REVIEW: Qualifying Final 1: Crusaders spank Reds - Green and Gold Rugby
Queensland Reds

REVIEW: Qualifying Final 1: Crusaders spank Reds

REVIEW: Qualifying Final 1: Crusaders spank Reds

The general gist heading into this match was that the Reds should have spent more time on mad Monday planning than video review, because it was clear the Crusaders would be heading to Hamilton next week. When it’s put that way, a trip to the Tron is not usually this hard fought for, but that was what we were here for, so onto the game.

The Match

First points of the match came from a penalty mid-field for a Reds indiscretion at the breakdown. This was calmly slotted by Dan Carter and as he threw his kicking tee into the crowd, it dawned on the Reds that this was not a regular season game.

From the restart, Dom Shipperley’s jaw attempted to tackle Isreal Dagg. Dom’s jaw came off second best and it looked like he was going to have to leave the field, though he was able to continue.

The Reds scrambling defence highlighted in Matt’s article this week was on full display as the Crusaders continued to pile on the pressure with James Slipper making a great try saver in the last line. The attack kept on and the referee was forced upstairs, with no try ruled. A five-metre scrum to the Crusaders kept the pressure on and eventually took its toll with Ryan Crotty going through with a wonderfully worked first phase play. The conversion was a no brainer and the Crusaders led 10 nil after 10 minutes.

The Crusaders managed to turn the ball over at scrum, but a couple of phases later the Reds turned it back. A penalty for not releasing the tackled player gave the Reds the first chance at points and despite the Christchurch public acting like morons, Quade converted the penalty to points making the score 10-3 in favour of the home team.

The Reds had another penalty chance shortly after, but the distance (and direction) got the better of Ben Lucas and the score remained the same. The favour was returned as Dan Carter also missed a shot, this one dropping just under the post, before a scrum penalty gave Carter another shot which he knocked straight over. The Reds returned fire with a breakdown penalty giving Quade a shot which he put over making the score 13-6 after 25 minutes.

The famous Reds defence talked about earlier had left the field when a devastating run from one of the Whitelocks put them on the back foot leaving simple numbers and ball through hands saw Dan Carter cross for a five-pointer. He was unable to convert the try but the score was an ominous 18-6 half an hour in.

The Crusaders’ enthusiasm was giving the Reds troubles all over the field, with penalties coming at the breakdown with the Reds giving away another one in the time before halftime which Carter kicked. But that wasn’t the end of it.

From a scrum they attacked hard and the TMO was called upon after the half time hooter, but no points were awarded and they went to the sheds 21-6. It was going to take a big half-time talk from Link to turn this one around.

The second half started and it was clear neither team wanted to play in their own half and the kicking game eventually ended with Quade taking a shot at goal after the Crusaders were caught offside (no, Richie wasn’t on yet). He missed the goal though and the scores remained the same. The Reds were getting their rhythm and they started to work the Crusaders line. Another penalty was awarded and this one was kicked.

The Crusaders must have seen this rising confidence and flexed their muscles. A great offload from Wyatt Crockett, who was put in a gap by Dagg, went to Matt Todd and eventually found its way to Tom Marshall, who scored near the posts. Carter converted and the lead was extended to 28-9 with 35 minutes to go.

The injection of Radike Samo made an instant impact, and the Reds even had a try disallowed.

The Crusaders flexed again, like they were toying with the Reds. With the Reds hard on attack with their new found vigour, the Crusaders got hold of the ball and toed it downfield, the Reds scrambled, but it ended with a Crusaders lineout 15 metres out.

A nicely worked moved saw numbers and angles with Ryan Crotty crossing over for his second. Dan Carter converted it making the score 35-9 with twelve minutes to go.

Tom Taylor kicked a final penalty taking the score to 38 for the Crusaders.

The Reds ended their season being out-muscled, out-enthused and out-played. Looking on the brightside that should give Link plenty of time to work on getting the Bledisloe back.

Only thing left to say is: Let’s go Brumbies!

The Game Changer

It’s tough to pick, as the game didn’t really change, it was just the Crusaders rolling on. Everytime the Reds looked like getting their tails up, the Crusaders put a stop to it.


Radike Samo. The current Benjamin Button of the Reds squad (we haven’t forgotten Van the Man). Came on and made an instant difference. Strong running, hard tackling.

Wallaby watch

The Reds continued the “meh” from last week. Liam Gill was a stand out as he pushed claim to move up the openside pecking order. Radike showed he’s not done yet either.

The Details

Crowd: About 12,000 Boos.

Score & Scorers

Crusaders 38
Tries: Crotty 2, Carter, Marshall
Conversions: Carter 3/4
Penalties: Carter 3/4, Taylor 1/1

Reds 9
Penalties: Cooper 3/4, Lucas 0/1

  • the ardent b’stard

    If anyone can enlighten me as the Reds game plan tonight, would love to hear it.
    Carter and Todd magnificent for the Crusaders.
    And we have said before…….you cannot control a game standing 40 yards behind the line in defence, I don’t care who you are.
    Carter, defending where he should, took every advantage of turnover ball tonight cause he was always first receiver.
    Crusaders just clinical.

    • Roland Chan

      It was the same game plan they usually play, but it doesn’t work without a decent forward performance.

  • been

    Cooper offered nothing. After the first half he hadnt been tackled once. He only took the ball to the line twice all game and ineffectually. Forwards outmuscled and overrun. Looked like 3rd test v lions. How good is carter? George whitelock unsung hero.

    • Ozemite

      Agreed…..Carter (has to be the world’s best player for the past decade) showed him what a 10 should be:

      Innovative, penetrative, consistent, strong in defence and attack, positionally correct and …….humble and well liked by his team and the general public…..the guy even threw his pre-signed kicking tees into the crowd after each conversation/penalty.

      He is there for the enjoyment of game and the general public….rather than his twitter account, late night antics/brawls, ‘rat pack’ mentality, extra-curricular activities / sports and ‘consistent’ niggling/dirty play that will continue to haunt him if he does apologise properly and just play the game he gets a fortune to do!

  • Gus

    How pathetic …. God help the Wallabies under Link if that was the sort of preparation we can expect for a huge game. Reds would have been lucky to Beat Rebels or Force with that effort….. A joke

  • Observer

    Gill tried hard but was smashed at the breakdown 12:1 crusaders. I think now people know of him he has become much less effective. Same with test matches I thinks he’s played in about 10 but yet to get a pilfer or force a penalty. Before he starts a test he also needs to improve attack, he has lots of runs but struggles to get over the gain line, can’t tackle bust, offload or break the line. But you have to be impressed with the effort for such a light weight guy. Only 96 kgs

    • Joker

      Is that name ironic?

    • Muffy

      Is that you Michael Hooper?

  • Ralph

    What a fisting

  • Dougall

    Reds were schooled tonight, a misery to watch but by the end still a proud Queenslander.

    Saders showed tonight why they will be champions come finals, no one could have beat them tonight.

    I have to say it though, Christchurch need to get over themselves and their hatred for Quade. Booing all match? What a pathetic message that sends fans around the world.

    Christchurch is suppose to be one of the ‘homes’ of rugby, yet you carrying on with your disgusting behaviour years after the actually incident? Move on. It’s not a good look for the game and doesn’t belong anywhere in it.

    I’m not just talking about the Quade situation, but the booing in general come kicking for goal or referee decisions that are right, but the home side just can’t cop it.

    Embarrassing, really put a dark cloud over the win tonight. Other than that, class from players all over the park from the Crusaders tonight.

    • Keith

      +1 yep, Reds majorly schooled. The booing is an embarrassment to NZ, seriously Kiwi’s get over it.

      • the ardent b’stard

        plenty of the same booing treatment for Cooper at ANZ last week too……..must be lots of kiwis there as well

        • Garry

          plenty of Bri-wis up north with nothing better to do. Boo Hoo, poor Sir Cheat-alot

        • Max Brammer

          Comparatively speaking NSW boo like a bunch of school girls

    • Robson

      Yeah, the Crusaders fans were decidedly boofish,but Quade seems to attract that kind of reaction everywhere outside of Brisbane, which includes Sydney, Auckland and Hamilton.

      • Roland Chan

        They boo because it has worked in the past. The only thing that’s going to stop them is if he’s in a Bledisloe winning team.

      • Max Brammer

        Nah that hate is NZ born & bred

      • Rebel

        Keep training in those sleeveless vests Quade. Keep working on those biceps, those tattoos, that boxing training, the Twitter account. You have orchestrated a back line that scored the 3rd fewest tries in this year’s Super 15 competition. They think you’re a genius in Queensland. They think you have talent up there. The rest of us think you’re a comedy act. The latest show was today in Christchurch. The “smart crowd” worked you out 2 years ago mate. You know much Japanese, French or NRL? You may want to start learning.

        • Tao Te Ching

          You need to lay off the e-numbers mate.

        • USARugger

          Erm, you know those training singlets are standard part and parcel of the kit for just about every single Super Rugby squad..right?

          Try not to dislocate your shoulder next time you reach so hard.

        • prav

          Quade was awesome in that reds v lions game.

          he’s playing the game plan they wanted to make it up to the finals but got blown off the park.

          As for him playing the wallabies, with or without him i expect us to go down the path wales did post world cup. big losses hurt and take a while to get over

    • Jamie

      Cooper started the whole issue. Only Cooper can end it. If he was ever grown-up enough to admit some indiscretions he made as a young guy were mistakes then those crowds would quieten down. Hard to believe it will ever happen.

      McCaw says guys like Cooper eventually “get their beans”. I sense we saw that again tonight. He was soft.

      • MightyMoth

        Is that how you kiwis justify it? That chip on the shoulder must be getting pretty heavy.
        The “knee” was hardly anything. Worse stuff happens in Rucks and Mauls in most games at that level.

        • Roland Chan

          Indeed. And Horwill gets away with it too.

        • MightyMoth

          Yep, after 2 trips to the judiciary and cleared. Most Mauls in the modern era have blokes grabbing people all over the head and ripping with force, makes Quade’s indiscretion look like a pat on the bum.

        • Roland Chan

          Sure, but booing works on Quade. It’s not that what he did was so bad, it’s that he’s fragile. That’s the thing abot players like Quade and Spencer. Put em under pressure and they crack too often.

        • Max Brammer

          Begs the question, what’s the warratahs excuse or are they just sh$t?

        • Roland Chan

          I’d go with the latter.

        • ralph

          after last nights performance I don’t think anybody that supports QLD should be throwing stones.

        • Max Brammer

          Ditto for any tah, rebel, force or brumby supporter

        • MightyMoth

          Why not boo all players to feel out there fragility? Doesn’t sound very sporting does it.

        • Roland Chan

          Well it isn’t cricket. There’s booing and distraction for every shot at goal. Cooper gets more because he’s a known choker.

          And, as an AB supporter, I know a choker when see one.

      • Alan Grouse

        Pull your head out of your ass

        The entire QC vs Ritchie episode started with McCaw kicking out at Quade from a ruck cleanout in Hong Kong. Ritchie started it all, the kiwi media and the NZ fans conveniently overlooked that fact though

        • DReido

          I believe McCheat punched quade in the face first when quade “accidentally” kneed McCheat in the head.

        • ben

          Are you kidding? You can see a kickout there? I think you need to get your head out so you can see properly rather than seeing s”‘t.

        • Alan Grouse

          Your not well at all.

          Watch the video again, go on, one more time except look at it without your AB tinted glasses. McCaw is quite clearly and predictably coming in from the side of the ruck and Cooper cleans him out beautifully. On the floor McCaw outstretches his left foot making contact with Cooper. He lashed out in frustration for being put on his ass.

          This unsporting moment was not remembered though, Quade’s push after JOC’s try is all that All Black fans recall thanks to a disgusting campaign orchestrated by the asshole Henry and the NZ media.

        • ben

          I guess coopers face after the game said it all. Ritchie wins again. Boy cooper got him good ai!!! ………. and keeps on getting the better of him. Looks like hes got his beans to me…. And some

        • Dally M

          Does that mean that Richie had to eat Quade’s beans after the 2011 Super Rugby final?
          Cooper got him a good one that day ai bro!

        • ben

          Oh yea. Ritchies only won a few super titles bledisloes tri nations/ championships oh and a world cup and a few world player of the year. sure quade keeps gettn him good alright ai bro

        • Dally M

          Beans are beans bro & Richie eats them too

        • Alan Grouse

          I think Quade’s over it, just a shame that many NZ rugby ‘fans’ are not.

        • Bill

          Hadn’t seen that before. Kind of gives Quade’s shove after JOCs try some context doesn’t it. Hang on, what’s that tinkling sound? Is it Richie’s halo of sainthood turning into one of sanctimony as he banana peels on a plate of beans? I’d say so.

      • J-Rugby

        Jamie what a joke…. Richie McCaw is the best no. 7 ever in my opinion but definitely bends the rules – your hang-up on QC is pathetic, grow some balls …

        • Jamie

          Sorry mate. I will grow some balls as you say. Thanks for the advice. I will now become a QC fan. There is so much to like and admire.

      • Dally M

        Only Cooper didn’t start it. Richie did, in Hong Kong.
        You’ll find Quade cleaned Richie out at a ruck & put him on his ass (hard to believe, i know) & then Richie lashed out at Quade with a boot. Richie went after Quade a few times after that, but the Aussies won, hence the infamous head rub at the end of the game.
        Quade was then targeted off the ball in the next match & stupidly kneed Richie.
        Admit his indiscretions! You are hilarious. Maybe Quade will when Richie admits he cheats at the breakdown.
        Any 10 behind a pack that was dominated by the Crusaders like that would be soft according to you. It had nothing to do with getting his beans.
        Richie & Quade have both moved on, shame you muppets can’t.

    • Quad Cheapshot

      If you can’t do the time, Convict, don’t commit the crime.

      Australian rugby is to blame for Quade’s predicament: if Cooper’s filth and thuggery had been properly addressed by the ARU, instead of the corruption of the citing commission that exonerated him, fans around the world would have forgotten about it and moved on.

      So suck it up Convicts, it’s justice.

      • Dougall

        Ha, convict? You’re not even worth the time to tell you how wrong you are, mate.

        • Con

          He is a Convict…..remember….his love of team mates laptops was his downfall….and the only reason he is in able to be in the Australian Team and in turn travel overseas, is that the ARU swept it all under the table!

      • Tony Dun


  • MightyMoth

    Totally outmuscled and outplayed. The Reds should have tried to attack from everywhere and play fast like they did v the Lions. The NZ hate against Quade amazes me. Even the NZ commentators were perplexed. Why go to a game to boo someone? Well done Crusaders, looks like they are still on the up and up and will be hard to beat.

  • Richard

    It’s now apparent why the removal of Robbie Deans and the elevation of Ewen McKenzie to Wallaby coach was such a clear-cut decision. That was a Queensland side who build on last week’s impressive display against the Waratahs and stepped it up further in the heat of the cauldron against the Crusaders in Christchurch. Organised, prepared, thoughtful, spirited. Or we all need to revise our thinking and accept that Australian rugby players are just mentally soft. Too much Twitter, not enough toughness.

    • Max Brammer

      We should have kept Deans? Gtfo

      • Roland Chan

        At least Deans’ teams score one try per game. ;)

        The loss does introduce some doubt about McKenzie. He’s got a reputation for innovative solutions to problems, but there wasn’t anything here. The Crusaders didn’t put people into the rucks, and the Reds attack was anaemic.

        • Max Brammer

          Let’s give link at least 1 game as wallabies coach before we start comparing wallaby coaching records.

        • Roland Chan

          Haha. Yes, I was being facetious.

          Although, McKenzie’s teams aren’t the most prolific try scorers at Super level, not like Deans’ Crusaders. He must do better with the Wallabies than his average over his time in Super Rugby, because the ABs smash teams that try to grind out wins.

        • Max Brammer

          Move on from Deans, please

        • Roland Chan

          Move on? I think Deans didn’t do a good job at all. I just don’t think McKenzie going to do much better. Certainly his history doesn’t indicate he’s got what it takes to build a winning team from individuals that aren’t quite there yet.

          McKenzie has done it once with no follow up. And he did that on the back of coopers prodigious, but raw talent. Cooper has not developed much in the last two years.

        • Max Brammer

          All I’d say is give him a crack at the wallabies before you stick the boot in and don’t compare him to Deans until he has coached the wallabies for at least half a dozen games.

        • Roland Chan

          I’m only comparing their super rugby records, aside from my flippant comment on try scoring. I agree you cant extrapolate test performance from super rugby,but I have so much doubt about EM, and there is so much overly psotive coverage I feel the need to comment.

          I think Cheika has a better provincial record as a ‘builder’ than McKenzie, just not as visible here. Leinster have long term success. The Reds, not so much.

        • Colm

          I don’t think you should be too critical of McKenzie. A lot has got to do with the players at your disposal. The Crusaders were awesome tonite and had a great attitude, signified by winning the ball back after that Samo break, if i remember correctly.
          And I think we need to ease up with the comparisons. Cheika did go a great job with Leinster in his 5 years there. And the biggest compliment that can be paid to him is that Leinster are no longer a ‘soft touch’, for which they were always perceived prior to his arrival. Now there is a consistency to their game that has stayed since his departure. But remember Leinster don’t come up against opposition like what the Reds encountered tonite. This level is plainly higher and needs to be factored in.
          McKenzie’s records speaks for itself. 3 finals reached at super rugby level. But I do agree, McKenzie will find it hard to improve on what Dean’s did when he starts soon in his new job. It’ll be incredibly hard to win back the Bledisloe.

        • Tao Te Ching

          Link has had a backline stacked with Wallabies all year, and yet still scored the 3rd fewest number of tries. All Link’s teams except the 2011 Reds have played the same grinding style. The Wallabies will play the same: Knuckles Connolly Mk-2.

  • Robson

    Somewhat sobering think that the Reds tonight were coached by the man who is Robbie Dean’s successor. And I think this finally puts the Quade for Wallaby’s No.10 into perspective. Despite JOC’s sub standard efforts against the B & I Lions, he has certainly played at S15 level with much more precision and impact than Quade has performed at the same level this season. Maybe the door is open for Kurtley?

    • Roland Chan

      In fairness to both O’Connor and Cooper, their forwards were well beaten.

  • Davy

    Justin Marshall having multiple orgasms in co-commentary. Sir Richie back on the field, as the Reds get smashed.
    Can’t get much more depressing.
    Dom Shipperley had the best beard though.

  • misplacedcanuck

    Do australian backs know how to clean out a ruck? It frustrates me to no end when we are isolated on the opposite side from the fwds and other teams backs blow ours off the ball.

  • Kiap

    Looks like Link’s Wallaby coaching honeymoon is already over…

    You don’t get 5 years anymore to work into it,

    • MightyMoth

      Maybe we should just wait until he starts first.

    • Garry

      I don’t know. Echo’s looking troubled, so Big Jon might come sniffing again. 5 years might be back on the table?

  • whatha

    The REDS outside backs were usless. LANCE LUCAS TAPUAI had shockers .QC has nothin to go to, they were so timid .Even Horne & Mccabe have more go forward..Lucas i`ve never rated that muppett he has gotta be the worst REDS player in our 130 year history..TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE ..

    • Max Brammer

      Ken oath. Taps hurt the reds early on. Lance & Lucas clearly out of their depth. Feauai-Sautia to the centres!

  • Vinnie Gorham

    curious? are the brumbies allowed to “borrow” free agent players for the finals series?

    • Roland Chan

      What do you have in mind? Wouldnt be taking any Reds, and the Tahs are off to Argentina.

    • Brackets

      Why would they want to? And who are you thinking of?

      • Vinnie Gorham

        ahh just grab whoever u want really lol, giteau, habana just put together a toulon team of has beens, that will get us a win.

        • MightyMoth

          McCaw could play because he was signed even though didn’t play.

    • Wilson

      Pretty sure they have to be in the squad by mid season or so, or they can’t play in the finals. IIRC it happened with an SA side and a French player a few years ago.

  • gurchin

    The Quade hate is just kiwis watching rugby in my experience: went to Bled in AKL a few years ago and it was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life with all the bile directed at gold supporters after we lost

    • MightyMoth

      World Cup 2011 Aus v Ireland at Eden Park. Great game and great Irish fans. We were all dismayed at the treatment of Cooper and the Aussies by the locals. Some Kiwi, for no reason, came and pushed my mate and abused him after the game as we were walking to the bus. Reflects poorly on NZ. The Irish though were fantastic as were the British and Irish fans on the Lions tour recently.

      • Pie Thrower

        I had the same experience during the RWC in Auckland. Was over there with a kiwi mate – I was wearing canary yellow of course. I was being pushed and abused my random people all day. He was mortified at the treatment that was being dished out by his fellow countrymen. Pathetic and gone way beyond any banter. That ugly side ok NZ rugby supporters was clear again last night. Such a shame as it took away from what was a rugby masterclass by the crusaders.

        • Marky

          Similar experience here. Terrible fans. Quite a few in our group vowed never to return.

        • JeremyBC

          I’ve said this above by I think would all benefit from remembering this:

          I think you have to remember that in NZ rugby is a national support across all spectrum’s of society – it’s not just a game for “well bred middle class young men” here.

          The surprising thing is not that New Zealand fans can be abusive and inappropriate. It’s that they aren’t as bad as English football fans. Go try be an away fan there.

          I’m sure if I went to a league game in West Sydney I would find much the same as you’re complaining about or worse.

        • Marky

          You’re missing the point at your convenience. Basically we’re sick of youre anti Aussie crap.

        • JeremyBC

          Im sure you are and I would be too.

          Point is, it’s not going to stop and ignoring the reasons the respective rugby cultures are different will led to your continual outrage and shock when these things happen.
          Obviously abusive of supporters etc is never ok. Where you draw the line on players and refs is interesting – considering every Sunday I see aboslute abuse on here of referees – remember a bloke called steve walsh? Moreover, I think Suncorp is probably the worst stadium in terms of boing the ref.

          So is the treatment Quade gets bad – yep. Are you lot angels? No. You’re just pissed off because it’s you’re bloke getting the shit this time.

      • gurchin

        Agree the Lions fans were very impressive. In Auckland I was abused by the people around me after the game, and somebody ran past my dad and stole his hat

        • tip

          It seems we all have very similar stories regarding Auckland post Aus v Ireland in the 2011 World cup.
          I was sworn at and abused infront of my mother after the game, certainly not the greatest look for New Zealand, considering they lost money on world cup, which was meant to be an investment in NZ tourism.

  • J-Rugby

    I lost a LOT of respect for NZ rugby tonight after they booed QC and the Reds I sincerely hope for them what goes around comes around ….

  • Tim

    We (Reds) need another No.8. Schatz was shitz.

    No.8 should be getting the team going forward but he was driven back in tackles, fumbled at the back of the scrum, missed tackles and executed poorly at lineouts.

    Reid as always was brilliant. Whilst many will blame QC, the game was lost in the forwards and a good team needs a good No.8.

    • Wilson

      It’s been a major issue all season. Having Quirk, Shatz and Gill all playing well obscures it some, but they are really missing Higgers or Samo to break and bend the line. There are a few young guys in the extended squad who look like they might have the size, lets just hope they can develop the mongrel for it over the off season.

      • A. Fox-Russell

        I think Shatz has actually had a good season. Indeed, God knows the Reds backrow have as a unit. Quirk, Shatz and obviously Gill have all had their moments this season. On Saturday they were just blown off the park as was the rest of the team. It happens. The Crusaders were just well up for it, were at home and are simply a very high quality team that clicked on the night and are peaking at the right time (as they have done almost every season in the past decade).

        I also think there is a real hangover from the Lions series affecting the Wallabies players. Horwill, Genia, Mowen, Moore, Lilo….they all look exhausted I reckon. And I don’t just mean physically. I think they’re still recovering from the whole intense experience and struggling to shift gear again back to Super 15.

        Or maybe I am just being too touchy feely.

  • J-Rugby

    NZ rugby was pathetic tonight … Booeing the opposition relentlessly. Show some respect! I have never disliked New Zealand but tonight their poor sportsmanship made start to did-respect them!

    • jeremybc

      Chch is a tough place to come and play, especially when t.he crowd know you re fragile. it s pretty hostile ill admit.
      But the indignity is wee bit over the top – i ve heard plenty of booing in other stadiums including queensland who have a tendency to give the ref more shit than the players.
      And then there’s south african stadiums…at least no one ran on and tackled the ref last night haha.

      • RyanBurton

        Nah, sorry mate. Its gone on for too long now. And its not just the booing of Cooper. There are plenty of reports of Oz fans being badly treated by Kiwi fans at games in NZ.

        • JeremyBC

          I think you have to remember that in NZ rugby is a national support across all spectrum’s of society – it’s not just a game for well bred middle class young men here.

          The surprising thing is not that New Zealand fans can be abusive and inappropriate. It’s that they aren’t as bad as English football fans. Go try be an away fan there.

        • RyanBurton

          What? Other people are bigger dickheads so stop complaining about us being dickheads? You lot are joking and you’ve outlived your welcome.

  • Stu

    Good win to the very dominant Crusaders but what a shameful display by New Zealand fans. You can in no way justify that sort of behaviour. Absolutely embarrassing for you. You were horrible at the RWC and you’re no better now. I used to respect you lot, but thats gone now, and so many other fans I know feel the same. You silly little boys.

  • ben

    Oh and how is that crowd different to when aus crowds use to boo and heckle richard hadlee all the time for no reason than he was good or when i remember olsen filipaina being booed and abused in aus for being polynesian and being one of the first to play in aus. Aus crowds are no better. Get over yourself. At least there was nothing racial like i hear from aus crowds all the time.

    • Bill

      Two wongs don’t make a wight! In all seriousness our cricket crowds can be very ugly and frankly a disgrace when they are. I think the kiwis just boo Quade out of habit at the moment. I’d think by this age Cooper would see it more as a compliment than anything else.

    • Dally M

      Geez, that was 20+ years ago. Build a bridge.
      You used to get away with head high tackles & punching blokes back then too, but we’ve moved on since then and people are held to a higher standard.
      To continue to boo one guy some 2+ years after an incident is just poor sportsmanship in this day and age.

      • ben

        Riiight. And aus crowds are well over the abuse dished out to murali whenever he toured. And aus crowds are today the most respectable non racist crowds in the world. Ive copped plenty of racial abuse in aus at league and union games. Never anywhere else.

  • RichPatt

    I think we need to clear a few issues up here and get back to having intelligent commentary on rugby. As a New Zealander, I was appalled at much of the crowd behavior last night. Be assured, many Kiwi’s feel the same today and last night is not an image or standard we wish to uphold. We love the game too much. The sad reality is the modern sports fan thinks it’s quite within their rights to disregard old traditions and behave however way they see fit. It seems a global phenomena, in much the same way the modern day player has a different mindset to many of the older traditions and values. It is an issue we all have a role in policing.

    Of much greater interest to me was the Reds tactics to employ a deep defensive screen to counter an expected Crusaders kicking assault. The resulting holes around the breakdowns and inside channels was fodder for the Crusaders forward pack and Dan Carter who took the ball to the line all night. History shows, Carter is at his most dominating when given that space. The Reds brains trust should have known that. It is extremely tough for the Reds to relinquish such ascendency up front and think they could then win the game. Also intriguing to see McKenzie hook captain James Horwill, a player who carries huge respect in NZ. So Ewen your captain wasn’t the guy to be leading the troops in the heat of the battle? Something was very wrong.

    • Davey

      The most intelligent comment on here. Totally agree.

    • JeremyBC

      good analysis mate.That’s the great thing about having a good kicking game – it opens up attacking opportunities because the oppostiion always has to think about more than one option.

      On the fields of Canty we always got taught that if the defensive is up too quick you put it in behind or go long for territory.

    • Bill

      A very good performance by Crusaders. I’m not downplaying their better play on the night but the ref appeared to let their guys have some leeway either side of the ruck contest. We should have contested it more than we did but I thought Saia F alone should have earnt us two penalties for the cru holding on given the time he took to whistle fair penalties for the crusaders for similar. It all added up to very slow reds ball. I thought dragging Horwill was the right call. He probably should have pulled Genia at 60 mins as well. Sometimes Will, rightly or wrongly , to my eye looks as though he gives up on the situation and just goes through the motions without looking for an opportunity to attack. Maybe thats just the reserved side of him but theres been a couple of games this year where I really wanted to see him chirping positively at his mates as they got ready for good attacking set pieces.

      • Max Brammer

        I agree, Genia doesn’t seem to be there mentally sometimes, he really needs to focus on his own game, his kicking is still largely ineffective, with no co-ordination with runners and quick service is becoming something of a rarity, not sure what he’s waiting for…
        Frisby at the reds and Nick White at the wallabies should be given every opportunity while Genia is struggling. A win win strategy I reckon.

    • dr professor

      I think the defensive screen was probably a resulting compensation for having to play Lance at 12 rather than A. Faainga, who is the normal defensive hit man in games against the Saders and Chiefs. Looking at the defensive capabilities (or lack thereof) of that backline meant we were always going to struggle especially given Carter is playing out of his skin at the moment and as you rightly point out he thrives in that environment where he gets so much room to work. The Reds have been effective in suffocating the Saders in the past by getting up on their line early in the defensive count, but they just did not have the presence that enabled them to do that in this game. It was also clear the Reds struggled against the defensive ploy of the Saders to commit noone to the breakdown and just defend the fringes of the ruck… without the likes of Ioane and with Horwill clearly not at his best, the Reds struggled to find anyone who could get over the advantage line successfully. Lance does not have the muscle to be playing 12 against the Saders, Tapai was too deep and wide to be effective, I don’t remember seeing Quade run once (but given the ruck fringe defense thats not really surprising) and Shipperly didn’t look like making a dent in anything. I really hope we can find someone to play 12 for next season.

  • Bill

    What is it with TMO’s? George Ayoub, now Vinnie Munro. They’re the redheaded stepchildren of the reffing community aren’t they. I’d hate to know what reasoning Munro could give for not awarding the reds that try, I suspect the experience would be akin to being baled up at a dinner party by the test tube progeny of George Orwell, Aleem Dar, Hegel and Stephen Hawking all wrapped up in one glorious bundle.

  • Jon J

    As much as i think Cooper’s a bit of a tool; I’d like to apologise on behalf of Christchurch. It was embarrassing and pathetic.

    • Dally M

      It’s nice to hear that from a Kiwi.
      There are far too many still carrying on over something that happened 2 years ago.
      As much of a dick that Quade was, surely some of the cheap shots the French & Saffa’s had on Richie after that were far worse, but not a peep about those.

  • Bulldog

    What Quade did in the past is in the past.. water under the bridge. However, Saturday’s game he didn’t take the ball to the line at any stage. He prefers someone else to be tackled and protects himself. Can’t really suggest he played himself into the Wallabies.

    Then you have the world’s best halfback/player taking high balls making cover tackles and being asked to be everywhere/do everything. I think the Reds/Wallabies should be looking after him more than Quade because it will be a bad situation if Genia gets a long term injury.

  • dr professor

    Did I stumble onto foxsports by accident? if you guys want to whinge about how much you hate QC’s sleeve, go back there and do it. This is for discussion about rugby and regardless of what you think about QC, that booing behaviour is unacceptable and childish. Neil Henry should never have condoned it, he should have led by example and stamped it out, but instead he jumped on the louts bandwagon. Quade’s not done anything that blokes like Bakkies Botha, Justin Harrison and Schalk Burger haven’t done worse, or anything that Ritchie doesn’t get 100 times worse at the bottom of a ruck anyway. He had a couple of small back play incidents with Ritchie 2 years ago and more and that’s it. NZ won the world cup since that… I think its time to get over it, it pains me to continue to see the kiwis are such bad sports – particularly when they’re winning.

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