blocking on Gill off a scrum in the second half should make its way into his cheating highlight reel.

    • RJ

      Im sending this list of queeries to the refereeing panels/SanzarIRB etc as a please explain on Bryce Lawrences performance.

      1. 4:40 – ball coming of Red 8 head called a knock on.
      2. 5:20 – scrum penalty against reds. Black 3’s head popped up and penalty went against the reds.
      3. 6:00 – Black knock on deemed backwards when it clearly went forward
      4. 6:32 – Red 5 penalised for not rolling away. Once he had made the tackle, the ball was out no more than a second later so he obviously moved quick enough. Was one of the crusaders fastest breakdowns in the match. – 3 points to black as a result
      5. 12:37 – penalty against red 11 for holding on. He couldn’t have place it any quicker.
      6. 14:53 – Black scrum. Black 1 hand on the ground. No penalty awarded to the reds.
      7. 16:33 – black scrum. Again Black 1 hand on the ground. No penalty awarded
      8. 18:40 – penalty against red for offside. Red 11 was behind red 15 when he kicked, he was the chaser and tackler, all other reds players were retiring.
      9. Scrum penalty against reds. Black 3’s head popped up first. Red 1 was penalised for bad angle. Ball was already out before red 1 bored in. Scrum was over – 3 point resulted
      10. 23:08 –penalty against red 4 for obstruction. He had no influence on the tackle, and the tackle was made.
      11. 27:38 – black 1 hand on the ground in scrum. No penalty given to reds.
      12. 31:06 – black 15 knocked on but should have been a penalty to reds (instead of a scrum) for accidental offside by black 10 for picking up the ball.
      13. 32:19 – black 1 hand on the ground at scrum. No penalty awarded to the reds.
      14. 32:22 : black 9 infront of the ball at scrum. No penalty given to the reds. Ball was still in scrum and Ellis was behind red 8.
      15. 38:27 – Black 11 dangerous clear out using shoulder only. Red 10 was penalised for the same thing earlier in the match and rightly so but no consistency.
      16. 35:09 – black 8 at the back of ruck making no attempt to roll away. No penalty awarded to reds.
      17. 39:53 – black one with hand on ground during scrum. No penalty given to reds. Actually penalty gone the other way.
      18. 44:47 – black 9 knock on not seen (refer to replay)
      19. 45:05 – red 5 penalised for offside. His feet were behind the try line. Direct result 3 points to black.
      20. 47:15 – forward pass by red. No scrum awarded to crusaders.
      21. 47:31 – reds penalised for being offside. They were all behind the last feet. (refer to tv at 47:27 to see all players onside.
      22. 49:10 – black awarded a penalty. No reason given by Bryce Lawrencethat I heard but I could not see one infringement from any reds player.
      23. 50:37 – scrum penalty awarded to the crusaders. Black 2 popped his head up before red. Also in the replay showing other side of the scrum, black 1 with hand on ground. Penalty went wrong way.
      24. 52:14 – red 1 put hand on the ground during scrum. No penalty awarded to the crusaders.
      25. 52:19 – black 19 changing running angle to interfere red 7 from defending. Not penalised. IS an intentional professional foul and can be awarded a yellow card also.
      26. 52:56 – Scrum awarded to black for red 2 not throwing in strait at lineout. It was strait. Refer to lineout at 65:32 and 68:39 being judged strait. Was more crooked by black 2 but judged to be strait.
      27. 57:20 – penalty awarded to reds for black not releaseing, but red 12 was not supporting his own body weight as he pilfered. Penalty should have gone the other way.
      28. 58:39 – penalty against reds. Red 12 was in fact the tackler and was within his rights.
      29. 55:24 – black knock on missed.
      30. 55:25 – lineout awarded to black for reds taking it into touch. He did not go out as my slow motion replay showed me.
      31. 55:59 – black forward pass missed right in front of referee.
      32. 61:64: blatant knock on in front of referee by black 19 now given. His explaination is that the ball comes off the knee. Would be inconsequential if it came of his knee if he dropped the ball. Not sure why he used that as an excuse as it holds no bearing to the fact he dropped it.
      33. 62:22 – reds dominant at scrum. Front row for black crumbling and not taking the weight. No penalty awarded to reds. 64:43 – black 19 not supporting his weight when he pilfers the ball. No penalty awarded to the reds.
      34. Free kick awarded to black for too slow at lineout time. From the point of a lineout being formed, there were two occasions where black took longer to throw in and no free kick was awarded to reds. Refer to lineout at 5:50 and 55:56
      35. 69:09 – Black 19 not releasing when tackled. Red 7 trying to pilfer. No penalty given to reds.
      36. Textbook pilfer executed by red 7. Red 7 supporting own weight, was the tackler so was allowed to be standing where he was. Ruck was not formed prior to Gill getting his hands on the ball, player not releasing. Penalty awarder to black. Should have been awarded to red. 3 points resulting from the decision and the match and 4 competition points.

      • M

        Lawrence needs to go, but In the same fixture last year, the Crusaders were unlucky, this year it was the Reds turn.

        Incidentally, the NZ radio commentators were baying for Gill to be sinbinned for repeated infringements. The way you see it is massively influenced by who you support.

        • Sandpit Fan

          Dunno if baying is the right word.. more like frothing at the mouth!!

          They were going to town on Bryce as well!

          Now that’s the mark of a truly poor referee – both the winning and losing side supporters reckon that he was shit.

          Any time a kiwi has the balls to whinge about Stu Dickinson, throw Bryce back at him.

        • Jay

          “Any time a kiwi has the balls to whinge about Stu Dickinson, throw Bryce back at him.”

          And I’m sure you don’t see any irony at all in this comment.

        • Riccardo


          Gill has some quality about him doesn’t he.

          Methinks a Wallaby star in the making…

        • Bobby

          Jay i don’t see the irony. Stu Dickinson doesn’t really ref anymore due to NZ teams whinging about him. Why doesn’t Bryce get the same treatment he doesn’t just have 1 country that thinks he’s hopeless he has 2!

      • Ernie

        Mate, I reckon you missed a few. What about the Crusader’s pushing in the scrum before the ball went in. I reckon they did that at every scrum. Bryce is too inconsistent and mystifies most of the players on both sides with his random decisions. For the sake of the game he needs to be dropped from Super rugby forever. Richie’s free ride is becoming an embarrassment to the game as he just gets more brazen and emboldened the more he gets away with it.

        • Jay

          To be fair, everyone does that at every scrum. It’s one of the stupidest things you see called on a rugby pitch – the only time it gets called is when one team does it a bit too well.

        • RJ

          Yeah i reckon i missed a few more Ben Franks hands on the ground in the second half too coz the cameras didnt show his side of the scrum. Agreed, pushing early as well. RUgby is a game of mass grey area, and its quite obviously which was all the grey area went.

          Crazy how many times Black 18 came up too. He only played half an hour but was getting away with murder. Im guessing at the McCaw/Lawrence family reunion dinner last night they were having a good ole chuckle.

      • Jay

        “changing running angle to interfere red 7 from defending. Not penalised. IS an intentional professional foul and can be awarded a yellow card also”

        Firstly, he never changed his running angle at all. I will concede he slows down and then speeds up again – possibly to impede Gill though just as likely to time his support for Carter.

        Secondly – please name one single instance in the history of rugby where a player has been yellow carded for a ‘shepherding’ type offence.

      • Jay

        There’s no way in hell I could ever be bothered checking up on all of those, but as an exercise I fired up the Mysky. As it happened, I’d most recently been watching the end of the first half, so I checked the next few on your list, RJ.

        18. 44:47 – black 9 knock on not seen (refer to replay) – Correct.
        19. 45:05 – red 5 penalised for offside. His feet were behind the try line. Direct result 3 points to black – It’s not really possible to confirm that his feet were behind the line. From the only angle they replayed, it didn’t look like they were.
        20. 47:15 – forward pass by red. No scrum awarded to crusaders – Nah, it’s one of those thrown back/drifts forward. Play on.
        21. 47:31 – reds penalised for being offside. They were all behind the last feet. (refer to tv at 47:27 to see all players onside – Yes, at 47:27 you can see all the Reds defenders onside. Then you see the Reds fullback come into the picture from the Crusaders side of the ruck (he’d over-run the initial bomb) and kick the ball that has come out of the ruck. He never gets back onside before playing the ball, and this is what the penalty is for.

        Like I said, there’s no way I’m gonna go through your entire list, but from the ones I did check I think you’re being a bit too eager to spot mistakes.

      • Alan

        jesus RJ, in-depth analysis there! certainly worth paying that comment, sic work

    • the realist

      Way to take a loss graciously reds fans!

      What do they put in the water in the north or is it just a case of the closer you get to the equator the more cognitively challenged you become? That would explain red neck Americans and red neck Australians having the same sub 80 IQ’s.

      It’s a big conspiracy huh or did the reds play with no discipline…..

      • Alan

        well I’m a Tah’s fan so…. wait, could it be that even neutral lovers of the sport were freaked at Bryce’s constant fuck ups!?


      • BloodRed

        Better a Redneck than a reTah’d! If you’ve got nothing to say about the game keep your North South bigoted shit to yourself

        • the realist

          I guess the concept of irony is too far beyond your grasp otherwise you may not have called me a ‘reTah’d’ only to go on and claim the moral high ground about biggotry. Hilarious! Thank you for the laugh and for reconfirming my viewpoint on the majority of Queenslanders. I apologise to the minority that have taken the loss graciously as they should!

          By the way gentleman, I never said I was a Tah fan. I’m neutral.

          Anyone that blames the ref for their team losing a penalty count when they should be asking questions about their teams discipline, needs to be pointed in the right direction. Read a rule book, keep an open mind, and start asking for more discipline from your team.

          Just keeping it real.

        • BloodRed

          Now there’s irony, suggesting you’re neutral then insulting “the majority of Queenslanders”. No wait that’s just being a tool. Anyway Bryce Lawrence is the one who needs to read a rule book when Justin Marshal and Tony Johnson can’t make sense of decisions. Keep it real somewhere else.

        • the realist

          neutral RUGBY fan…. not a fan of moronic queenslanders who bitch about the ref when the lose. How is that acceptable amongst yourselves. This is the game they play in heaven. You’re giving the rest of us aussies a bad name and I want to go to heaven.

        • Bobby

          Realist there are probably a few blokes on this site that are quite happy to help you with that request if you keep going. ha ha

      • murph

        The fact redneck is perjorative has always amused me. It’s a term of abuse for those who do physical outdoor work and, hence, get sunburn on their necks. It’s rooted in snobbery, a sense of entitlement and false delusion of superiority. It says more about the user of the word, than its target. Ironically, nothing could better describe the shiny arsed smart mouthed tools infesting Inner Sydney who boo if their team doesn’t compensate for their own lack of physical ability and whose local economy is subsidised by the hard work of Queenslanders.

        • the realist

          all i read was ‘We have little man syndrome and we are angry about it’

          Peace love and sunbeams.

          Please please just stop whinging or blaming the ref whenever you lose queensland. Its getting old.

        • Jay

          Or they’re just too dumb to use sunblock.

        • BloodRed

          You’re an under appreciated ref with a

      • marky mark

        I’d like to see the south of the US and Queensland amalgamate and form one glorious red neck state.

        George W Bush would be the president

        The religion could be called ‘The Chrsitians who ignore the fact that Jesus was a raving left winger because it gets in the way of our right wing agenda’

        and the constitution could be simply, ‘trust no-one because they’re all out to get us’

        • murph

          Living off the labour of others isn’t a trait of Queenslanders. Silver tailed fucks from Eastern Sydney on the other hand…

  • Skip

    I’ve a lot of sympathy for the refs but if you compare bryce to matt goddard, it’s strange he’s still in the business. MG was off par, given some chances to improve & when he didn’t he got the arse (almost at tony johnson’s say so). Bryce’s weekly breakdown & scrum lottery shows no sign of improvement and it confuses me why a guy like vinny munroe runs touch instead – especially if consistency is any word known to the ref’s panel.

    • mania

      i agree skip. fattGoddard was maybe a little worse than bryce but bryce has been reffing much longer and should’ve showed signs of improvement by now. i cant help but feel that the WC furore has meant that paddy thinks that he has to justify letting bryce ref just so they dont seem completely incompetent. right like thats working.
      bryce has gotta go. cant imagine he’s enjoying his stints with the whistle as he’s absoultely over influencing the game

      • RJ

        Agreed. Vinny Munroe needs to learn what a hand on the ground by a froum tnt rower at scrime means.

        • I’ll never “friend” Bryce on Facebook

          I’m sure Bryce’s multiple stays of execution have nothing to do with the fact that Bryce’s Dad is a (deservedly) much loved and respected former test referee.

    • Dave

      The refs are in a tough spot. Rugby must be one of the harder games to officiate. I can’t mention the times I’ve yelled at the ref only to be chagrined moments later by the replay that did indeed confirm the call. There have also been many times when the opposite is true but they tend to get it right most of the time.
      However during this game BL not only got alot of calls wrong, he, and his touchies, missed a fuck load of rather obvious infringments. (Frank’s hand repeatedly on the ground is just one of them).

      With the first few penalties awarded I thought BL was setting a standard for the rest of the game. But no, he over officiated once again. And he seems to be getting worse. Whether he’s in a slump or not, who knows. He’s either gotta go or needs to be stood down for a time.

  • Baldwid

    BRYCE you fuck!!! how did he blow a penalty at the end and Corey Flynn was knocking on at the breakdown trying to pick the ball up!!! Open your eyes dickhead!!

  • Hoppy35

    Btw – it was Shipperley not Lucas who got under the ball when Read got over the line. In short order he then won several turnovers to top strong Crusader attacks. No flashy behaviour, no trash-talk, just hard work all over the park and very good skill level from this consistently excellent winger. As for BL, of course he should retire or be retired.

    • Sorry hoppy. My only excuse is I am extremely lazy and I had a very long day.

  • MightyMoth

    Bryce Lawrence – You Muppet!

    How many times do you need to fuck up a game of Rugby!

    And how bout him giving Vickerman shit in a World Cup game, what a dick!

  • Short memory

    Isnt it funny all those who thought Dickinson ( mate mate mate) was great for the reds last year when he was a disgrace are now crying into their beers regarding bryce lawrence. Until Aussies learn that scrummaging is part of the great game you will go no where.cant wait to read Dwyer moaning and groaning in his column once the rest home let him at his typewriter….

    • Knackers

      Is that you Bryce? Fuck off!

      • Bobby

        crying with laughter

    • Last time I looked pushing off the ground was illegal and a penalty to the opposition not great scrummaging. Take another look at Ben Franks in the scrums.

      • Go For Gold

        EVERY SCRUM!!!!!!

    • Old Weary

      If you knew anything about scrums, you would realize the massive leverage that a loose head is able to generate by dropping and putting a hand on the ground and driving up to pop the tight head, as Ben did at the end of the first half.

      For Richie, it does amaze me he can just stoll around on the wrong side of the ruck all the time? It is not like this is a secret, so not sure why he is allowed to keep doing it?

      BL was crap both ways, but his mistakes did cost the reds points.

      • mania

        “you would realize the massive leverage that a loose head is able to generate by dropping and putting a hand on the ground and driving up to pop the tight head” what BS is this?
        this is only an advantage if the opposition is doing nothing and just looking at you waiting for you to push back up. once your hand is on the ground your unstable and any smart opposite would attack right away and not give them to opportunity to restabilise.

        • Mania you’re wrong. The hand on the ground stabilizes you and allows you to use it as a leverage point to get under the other prop. That’s why it’s illegal. Franks did this twice at least in this game and a couple of times in the scrum just before half time.

        • mania

          no sully – its illegal because it destabilizes the entire scrum, not because it gives u an advantage. if your opposite waits for you to stabilise then well thats his fault for being stupid. as soon as i see a prop place a hand on the ground is when i attack and dont give them a chance to recover. chances are the scrum will collaspe but should be in your favour as your dominating

        • BloodRed

          Either way it’s still illegal and the ref and his assistants let it go repeatedly

        • RJ

          Mania you need to read a rule or front up for a few scrums before giving out your opinion.

        • mania

          RJ started and ended my career as a prop and hooker. Ended my career as a prop as it was social rugby by then.
          pretty played every position except 9 & 10

  • BloodRed

    Well scrummaging was part of the Laawrence lottery. The Reds were dominant in the first 2 -3 scrums with Holmes getting under Franks and popping him. He wasn’t driving up as was BLs contention and the penalties could easily have gone the reds way. Instead they had to drop back a gear and even so won a turnover off the poosaders feed 5 metres out. Until you kiwis learn to win without bending every rule eg offside, lazy running, hands on the ball( number 7), loose head prop with hand on the ground etc.. The rest of the world will moan about the refs input into any game against the untouchables. As for Dickinson, he’s been retired, time for the kiwi equivalent to move on.

  • johnny-boy

    Good wrap Sully but bugg…er. The Reds are digging themselves a big hole but if anybody can profit from a crater, it’s the mining state of QLD !. They are improving every game and if they can keep pushing on and get a bit of luck, or make some, your never know where they will end up. Momentum is priceless going in to the finals.
    Refs can be depressing but the Reds knew who they were getting before the game. Gill is just short a bit of maturity but you cant really criticize him if he’s only 19. What a talent. And gee that Higginbotham bloke’s not bad with a few games under his belt.

    • Johnny I think that loss is enough to make the hole to big to get out of this year. They are playing for pride and the fan base now. I’m sure that’s more than enough for the boys.

      • johnny-boy

        Keep the faith Sully !

    • D.

      “Gill is just short a bit of maturity but you cant really criticize him if he’s only 19.”

      Not sure why he needs criticizing. What he did was perfectly legal. The ref made a bad call and he was penalized. It should have been the other way around. He was the tackler, released the player and supported his own weight with his hands on the ball. The crusaders player did not release the ball.

      • mania

        i agree JB. people saying that he had two bites @ the apple and was penalised for the 2nd attempt, but as the saders hadnt protected the ball then he was valid. BL was trigger happy with whistle

      • johnny-boy

        I had another look at it D. and you might be right and I may have been a bit harsh on him. He tackled, released and supported his weight as you say. His sideways body angle may have confused Bryce and why he called it but it does seem harsh.

    • Riccardo

      Agree JB.

      I’ve heard him criticized for his tight work but IMHO he MUST be the Wallaby blindside on the evidence of the last few weeks alone.

      BTW, have you been on the Roar as Johnny Boy Jnr Jonathan?

      • Riccardo

        Sorry, I’m talking about Higgs of course…

      • johnny-boy

        Nup Riccardo – the Roar has just become a kiwi wank fest imo. There’s a powerful NSW Rocky love thing going on in Aus rugby that makes it hard for new goers to get a run

  • Skopje Brumbies’ fan

    Fantastic display by the Reds, deserved to win.

    Definitely a major challenge to the Brums, May 26th fixture a crucial one for both teams.

    Reds’ fans, chins up fellas, to say the least top-6 is still well within the reach, if such performaces continue. At least you are not waratahs’ supporters…..

  • valzc

    Gee guys did only 6 teams play the weekend?

    • A bit more detail would be just fantastic Valzc

      • Meatsack

        At a guess Sully, I think he’s looking for a Cheetahs v Force review.

        Valvc, I think if you wrote one up and its not a dogs breakfast the guys might post it. Its a fan driven site.

        • Brown Hornet was on a Junket to watch the Tahs match and forgot to tell anyone. By the time we realised it was too late to post something. You can’t get away with anything on here!

  • Robson

    I watched the game on TV, but in the hazardous environment of a Crusaders besotted Christchurch living room. I have to agree with everyone who were less than impressed with Bryce Lawrence’s performance. Baffling to say the least and even my hosts thought so too, but that’s all they thought. They were strangely silent when McCaw deliberately blocked a Reds player (Gill??) from a Crusaders player with the ball; even though the Kiwi comentators remarked on it.

    I’m not sure of where the Reds stand on the table, but it looked to me like they are starting once again to get in the groove and just might be in with a grin at the business end of things. I was impressed with their commitment right across the park. Going down to five penalties without a try being scored against you leaves a bit of a sour taste, when the refereeing is such a blundering farce.

    All the Reds really need now is an in form Quade Cooper back on the park, but there is nothing wrong with what Ben Lucas is doing either.

    • Skip

      when kiwi commentators say a call was harsh or marginal against a visiting side it means it was a terrible call. They’re like german boxing judges, if you knock the guy out cold, you may get a draw.

  • JJJ

    I’m starting to think the conference system is hurting our players. It’s no secret that ours is the weakest conference (this season at least). I think it’s also pretty clear that with no credible domestic comp of our own it’s the week-in week-out battle with kiwi and saffer sides that’s kept our boys competitive. Cut down the number of matches we play against them and we fall behind the pace.

    Maybe it benefits us in having a guaranteed finals contender, but when the tests start I’m worried that the boks and blicks will cream us.

  • nomis

    A ‘moral victory’ to the Reds I think. This will actually make them even more hungry. They’re the only team who really know how to ‘beat’ the Crusaders in this way.

    No offence to the Crusaders. They’re a great team.

    • We certainly know how to upset their rhythm.

    • Drop kick

      Does the moral victory against the crusaders make up for the immoral thrashing by the bulls?

      • Dave

        No, but beating your mob on the buzzer certainly does.

      • nomis

        I’m not trying to put any team down, or cheer the Reds on. I’m just calling it how I think Qld will take the result.

  • Garry

    Franks’ scrummaging tactic of ‘arm on the ground’, well, he must have been watching and learning from the Myth?

  • Skippy

    RE Lucas’ “scalp wound”. I didn’t see the game so perhaps someone can clarify. I’m concerned he may have early onset male pattern baldness or perhaps just a bad case of dandruff?

    • He copped a stray boot above his ear. It looked nasty but Really I was struggling to find injuries Skippy

  • Incensed

    The eye gouge was not accidental.

    1) No-one leads into tackle an oncoming player from the left side with their left hand
    2) No-one bends a thumb and to make first contact with the player (who is travelling at consistent height i.e. not falling) on their face without intent

    • Cantab

      Richie pushes the rules harder than anyone, bryce dosn’t know which end of the whistle to blow in let alone when to use it, but you my friend are an idiot.

      • Riccardo


    • top bloke

      3) No one writes like that with both eyes open

      • Incensed

        I’d say a lot of people don’t know much about tackling technique – next time try it out yourself in the backyard and see if you can make a tackle on someone by leading with the left hand and approaching the attacker with your left shoulder – impossible – its not natural etc …. C’est la vie … past history now.

        Crusaders did win, no gripes there. Not every win in life is spectacular and it is a sign of a great team to be able to play poorly but still come away with a win. We’ll be back next week

  • aussie werewolf in london

    I agree with realist. Way to take a loss graciously reds fans! Try and class yourselves up a bit you give the rest of us aussies a bad rep.

    • Skip

      I can’t complain at the result too much. The cru were way off par and had they played as they did against the stormers, we’d have been toast. That said, bryce has long been an annoyance to us.

      • aussie werewolf in london

        Could someone please send some violins to be sent to Queensland to play slow sad music…

        And also some tissues!

        • commonasmud

          You find 5 whingers and therefore the whole state of Qld is tarnished? By that logic, every Aussie that lives in London is a tosspot… oh wait…

        • marky mark

          5 whingers. there’s about 30 on here, plus there was about 200 on fox au all from crazy reds fans that YET AGAIN feel there is some kind of conspiracy against the reds or queensland in general. There have been maybe 2 queenslanders that have actually used logic and stated the referee should not be blamed for a loss. And you call me a tosspot?

          I’d like to see the south of the US and Queensland amalgamate into one glorious entity: ‘Red Neck State’, Your leader: George W Bush, your constitution, ‘the rest of the world is out to get us and all logic is to be mis-trusted’

        • commonsmud

          marky mark, I don’t recall calling YOU a tosspot, but if the starting point of your argument is “I saw it on fox” then it would appear to be self evident, would it not?

        • Appears to me that most of the whining is not from the Reds supporters

  • nomis

    There’s a bit of spite growing b/w these two teams. Got to admit, it adds a bit of extra character to Super Rugby.

  • Gallagher

    The Saders fans on here saying they would have thrashed the Reds if theyd got their shite together means nothing to me. They didnt because we are getting our star generals back in Digby, Ant, Saia, Harris, Lucas. These boys put pressure on their centres and forced the errors, their normal flare doesnt cut the mustard! I’ll be surprised if Freun makes the All Blacks like they are all crying out for, just look at Ranger, and where is he now, stuck in Super Rugby for life id say. Im sure they will stick to the guys who can play when they arent able to make line breaks (Conrad Smith, Nonu).

    I for one am confident we will make the top 6, and are good enough to be equal with the Stormers/Saders/Brumbs/Bulls/Chiefs on any given day! Bring on the double!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sully

      I agree that you can only play as well as you’re allowed by the opposition. But I think the horse has bolted for our finals chances. Happy to be proved wrong though.

  • Thierry Dusautoir

    My problem was that the said moment when Gill illegally had hands in the ruck was a carbon copy of a moment two minutes earlier where he won a penalty for the reds, yet this time around bryce awards the penalty to the crusaders when they are right in front. …very suspect.

    I think sanzar need to just cop it sweet and pay to fly refs between countries, to me it has seemed that most visiting teams in SA this year have gotten a pretty raw deal with the refs (Disallowing the force try on the weekend & allowing the bulls try from the knock on against the brumbies). I am not saying Refs are crooked…..however i feel SANZAR are creating an environment which enables them to be.

    • Bobby

      They should wear soundproof headphones so you can’t hear McCaw at every ruck/stoppage as well. He was constantly in Bryce’s ear last time I checked the team sheet Read was the skipper. Why did a referee let a player talk to him so much. It shouldn’t matter who you are.

  • Here in UK we think Bryce Lawrence is rubbish.

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