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REVIEW – Reds v Cheetahs: Defence, Pffttt…

REVIEW – Reds v Cheetahs: Defence, Pffttt…

After a thumping from the Tahs last week, and the fact they were in front of their home crowd for the first time this season, the Reds were keen to put on a show.

The Reds came out firing, after a lovely clearance kick from Mike Harris the Reds pulled a cracking set piece move from the line out the Reds were in with Chris Feauai-Sautia putting it down on the end. In the Process Ryno Benjamin used his foot in an attempt to stop the try and earned a yellow for his efforts. The Ref deemed it a penalty try, Quade making the conversion from right in front.

In a show of disgust at losing one of their herd of Rynos, the Cheetahs hit straight back. Charging down a slow Genia box kick, le Roux regathered and the Cheetahs sent the ball wide, eventually finding an un-marked Venter who got the try. Johan Goosen added the extras.

A centre field scrum for the Reds had them lined up for a cracking worked move. A terrible Quade cooper pass resulted in Boom Prinsloo touching down under the posts giving Goosen no trouble with the conversion.

The closest thing seen to a tackle.

The closest thing seen to a tackle.

Unhappy with being behind, the Reds turned it on and Rocket Rod was put in by Mike Harris. Quade threaded the posts to put the extras on and we were at 14 all with only 13 minutes on the clock.

Just to try something different, the Cheetahs took a penalty from 52 metres out. Distance wasn’t a problem, but it was pushed to the side. The Reds earned a penalty shortly after and Quade lined up, This one was successful. Spurred on by this development, the Cheetahs earned a penalty near the halfway and Johan stepped up again, this time slotting it the score was now 17 all.

The Reds had one more crack at a penalty, but Quade pushed it wide. Shortly after they were awarded a penalty in the centre of the field around the 22 when instead of taking the kick, Willy G took the quick tap and it was sent wide to Feauai-Sautia who still had some work to do, but got the ball down eventually to finally get a try to his name. Quade missed the conversion and the score was 22-17.

The Hooter went and just when you though this frenetic half of footy was over, no-one told the Reds. In a moment that looked like it was going to be another Yakkity Sacks moment, a Quade pass to no-one was collected by Chibba Hanson who got through a couple to put it down in the corner for the Reds bonus point. Quade got the conversion, skimming the post on the way through. The teams went to the sheds 29-20 for a breather.

After a rather subdued start, well comparatively from the first half, the Cheetahs were first to score. Johan Goosen becoming the highest point scorer in Cheetahs history when he kicked a penalty to make the score 29-23.

A passage of patient play from the Reds, stringing what felt like the first multi-phased play, they built pressure until Quade let loose with a grubber through the line which was picked up by Chris Feauai-Sautia and put down nicely. The ref sent it upstairs, but I think that was just so he could watch the replay a couple of times as it was awarded. Quade missed the conversion but the score was now 34-23.

Reds vs Cheetahs 2014 SSM_7227

The Reds were awarded a penalty right in front and opted to go the sticks. Quade, who was equal with Elton flatly on the Reds leading points scorer list, with only Noddy Lynagh ahead of him. He slotted it without issue.

The Cheetahs weren’t out of it yet though, they kept on coming until a dart by Sarel Pretorious got him over the line and a missed forward pass to Elgar Watts got them their third try, which Watts converted to get them into bonus point territory with the score at 40-33.

A scrum penalty on the final hooter to the Reds gave them the opportunity to deny the Cheetahs a bonus point for finishing within 7. Quade Cooper kicked it and the game ended 43-33 to the home side.

What a bizarre game of rugby.

The Game Changer

With no team seeming to want to make a tackle, and nothing but loose rugby on display I refuse to nominate a game change, it was the same from start to finish.


Australia Wallabies Headshots SessionI’m going to nominate Chris Feauia-Sautia whose two and a half try haul allowed me to learn how to spell his name without looking.

Wallaby watch

With Will Genia doing his best to show why Nick White or Luke Burgess should line up against the French, it was left to Chris Feauai-Sautia to put his finishing prowess on display.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Tries: Penalty Try (Feauai-Sautia), Davies, Feauai-Sautia, hanson, Feauai-Sautia
Conversions: Cooper 3/5
Penalties: Cooper 4/5
Tries: Venter, Prinsloo, Watts
Conversions: Goosen 2/2, Watts 1/1
Penalties: Goosen 4/5

Cards & Citings

Yellow Card: Ryno Benjamin


27 760 at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

  • Wilson

    “I’m going to nominate Chris Feauia-Sautia whose two and a half try haul allowed me to learn how to spell his name without looking.” Pretty sure it’s Feauai-Sautia.

    • Steve Timms

      Damn, I’m confused. The team sheet I had had it spelt Feauai but now I’ve looked it up, you’re right. Maybe there is no right way to spell it?

    • Steve Timms

      Poor joke.

      It should be spelt right everywhere else. It did cause me some bother though.

      • Robson

        Yes, but what’s his mother’s name?

        • Chris


  • RubberLegs

    Frisbee’s decision to take a quick tap near the end reminded me of his poor tactical decisions that led to Easts beating his team GPS in last year’s Brisbane / Qld club grand final. The Reds’ wings played well but one of them has to go to make way for Chris Sautia. Shippers has to learn how to chip and chase. They could play him on the right wing so he can step outside and around defenders? The inexperienced Aidan Toua looks shocked when tackled- get used to it, carry the ball in two hands and look for support. The Reds have a wealth of talented centres but the forwards seemed reluctant to get involved in attack, except Beau Robinson.

    • Bill

      I thought Toua looked at home here, still got stuff to work on but he looked like he wasn’t worrying whether he belonged out there,just trying stuff

      • USARugger

        Yeah, he looked like he wasn’t worried about making tackles, linking with the other outside backs, or securing the ball in contact.

        I don’t know if he was under orders to gun it with ball in hand and just ignore any and all possible consequences of doing so or if it was just him. Based on the poor kicking from the back in the opening stanza in the first half, I’m leaning towards the latter.

        Cheetahs game was a step back for Aidan.

        • dr professor

          Totally agree, playing a game like that when it essentially touch football is dangerous for a guy like that who really needs practice in tackling and defensive positioning. The reds will get towelled if they play anyone else this season with both rocket rod and toua as two of the back 3… Not a lot of defensive positioning or tackling between them.

    • dr professor

      Someone needs to have a word in Frisby’s ear, that by my count is the 4th time I’ve seen him lose a game/almost lose a game because of a blood rush in the last 10 min. Someone needs to teach that guy to take a breath. Meanwhile, poor Ryno Benjamin had probably the worst game anyone’s had this season.

  • Gus

    Burgess? Are you drunk??

    • Steve Timms

      I’ve been drunker.
      He looked pretty good last week.

  • Bill

    First two forward passes called against Cooper weren’t third, short pass around a rushing defender was. Cheetahs had a forward pass in lead up to one of their tries, obvious conspiracy. In all seriousness not too fussed that this happened now, Cooper has been…ambitious, with those wide balls at times but at least be consistent and call a straight game. And first scrum penalty against the reds should have been against the cheetahs for dropping the binding and boring in.

  • Bill

    The pub I was watching the game at didn’t have the sound up so watching the pre game show with Cheika, Eales etc in attendance was slightly disconcerting with only vision, even more so after the poker face artwork, I’d guess it’s only more frightening/entertaining without sound than with.

    Without sound I kept imagining Cheika rambling like a Sith Lord about will to power, manifest destiny and the importance of satin bows to small puppies.

  • Nutta

    I am a long-time fan of Willy G even with his Meerkat-hop-skip-jump passing. But his box-kicking is getting more and more problematic at both franchise and national level. May I ask if someone/anyone so inclined can do a comparison with say other Aussie halves (past or present) or other Super or International halves on the effectiveness and risk/reward of his box-kicking? My impression is he is now known for being shite/weak/suspect at it so he is more targeted for charge-downs and it’s becoming a downward spiral.

  • Pedro

    I think either team could’ve won this and the cheetahs might feel a bit ripped off. Both teams were inconsistent and the ref seemed determined to match their efforts.

    • deLicious

      I dunno, two of the Cheetah’s tries were wrongly awarded (or perhaps wrongly not reviewed by the TMO or touchies) so they can’t feel too ripped off.

      • Pedro

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying they were ripped off. Just one of those games where the ref seemed to let a lot go. From the cheetahs perspective they might feel aggrieved due to the see sawing nature of the contest. Reds deserved to win. Just a funny game.

        • deLicious

          It was odd to watch. It felt like a try highlights reel without any actual rugby played.

    • Dave

      5 tries to 3 (2 dubious ones).

  • Robson

    You’re right about their being no “defining moment” in the game. Both sides were loose, but as the game wore on the Cheetahs became very loose. Quade’s penchant for those long passes worries me. Even after the intercept, he still chose to use them and one in particular looked perilously like it was going to be intercepted again. Personally I think he should progressively harvest them out of his game. And the “no look” pass to Hansen went behind him. How the hooker managed to turn around (somewhat cumbersomely I thought), retrieve the ball, fend of a Cheetah and charge down the line to score is something of a miracle. Either that or Hansen needs to be a serious contender for a wing spot. An entertaining game nonetheless

    • Yin Yang

      Those passes create more try scoring oppurtunities than intercepts. I suggest you watch the numerous times the reds and wallabies have scored off those long passes and then weigh that up against the 2 or 3 times they have been intercepted.

      Don’t get me wrong, theyre seriously risky but thats part of his game. Every player gets intercepted, but don’t expect tthe reds and Cooper to die wondering.

      It was a weird game but gee I got my monies worth. A truely great game between two extremely exciting sides. Reds will have to clean up the errors if they are to be a chance this year.

      • Train Without A Station

        Quade hit the target on that long cut out pass, without the target (Toua I think) even slowing… It was a forward pass anyway. I’d suggest that Toua had overrun that one. Cutout passes aren’t a massive intercept risk, but when they are flat they are. If Toua had timed his run so it wasn’t forward anyway, It probably wouldn’t have been intercepted. Food for thought.

      • Bill

        I think it’d be a shame if Cooper took those long passes out of his kit bag. He looks as though he’s reining himself in a bit to me, I was half expecting him to find a new way to implode spectacularly once he threw that one and instead he showed some composure.

        Unfortunately it looked to me that the ref had a bit of a thing for Cooper’s long passes, thrown flat, started to float forward with momentum halfway through their trajectory…it’s not a forward pass Ref.

        • bad ass

          Agree. They were not forward passes. It’s understandable that sometimes the ref gets it wrong as it can be hard to see on the field. However, this bloke got it wrong three times in similar circumstances (long passes being passed backward but floating forward in relation to the ground). It seems that he doesn’t understand what a forward pass is. It would be good if referees learnt these lessons in lower grade matches before refereeing a super 15 match.

      • Robson

        In a way I share your thoughts and at Super Rugby level, Quade can usually come up with something(s) that immediately redeems him. But an intercepted pass may very well mean the difference between a win and a loss in a test match. So I chose the term “harvested” deliberately, ie I would want him to choose his moments judicuously which in a test may mean “not at all”.

    • Pedro

      There were times at the end of the match where Cooper was in a massive hole himself and the entire back line was standing 30 meters away. Like the only way they thought they’d get the ball was off they were long way away. I don’t know who you’d blame but if someone was on his shoulder you’d think they were through. Weird game though, entertaining at least.

  • The Rant

    Jesus. If I was woody I’d be starting Frisbee next week. Worked for Genia in the wallabies. Might just wake him up again – playing like a guy that doesn’t really want to be there.

    • dr professor

      Mate that’s the last thing the reds need. Say what you will about willyg, but Frisbee is nothing more than a club player. Don’t want him being rewarded for that poor quick tap decision in the last 5, directly in front of the posts with a start just because Will isn’t playing like he did in 2010

      • The Rant

        I’ve seen a bit of Frisbee the last few years. Granted that was a bad decision – but the guy must be frustrated as hell after 4 years on the bench so I can understand him wanting to tap and play in the few minutes he gets. He’s not a long term solution – but neither is Genia in this form/mood.

      • Bill

        I reckon Frisbee is pretty handy, needs more game time, just has the misfortune of having Genia in front of him, but definetly more than a club player.

  • Tony Dun

    Nice write-up, thanks Steve. Once again the standard of refereeing lets the game down. I don’t mean the forward passes, they can be difficult to judge in a dynamic environment; I thought he let a lot of off-side play go unremarked, which ultimately reduces the quality of the game. The mungos have moved to having 2 refs (do they still do that?); I wonder what RU can try.

  • Bill

    How good is Le Roux? Drotske would have to be harbouring quietly mad thoughts about starting him at 5/8.

    It was a bit like watching mirror imaged sides last night, especially those midfield chip kicks which the cheetahs were better at, they were a bit unlucky not to get one try out of them.

  • Pclifto

    Genia was very average again, gave away that try from… try to guess… A POOR BOX KICK.

    Surely in the pecking order Nick Phipps has got to be ahead of Luke Burgess? Phipps looking good for the Tahs.

    Anyway, great to see Rocket Rod play exceptionally well and Hanson’s try was a beauty. Quade firing too. Just need to do something about the no. 9….


    QUIRK & SCHATZ are MIA since 6.40 pm friday night !!!! If anyone knows their whereabouts please contact QLD AUTHORITIES!!

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