Review: Jaguares vs Waratahs - Green and Gold Rugby
NSW Waratahs

Review: Jaguares vs Waratahs

Review: Jaguares vs Waratahs

This game was against a team on the bottom of the table with 0 points after three rounds. They would be desperate to break their duck but they should be ripe for the picking. Should be, but Gibson will be asking “What the hell just happened?”

The Match


In what must be the fastest score in Super Rugby. the Waratahs kicked off, Newsome challenged, knocked it back, Jaguares regathered and Boffelli scored in the corner. Sanchez converted, 7-0 after 30 seconds!

The Jaguares then scored in the same corner after a turnover. Two tries in 11 minutes. Sanchez converted for 14-0. Waratahs got to 2 metres out but turned it over and next minute Tuculet scored under the posts from a cut-back. Sanchez converted for 21-0. A Waratah lineout was thrown long to result in the next Jaguares try, unconverted for 26-0. Then Holloway ran a simple pick and drive to score untouched from 20 metres and the Waratahs were on the board. But, with the Waratahs hot on attack, Foley threw a long cut-out pass that was intercepted for a converted Jaguares try. 33-7.

You would think after that half that the Hurricanes had stayed in Argentina and had started playing in Jaguares shirts. The Jaguares took every opportunity offered. The Waratahs were not playing badly! Their patterns were good and they made some good breaks but just couldn’t finish off. 33-7 didn’t reflect the play, but the score is the score.

Well satisfied with his work today

Well satisfied with his work today


The second half was less frenetic and the Waratahs were first to score, with Rona touching down in the corner. Converted for 33-14. A Waratahs mistake on attack led to a Jaguares 80 metre run that almost added another try, Will Miller forcing a knock-on right on the line. But, after a long period of forward battling in the Waratah 22, the Jaguares scored in the corner, unconverted for 38-14.

The Waratahs then put some respectability in the score and denied the Jaguares a deserved bonus point by scoring two late tries, both converted for a final score of 38-28.


They’ll fly back to Australia wondering just how they lost this game, but the Jaguares played a blinder. Hooper put it down to not enough urgency after turnovers, but that would be to deny the Jaguares clinical finishing. They did not look like wooden spooners today.

The Waratahs scrum was better today but still dominated by the Jaguares. The lineout lost several throws which didn’t help. Ryan and Holloway ran well in the open, Wells had a good game as did Hanigan. All the backs looked sharp, with Gordon outstanding. Phipps will only return as a bench player, I predict, unless injury intervenes. Foley maintained his 100% record from the tee.

Jake Gordon is all smiles.

Jake Gordon is all smiles.


Somebody swab the entire team! They have looked awful to date, but today completely turned their form around. Creevy was excellent, Sanchez and Tuculet outstanding, but the whole team played well.


That game puts a huge hole in the Waratah hopes for the season and makes the Rebels game next Sunday a must-win. The Rebels are now nine points in front on the log and a loss by the Waratahs would see the Rebels out of sight. Despite the loss I saw a Waratah game on the improve with a lot of good player performances. On another day they would have scored a big win.

The Game Changer

After less than twenty minutes it was 21-0 and the game was basically over.


Creevy for his second half display, I think. Gordon for the Waratahs ran him close.

Wallaby watch

Gordon looked a Wallaby-in-waiting. I think he’ll be the Wallaby back-up to Genia by June.

The Details

Crowd: Not large, but they certainly got their money’s worth.

Score & Scorers

Jaguares 38
Tries: Boffelli (2), Tuculet, Sanchez, Delguy, Orlando
Conversions: Sanchez (4 from 6)
Penalties: 0
Waratahs 28 
Tries: Holloway, Rona, Palmer, Folau
Conversions: Foley (4 from 4)
Penalties: 0

Cards & citings

Thankfully none.


  • AB

    Possibly a flattering review for the waratahs – they had opportunities to get back into the game but made too many errors trying to chase the game – they have been lucky so far this year but no luck today. Their forwards look like they will be dominated all season – will be interesting to see them against the rebels – if the game plays out to current form the rebels will smash our pack with their physicality and intensity. Really liked how Jordon Eeulese is playing at No.2 – I think he will give damien fitzpatrick a work over.

    • Brett Cooper

      I agree, I thought the forwards were way too soft in tight, we need more size/bulk in the second row (not sure where that can come front in the squad?). I would think Kepu and Latu would rejoin the front row next week?

      • Gregory Parkes-Skell

        You’d think so but we’re talking about the coaching style of D.Gibson here. I’m sure he’ll cock it up somehow.

  • idiot savant

    Nice to see you positive Hawko. Youre right the scrum really did improve. They obviously spent a lot of time on that during the week. Even so, as you say, they were still dominated and that was symptomatic of their forward play in general. The Tahs forwards appeared lightweight, often losing ground in phase play, and a bit slow which might have been a consequence of the horrendous travel schedule. Still, the pack looks to be short of class. Wells and Ryan were good and Staniforth worked hard to begin with. Cant agree on Hanigan. How can a man that heavy get shunted back more than a metre at regular intervals. He does not provide go forward.

    Beale and Folau were always dangerous but as we are seeing in other matches now, their opportunities came mostly from unstructured play. The Jag’s line speed saw to that. Im getting frustrated by how the officials are allowing rush up defences to be off side a lot. And speaking of the officials, Im sure the TMO had several siestas during that game. There were several high shots that would’ve been played back endless times had they occurred at Suncorp. The inconsistency of the TMO intervention is palpable across the venues and different games. Personally Im happy if they all take siestas.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Afternoon fellow GAGR’s. Hawko, well done on getting that up so quickly. You are definitely a glass half full kind of guy I think. After years of being a Reds supporter I am definitely referred to as a cynic, where I prefer to say I am an optimist, with real world experience. BL’s points in no particular order:

    – Well done Jaguares. They played out of their skin, loved the passion and their scrummaging.
    – Gee that was hard to watch, the Tahs really sucked for the first half and were not much better in the second. The score line was flattering I think.
    – The Tarts scrum did improve from the last fortnight, but still got monstered.
    – Folau was caught napping in defence a number of times in the first half. Actually come to think of it the whole back lines defence was tres average!
    – Beale didnt offer much today, dont know if the injury was still affecting him. Alot of crabbing sideways with very little effect.
    – Foley is total shite other than place kicking. Forward passes, intercept tries. How this guy is our incumbent ten is a total mystery to me.
    – Hooper was largely absent today.
    – Gordon is about the only positive I took out of that game. Phipps is goneski!
    – Like the Reds game and Rebels Brumbies game, there are a lot of suspect high tackles this week not getting called. Concerning as far as messaging and consistency goes.

    My thoughts are after this, Gibson’s position is got to be looking very very shaky.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      The Tahs look as though they want to do things but just don’t know how. Beale and Folau both work best with space and they just aren’t getting any to play with. Forwards are very disappointing with almost no impact. I think teams are working out that with the way Hooper plays you can easily nullify him and that it leaves the forwards short in the contact. So many times players got isolated because they made a break and instead of having the loosies up close they were spread out over the field and just ineffective.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yep, that is a really good point. Hooper isnt a 7, and is easily nullified. That forward pack really needs Kepu back!

        • McWarren

          I’m a bit sick of pointing out that Hooper isn’t a 7, like you I’m sure. But I know he will be captain and Wallaby 7 this year and next so I’m trying to just live with it. What scares me more is the return of the pooper. I’m so scared of it’s return I’d rather Hooper started at 7 with Poey in the bench.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I hear you. Mind you I would rather start with Poey, then bring Hooper off the bench at the 60 min mark, maybe earlier, when everyone is a little tired and have his pac and work rate really reap its advantage.

        • McWarren

          I agree Hooper is the epitome of a super sub. But experience and self preservation tells me he will start at 7.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yes that and the coaches bias!

      • formerflanker

        I get the impression that Hooper’s tactics this season are to play like a traditional 7, changing the way he played so outstandingly for the last few years.
        Unfortunately, when he tries to pilfer at the breakdown he is easily shifted by the opposition. That technique is not working for him.
        His defence is still awesome.

        My question – has Gibson restructured Hooper’s game?

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Good point mate. Personally, and I’ll take the heat for this, I don’t rate him. Too much showy shit that doesn’t actually matter and no dominance in the hits whether in attack or defence. I think if his agent went looking in NZ he’d get no takers

        • I rate his effort and commitment but he’s certainly not a classic 7. I had a conversation through this site last year with Brisneyland Local and ended up saying I think I’d try to retrain him as a 13. He can run fast all day, he could pick up the defensive captain for the backs role, and he’s got the spot tackling skills. 13’s don’t usually have to kick well, although it can be a nice bonus, so he’s not missing that. He might have to learn how to pass and spot breaks better and adjust to the open spaces a bit. But, to me at least, it seems like a better fit to his actual skill set.

          You have to wonder a bit, it’s not that long ago the Wallabies could field two genuinely top class test 7’s to try and counter McCaw, with varying amounts of success. Now they field one that doesn’t seem to have the core skills. Wallaby Rugby is in a decline… is there a link?

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Hooper is a great cover tackler and good defender but he doesn’t have the speed of someone like Perese or Naivalu, or the ability dominate contact like Kereiv or Kuridrani.

          I’ve also seen him make some awkward defensive reads even as a loose forward, let alone in the incredibly difficult 13 channel.

          I think Hooper’s best position is 7, he would be a top class 6 or 8 if he had the size and height (line out), but he’s too small. He has to compete with Pocock as of now, and in a couple of years will have to compete with Wright.

          Whether he will ever be the best is up for debate, but he is certain to start at 7 so long as Cheika is in charge.

        • Well I think that he’ll start and be at 7 while Cheika is there. I think in the discussion I mentioned I said I’d like him to be bigger and play at 6 because that seems to match his skill set better… but you can’t coach size. You can coach the skills he’s missing to be a decent 13 I think.

          Of course that won’t happen but it’s what I would do if I ruled Australian rugby.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I remember that conversation well!

        • Gnostic

          The most classic replacement 7 for Pocock went overseas because he couldn’t get a look in at the Wallabies and how absolutely shit the Reds were – Liam Gill. Apparently smashing it in Frogland.

        • Parker

          Refer to my talent management point above.

        • Adrian

          Na, no $

        • I don’t watch the Top 14 much but yes, I hear good things from him there.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I agree. Gives 100% every game just not sure it’s effective. I’m not sure he’s got the distribution skills for a 13 and not dominant enough for a 12 so unless he can learn how and when to pass he might struggle. Agree on kicking and lets face it your 10 and 15 can’t kick so maybe it’s a skill that’s not required

        • onlinesideline

          our 12 and 13 cant kick either – TK and Kerevi (cc2017)

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah good point. Obviously a skillset not needed in the Wallabies. Strange how everyone else does want it. Even Nonu was taught how to kick eventually, and he was a muppett at it when he first came into the ABs.

        • onlinesideline

          it was a skillset needed but players stop kicking when they realised no one in the team could be arsed to chase it :)

        • Brisneyland Local


        • onlinesideline

          tell ya what – hes still bloody fast

        • mikado

          Take your point Eloise but to me Hooper would be completely wasted at Centre. For all that he frustrates as a Flanker, his ability to roam is invaluable.

        • While I can see your point that he’d have to play more to a structured role as a centre, I’m not convinced what we gain from having him run around freely we don’t lose from not having a good fetcher.

          As a current case in point, look at England’s woes in the 6N. Now some of that is that their players seem to be stupid and unable to adapt to the referee’s interpretation of the breakdown – although honestly I don’t think it’s radically different to what they see week in, week out in the Aviva, but their tactics under Fast Eddie are and they’re not working. But they are losing at the breakdown regularly in all their matches, except against Italy. I’m going to predict they’ll lose there against Ireland too, because they’ve got the best breakdown stats in the competition to date. Jones seems unwilling to pick any of the England qualified genuine openside flankers available for selection. Some are young, but he could give them experience (although against Ireland next week might not be the right time), some he just doesn’t like – in much the same way as he seems to love Hartley despite the fact Dylan is old and can’t play more than 50 minutes at test level and is probably not even the third best English hooker in England at the moment. (That’s not just my opinion, people that know a lot more about international hookers than me, including several former international hookers are saying that.) Robshaw is a genuinely brilliant 6, much though it pains me to say it, who is going to be overlooked because, under both Lancaster and Jones, he’s been asked to play 7 where he’s just not up to scratch at test level.

          That’s not his fault – he’s trying to play in a position he’s not suited to, just as much as I think Hooper is. At a level down from the test arena you can sneak it if you’re a true quality player because those extra tenths of a second let you adjust, think and do what you need to. But at the highest level you can’t do that and you become a passenger at best, a liability at worst. And when you’re playing a position that is meant to contest at as many breakdowns as well as make as many tackles as a 7 is, being a passenger makes you a liability.

        • onlinesideline

          welcome to the weirdness of Australian rugby

        • David Creagh

          Not a Hooper fan but I think you are wrong KRL. Pulls off some big hits and carries strongly in the centre channels, just can’t work it in close. I do agree NZ would not sign him but why would you? Kane, Ardie Savea etc. If it was me I would find a spot for him on the bench where his speed and motor can tip a game, bring him on at 50. Pocock plays whole game, 50 at 7, 30 at 8.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          That’s something people have had on this site for a while now. Have him as a fisher. Bit hard when he’s the captain though. I’ll admit I’m biased but I don’t see the big huts from him I see in Savea and Cane. I see him getting in spaces and running well absolutely, but not running well into contact. He’s too small for that

        • David Creagh

          Ahhhh there’s the rub. I wouldn’t have a captain. Coleman for mine.

        • HK Red

          KRL, recently I’m seeing Hooper involved in the big hits. Unfortunately, it generally seems to be him on the receiving end. He got totally cleaned up in the 1st half on Saturday, did not pop to his feet after that, he definitely felt the effects.

        • John Miller

          Actually, despite the press, Hooper can be very fragile in defence. There is no question about his motor or his general industriousness, but he makes a lot of defensive errors. Hooper had the second highest “ineffective tackles” across all players in last year’s Super Comp. as we know, he has great technique and, when he gets it right, it’s a highlight reel maker. But Hooper gets it wrong a hell of a lot (not that Fox Sports producers or any of the cheer squad at SMH would tell you), but in his ragdoll x 6 effort against the Pumas last year was no one-off.

    • David Creagh

      Nice summation BLL my thoughts:
      – Agreed the Jags wanted this game so much more than the Warrahtards
      – Scoreline very flattering indeed. Only positive is that the ‘Tards stayed committed to something for 80mins
      – ‘Tards scrum was well shit. Should have been a penalty try against them at least. Robinson looks like a pancake when the pressure comes on
      – Folau is a shit defender. A one or two trick pony that has no idea where to be when in defence. Nowhere to be seen when the Jags scored their long distance try and shot out of the line to allow another
      – Rib injuries are really debilitating, I’m surprised he made it on the paddock
      – Foley is shite all the time, hopefully we will find someone soon
      – Everyone is entitled to a bad game. That said I still do not think he is a captain, the way he whinges at the refs makes me angry
      – No loss if we see the last of “Shoe Thrower”
      – Don’t have anything to offer on this one. Did not see anything too bad

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Jack Deb, Lealiifano or Lance would surely all be better options.

        I don’t get why we don’t just drop the 60 caps required and make it 8 years to be eligible for the Wallabies and draft Toomua in. He is killing it for Leicester.

        • Parker

          Remember that time when we had Lealiifano, Toomua, and Foley vying for a Wallaby Jersey?Talent management deficit or what.

        • Adrian

          We don’t have the cash

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          We don’t need the cash. Just change Wallaby eligibility.

        • David Creagh

          He doesn’t have the picks of Cheik in a compromising position. Dean Mumm shared it with the rest of the NSW squad when he left.

  • Chinese Dave

    Wow, that’s as much polish as one can fit on a standard sized turd. The scoreline, much as last year, flattered the Tahs. They were beyond shit or dismal, they were dismally shit. WTF is a guy who isn’t powerful and abrasive enough to play 6, playing as lock? How long can we pretend that Robinson is a SR level prop (not to mention test level)? How did we end up with a forward pack full of workhorses (or more like work ponies), but lacking even a single person who can make you remember being tackled on the Wednesday after the game?

    I’m thinking of switching to being a queenslander, but I have good teeth, no attraction whatsoever to my sister, prefer wine over beer, and if I do drink beer, I always, always, purchase a vowel. Guess I’m fucked then.

    • idiot savant

      Mate if youre corrupt there will still be place for you north of the Tweed.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Chinese Dave, nah mate. All good up here. I am a NSWelshman who moved up here long ago. About 20 odd years ago. They have now put flouride in the water, but scarily enough some of them think it is Govt Mind Control drugs. The gene pool is a lot deeper now that all the mexicans moved up here. I too prefer wine to beer, and since Uncle Dan’s opened up here all is good. Besides that none of my Qld mates drink XXXX anyway. What used to be the stereotype for QLd’ers is now what we call those from Gympie. Its good up here now!

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        David Attenborough prefers QLD.

        “I have no hesitation in answering that question. My favourite place is North Queensland. It has for a naturalist everything. It has an amazing rainforest which is quite unlike any other rainforest in the world.

        “Not only does it have that but down on the coast it has the Great Barrier Reef.”

        “On top of that there’s terrific wine and food, so that’s the place for me.”

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yep concur.
          But as an old mate of mine once said:
          “Queensland…. God’s country! Pity he filled it full of inbreds!”

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          The Kimberley looks pretty nice also… I want to go see me Bunga Bungles and Mitchell Fallses.

          And don’t get me started on the photos I’ve seen of Karijini national park.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I used to live in Kununurra! Used to head out to the BUngles pretty often. Nothing in the world looks better than the reds and the oranges out that way. The night skys are great when sitting round a fire having a glass or two as well.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Oooh, mate, that sounds wonderful. My best mate as a child was born out there, but he and his mum moved to Canberra when he was very young.

          What time of year is best to go?

        • Brisneyland Local

          June July August. Dry season. Fly into Darwin, and drive down from there. It about 8-9 hours drive. And is one of the nicest drives you will ever do. Make sure you go to El Questro. And if Gullivers Tavern still exists, it is awild Friday night there when all the station hands come on into town.

        • voodoo economics

          We could probably do with less people up here that refer to Brisbane as “brisneyland” thats for sure. And a few less trolls.

        • voodoo economics

          We could probably do with less people up here that refer to Brisbane as “brisneyland” thats for sure. A few less trolls would be an improvement as well.

        • McWarren

          You guys need to get jobs in Trumps administration. How did we end up slandering the deep north on a thread about how shit the New South Wales rugby team is?

          If only the Tarts backline showed a similar sleight of hand and deception!

        • Brisneyland Local

          Because we were having some friendly banter! And Gympie isnt the deep North, it is part of South East Queensland.

        • McWarren

          BL don’t be so sensitive. Queensland is referred too as the Deep North by our Southern comrades. It’s a piss take, a play on the US reference to the Deep South. Sorry that you missed the humour in my post.

        • Brisneyland Local

          No worries all good. Used to live in the deep south of the US too. Now that is Hicksville.

    • Xaviera

      Keep working on that banjo and they may yet let you in.

  • Mattchoo

    Thanks very much Hawko for your review. I’m still trying to work out if the Jaguares are that good – because they backed up, ran hard and straight, found gaps, schooled us in the scrums etc etc – or whether we are really SO bad, that we helped to make them look good? Congratulations to them either way. Another performance like that one against the Rebels next week and we will all be crying for Gibson’s head. So much is hanging on next Sunday arvo’s performance that I’m already looking forward to being there and watching it. Either my worst fears will be confirmed and it will be yet another year of pain or there will be rejoicing in Paddington. Here’s hanging onto hope!

    • I honestly think the Jaguares are that good, however they stuffed by their inclusion in the SA conference. They travel rather further than the (late, lamented) Force used to on a regular basis for their conference games remember. It might be better or worse this year, now we’re back to a more round-robin structure. They’ll have a four week Australasian tour I guess, but they might have a chunk of home matches together too, and more of a chunk in South Africa than they had before. All those air miles are not great – it’s part of the reason for the play two, rest one structure of The Rugby Championship, it lets everyone adjust and rest, but you can’t sensibly do that in Super Rugby.

  • Will

    I think that first try came in under 17 seconds….

    It did seem as though the Tahs were trying, the stats at half time showed less missed tackles, more line breaks, more turnovers, more possession but they couldn’t do anything with all that in their favour.

    The Jags crucified almost every single Tah mistake to the tune of a converted try- making them the ultimate opportunists I thought.

    Dark days ahead in NSW!

    • Dally M

      And for once in a blue moon pretty much every offload the Jags threw stuck.

      Normally they undo themselves with the helter skelter play and impossible offloads, but not this game.

  • onlinesideline

    That was an Argentinian prison rape. I really believe many players across the 3 other aussie sides stayed well clear of NSW at contract time last year. They all knew the Tahs are on a downward trajectory. That no 2 for the reds seems like a tough as teak forward. Across the 4 sides we must have a decent Wallaby forward pack in there somewhere. I just wish there was a white hot no 10 putting his hand up. But geezus the Waratahs are missing cattle.

    • Sevenwithasixonmyback

      Pek Cowan. Paddy Ryan bench. Folau Fainga’a. Kepu. Matt Philip. Scotty Fardy. (Latu bench as a rogue 6/utility 2). Poey. Sean McMahon. Jed Holloway or Hoops at 8.
      Jakey Gordon starting at 9. Genia bench. Fanga back to SR and SS. Matt Hodgson 10. ‘Nard back to SR and SS. (Maybe give Hamish Angus a deserved season in ‘Tahs with a gold training jersey occasionally).
      Baclikine not my forte but Izzy better on the wing than mucking around at the back. Give him the ball. Let those Fijians play wherever they want to play and put KB in there somewhere.

      • onlinesideline

        seriously – there are so many strange and weird things in ur comment Im goin to qoute the Honey Badger by simply saying:

        “didnt understand a word he said but I know he meant well”

  • Sevenwithasixonmyback

    Ready. Aim. Fire.
    Would it be possible to shift Tolly Latu to the blindside Flank?
    He’s always been a shit throw at the lineout, but he’s always at every breakdown, he loves a good run when a gap opens up and he’s as good at the pilfer as the best of them.
    Get him away from Hooking duties and he’s not half-bad.

    • David Creagh

      No law that says the hooker has to throw. Could be anyone.

  • farthing

    Gibson seems to have no interest in picking a forward who can bend the line. The Waratah’s lost Palu, Polota Nau, Potgeitor, and Skelton and didn’t replace any of them.

    Seems to me the backs are trying to attack on the back foot. Beale is going sideways trying to find space when there is none. Maddening.

    • onlinesideline

      where did Gibson play for the ABs – that may answer things.

      BTW – WHO THE F..K is this guy ? – what success did he ever have as a coach prior to assisting Chieka – he just doesnt seem to have any pedigree. He just APPEARED from nowhere – a la classic Cheika decision. Wheres that bloke who coached Norths ? Is he the offsider ?

      • Assistant coach at some no-name average NZ franchise.

        • onlinesideline

          Its insane when you think about. Cheika sits down and has a chat with this bloke and they hit it off apparently and boom he’s assistant coach. Im a big believer in gut feel but such a massive difference between assistant and head coach. His first job is to have an eye for talent and just look at the difference between Gibson and Thorn. I wonder if Gibson targeted some of those QLD youngins more agressively they were swayable to go to the Tahs. Maybe their loyalties are with the system that has been nurturing them for a couple of years and they wanted to stay up north. But you learn so much about a coach from the roster hes working on in off season and even back then and in 2016 roster stage , ppl were saying, “welll what the hell r u doing – go find some blokes” – but he just hasnt. The blokes he picks reflects the vision he has. The blokes got monstered on weekend. What world is he living in ?

    • David Creagh

      Ha Ha Ha Ha, sorry but I thought you mentioned forwards who can bend the line. Palu once a game, maybe. TPN, granted awesome player but injured so often and leads with his head (maybe that’s why the fro?), Potgeiter, this is the one I will concede but one or two seasons only. Skelton, this guy shits me, I bloke his size should not bend the line (which he doesn’t most of the time) he should be smashing it but I have seen him so many times submissive in the contact zone or looking for an off load instead of accelerating into and through contact and driving the legs.

      • Shtinatina

        the misconception of the frequency of TPN’s injuries often perplexes me

  • Adrian

    We’ll, they have been slagged from arsehole to kitchen, but there is a bit more to it than that.

    Jaguars have about 11 Test players, and haven’t clicked at all until now. Now, with a new coach, they finally click in their 3rd match under Ledesma. It was bound to happen eventually.

    From what I saw, the Tahs did plenty right, but buggered up their final passes/angles/whatever’s, as the article infers.

    They have been quite ok for the past two weeks, so I’m certainly not writing them off.

    Clearly Beale still injured, clearly Foley’s timing is out (general play), and for once, Hooper had a (for him) quiet day, …. after two cracking games.

    The issues of a gruntless pack remain, with Hanigan far from being their worst.

    Kepu’s return will help a lot, and I’d put Shambeckler Vui on the other side, given he’s played both sides previously (as did Kepu in his youth). I’d have Latu at hooker, Palmer and Hannigan as locks, Wells at 6, Hooper at 7 and Holloway at 8, and leave them all on as long as possible. Dempsey’s return in April can’t happen soon enough.

    In the backs, big T needs to start (instead of Newsome), and Phipps needs to be on the bench to bring on enthusiasm and defence, probably coming on as a winger.

    I have no doubt that NSW will give the high flying Rebels a run for their money next week, and possibly deliver an upset.

    When they do, I’ll rave about it.

    If they don’t, I’ll hide!

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Mate, with current form I’d be looking for a place to hide now so you can’t be found next Monday.

    • Brisneyland Local

      Hey Adrian, please send me some of your positivity. You really are amazing!
      The whole first and second row needs work. Kepu will be a good inclusion, Robertson has to go.
      And we have to bring Phipps on so he can push a medic or throw a boot! ;-)
      Tahs need to lift, and I think they will, not sure enough that they have the where with all to overcome an ever improving Rebels.

    • McWarren

      No doubt I speak for many Adrian when I say I can’t wait for the Tahs to hit form, because they are going to make up 50% of the Wallabies anyway. So it’s in all our best interests.

      • Adrian

        I’d say about 25% of squad and 33% of run on team

  • OnTheBurst

    Holy moly… not sure if we were watching the same game?

    I admire the positivity but:

    * Foley: seriously he is Australia’s top 10? He was beyond dreadful. Missed a kick for touch AGAIN and gave away 7 points via intercept. Just appears to shovel it on, very little innovation or spark to unleash what must be one of the top backlines in SR. He looks cooked. I hope (but I doubt) Cheika is looking seriously at the other options at 10.

    * Can’t wait to get Kepu back. Will bend the line and help shore up the scrum

    * Holloway played well, again we are missing Dempsey who had a standout 2017

    * What is going on with Latu… was on the precipice of being awesome 12 months ago. He can’t have gone to shit in such a small period of time. He’s still a beast over the ball… don’t think he’s being used effectively by the Tahs

    * Forward pack generally lacks line breakers

    Rebels game will be intriguing!

  • Mart

    It took 34 minutes for the Tahs to realise the Jaguares were not commiting to rucks and a pick and go was the option to tighten the defence up and open up space out wide. Hollaway picked it up and walked straight through. This sort of dumb rugby is painful to watch. When the punters can see things that it feels like the players coaches can’t it’s a bit hard to take.

    Also why waste Taqele on the bench. Surely burn him out early. Give him heaps of space like the Rebels do for their wingers and see the result. When he came on he had to go and get the ball himself because they kept going back the short side. The one time it went open Hooper could’ve easily drawn and passed to put him away and he held onto it.

    I hate seeing Aussie teams turn down shots at goal. We’re down by 20 But it’s only 20 minutes in. Take the points, keep the scoreboard ticking over and get back down there. Instead we walked away with nothing a few times.

  • onlinesideline

    Was that picture of Gibson taken this year or last year ?

    True – its irrelevant.

  • Mica

    Not sure we watched the same game. Intensity and defence for the Tahs was rubbish. Jags just ran with purpose and were enthusiastic. I felt embarrassed for them. Gordon and Hollaway were about the only two positives. Folau and Kurtley looked good at times. Wells will get better with time. Rest of them either had pretty quiet games or looked way out of their depth. The only real positive I can find is that they somehow managed not to get thrashed. Would have been really ugly if it was a Kiwi side!!

  • DK

    Just an interesting side note, Was in Sth Africa a couple of weeks ago, i think our press and bookies are the only ones who have the jags and wolves as wooden spooners. Sth African bookies reckon stormers. They also had reds tahs as bottom our conf. Jags are certainly improving and the tahs have never beaten them, the sunwolves had a 6 week preseason camp this yr (4 days in 16, 10days in 17 before rd1) so youd think theyd be better.

  • OlderIGet

    That is 2 hours of my life that I won’t get back. No matter my expectations of a different outcome. Still, I am a welded on Waratahs fan. I don’t see how Phipps can make a return without Gordon on crutches. I would like to experiment with a bigger inside centre and put Beale at 5/8.
    I know, that means Bernard is on the bench! I know! Who would have thought it?

  • The competition is a dog. Travelling halfway round the world for one game is absurd and not evenly distributed.
    The Tahs come back having travelled first to South Africa then a week later to South America, then a week later to Australia. That’ll be a fine home game.
    Having said that I disagree with the summary
    The Tahs attacked the line from a standing start every time. They didn’t run on to the ball. They didn’t run angles, they repeated their patterns over and over. This surely isn’t tiredness it’s poor coaching
    Gibson is a failure

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