Review: Reds v Hurricanes
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REVIEW: Reds V. Hurricanes

REVIEW: Reds V. Hurricanes

The Queensland Reds gave us our first opportunity to see an Aussie side take on a Kiwi one, when they faced their NZ Bogey team the Hurricanes at fortress Suncorp.

The Match

The teams traded penalty shots as they felt each other and the ref out, Quade Cooper proving he was accurate enough to cover the boot of Mike Harris who was riding the pine. The Reds were obviously working to avoid giving the Hurricanes any ball at all, so much so that the stats had the Reds at 100% possession 9 minutes in. When the Hurricanes finally did get the ball, it was clear that was the right tactics as they threatened every time.

Some forward rumbling eventually paid when Digby Ioane hit the line – at pace and on a good angle – after rolling phases from the Reds to score the first try of the night. Quade Cooper missed the conversion. The score remained 11-9 as the game reached half time, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying as both teams attacked hard.

The Reds came out and were ready to work. For the first ten minutes the Reds pack did a great job, eventually resulting in a Rob Simmons try. They kept it tight, ground away and in the end it was a short step over for the Queensland lock’s first Super Rugby try. Quade Cooper continued his good form with the boot and added the extras.

The last quarter was punctuated with some stoic defence and some baffling (and brilliant, Andrew Lees) officiating. The Reds however dug deep to eventually take the game 18-12. A match they should be able to take plenty from, both in effort and ability to follow the game plan, as the season wears on.

The Game Changer

Digby Ioane worked hard all night and his first try at Suncorp since he scored in the Final in 2011 certainly was good. It could have been the try from Rob Simmons early in the second half that really gave the forwards the belief that their hard work was getting results. But really it was the 60th minute (roughly) brain farts by ref Steve Walsh as he shoved players out of the way and invented obstructed defenders.


From their grinding play that led to the first try, to the tight head they won to open the first half, It had to be the Reds forward pack. Especially their back row, which is really developing a nice balance to it. Yep, I’m not picking one and you can’t make me. Official MoTM was Liam Gill.

Wallaby watch

The Reds pack as a whole were good and there were some flashes of brilliance (and lost-headedness) from the Reds backs, but I honestly don’t think any one player would have changed any selectors minds tonight. This was a team win more than one built on any individual.

The Details

Crowd: 30,995

Score & Scorers

Home Team: Reds
Tries: Ioane, Simmons
Conversions: Cooper 1/2
Penalties: Cooper 2/2

Away Team: Hurricanes
Penalties: Barrett 4/7
  • Rex Munday

    On form Gill should start at 7 for Australia but won’t even make the bench. Same with Holmes and Slipper.

    On the other hand, Cooper was dreadful. Dreadful in defence. Dreadful under the high ball. Dreadful kicking for touch.

    Defence was tremendous though!

    Oh, and Morahan needs to start at 15. Toua isn’t ripe


      Gill almost matched Pocock a week ago. Almost… Although with Gill’s improving skill set and his becomming a legitimate line out option, play him at 6, Pocock at 7 and Mowen at 8.

      • Rex Munday

        You mustn’t have watched the first half then

    • Johnny-boy

      Actually his defence was bloody good. He doesnt have to be absolutely bloody perfect in everything he does. Did you see how badly Dan Carter played for the Crusaders ? Let’s all have a bitch session about Dan Carter … Dan you’re so f…. hopeless ….

      • Brax

        His defense was very good last night. Unfortunately he was off form for the rest of his game. Needs to get both sides of his game in sync, I have faith that won’t be too far off.

      • Rex Munday

        Ok. Well my impression was that his defence was still poor. I’ll concede that point until the stats come out.

        His failure to not put the ball into touch on at least 4 occasions put the Reds under enormous unnecessary pressure, and really is unacceptable at any serious level let alone super15

      • Pedro

        Quade made 4 tackles and missed 3 according to Fox.

        • Rex Munday

          Stats don’t lie

    • Klaus

      Agreed. Morahan should get a start and Holmes has been one of our best this year. His counter rucking and around the paddock work has been superb and something QLD and Australia have been missing. It was good to see our Lineout improve. There were mistakes but it was far improved from last weeks and Brumbies game.

  • Zuriel

    What an painful adrenaline sapper!

    Gill fantastic! 9/10! 1 point loss because you know why. Maybe skills sessions needed for times like that. Moments like that do kill games/seasons. But his mistake was one of twenty when the Reds couldnt get out of there own half. Congrats though not to loose it and keep the canes out. Decision making and execution (Cooper) needs a lot of work.

    Love hearing Sharpe on the commentary!! Looking forward to his comments next time and hopefully for maybe seasons to come! You agree?

    • Zuriel

      Also its becoming apparent the Reds are always giving away 3 points really early on in the game. Something that can be stopped

  • vidiot

    Last 30mins was a mistake fest where both teams tried absolutely as hard as they could to lose. I just finished telling the guy next to me how composed and ‘safe’ Gill was when he tried to kick that turnover downfield and it went about a metre off his left boot.

    The reds need some composure back on the paddock or it’s going to be along season. Thats a big shout out to Kev and Will.

  • Al Sylvester

    Gill only did that kick to prove he was human….the entire game he was either God or Michael Jones. I could never tell the difference anyway when Jones was playing.

    • Robson

      There was none, especially on Sundays!

  • Who was no.17 for the Reds? he really beefed up and stabilised their scrum. very impressive

    Crazy game, dont think i’ve ever seen so many unforced, school boy errors in a match. Always very nice to see an aussie side prevail over the kiwis and echoing pretty much everyone here I also thought Gill was simply outstanding.

    • Albert Anae.

    • Klaus

      In fairness to both teams, It had been raining most of the day in Brisbane and lightly at the end of game so there was bound to be mistakes.

      • yeah but these are pros and many are test players. bad conditions imo dont really cut it at this level as excuses.

        • Joker

          Is the ball less slippery when you’re a professional?

        • nice try. Funny how the regular shite weather in europe is rarely used as an excuse for so many unforced errors..

        • Purce

          No but your ball handling should be significantly better. If you’re playing S15 level you should be able to catch/pass/hold onto a pill in wet weather. Simple as that.

      • Brax

        Not to mention the high humidity. These excuses are valid & do cut it.

    • Who?

      I thought the ground would be sloppy and greasy. Yet it was fairly firm underfoot (yes, it got chopped up, but it wasn’t as bad as it could so easily have been), and there was a higher rate of knock ons to passes in the Senior game than in the 7 minute Rookies 2 Reds game my boy played.

  • tommy

    Awful last 30. Quade was horrible but he wasn’t the only one (mainly backs). The game would never have been so close if Genia & Horwill were on the pack. a win is a win but i wonder how many people will come back next week.

    • Steve O

      I will, they’re my team. Win, lose or draw

  • Duvstar

    Always nice to see an Aussie forward pack beat a Kiwi one. Thought the back row and Faingaa were good. Backs not so great. Lots of improvement to be made though.

    Gill/Hooper/Pocock battle is getting ridiculous, its MOTM performances from all three of them each week. Thought both Hooper and Gill were awesome today. Not sure Smithy knows what he’s coming back to!

    • Patrick

      No 8.

  • No4918

    How much did you drink Mr Timms? That is a pretty generous review.

    • Steve Timms

      Really? Not that much.

      Was it really un-necesarilly gushing?

      What part?

  • Skip

    Given how Cooper behaved during his contract saga & was ‘insulted’ (again), and generally carried on like a diva, that performance was inacceptable. His tackling has clearly improved and not all was bad but geez, it was a long, long way short of what he needs to do week in & out if he wants to earn some respect back after the way he carried on – nevermind justify the very large salary he threw the toys around to get.

    • Gus

      Complaining about player contracts in sports is frankly boring. Any player is worth whatever contract they are able to negotiate. Whether we as fans think they are overpaid is frankly irrelevant.

      Quade Cooper negotiated hard and publicly which is frustrating to watch as fan but it doesn’t change the fact that he is worth every cent of it simply because the QRU and ARU were willing to spend it. Fans arn’t paying him directly so its hardly up for fans to decide whether his salary is justified.

      I reckon QRU would be happy with the performance. A win, 30000 spectators, and there might even be enough interest in his topsy turvy performance to pull some national media attention. At the end of the day though he is obviously valuable because love him or hate him he gets people through the gates.

      • Redsfan1

        Dumb post. Do you realise that Cooper’s $830k was a big factor in the Reds not having the dough to keep Higgers? Cooper is totally useless. A hyped up, underperforming goon. What a waste of $$! But somehow some people still keep hoping for him to have a miracle game. Time to cut the losses & dum

      • skip

        The 30,000 spectators you speak of gave him a great cheer when he finally made touch & saying fan’s view is irrelevant is certainly a strange position to take. I’ve not heard anyone denying the link between a player’s pay & the performance an organisation and fans can expect before – especially after the public laundry of QC contract talks.

        I think if you read my article on QC contract, you’d see I am quite balanced. I think he has the potential to be every bit as good as Carter and I was really pleased to see his tackling improve a hell of a lot, yes he brings fans in but in my view he has a moral obligation to at least kick the ball into touch after dragging the ARU through the dirt on twitter, skipping a pre season game to go do his own thing and so forth.

      • Quadeshouldgo

        We keep hearing about Cooper’s talent. When was the last time he had a decent game against quality opposition? 2011. He is shockingly bad. Can’t even get the basics right. Couple of flick passes WOW. Totally worth $830k. NOT.

  • Gus

    Fair to say it was a terrible last 20 with awful execution. My main gripe with Cooper though wasn’t with the kicks staying in play or the brain fart where he nearly gifted a try to the Canes ( From the replay it looks like he though Walsh was a red). He played well enough for the first 55 and execution can be fixed. My problem is he couldn’t step up and lead his players out of the slide they went on ( nor could Slipper).

    It’s pretty clear from the start of the season that while this Reds team has a lot of good pieces it really lacks leadership. I don’t think this team will be able to dominate games until it gets it leadership core of Genia and Horwill back and they will also be vulnerable to defeat from any side if the keep lapsing like they have the last 2 weeks.

    That said a win is a win, especially against a New Zealand side. It’s good to see the forward pack developing and winning the set piece battle. Cooper’s goal kicking was also good enough to give the back line a little more flexibility (Harris no longer a must start).

    As a Reds fan it’s great to see them win and I still have them second best in the conference (behind the Brumbies but still ahead of the Tahs), but until Genia gets back it will be impossible to judge their real potential. I just hope they can do enough without him to still be in the hunt when he returns.

    • Robson

      As a Reds fan I too have them second best (for the moment anyway), but behind the Blues who, on the form they showed last night, are the most dangerous attacking side in the comp.

    • The Ham

      Yeah, I think Cooper thought Walsh’s orangish shirt was red. The refs should have a selection of distinctly colours. Maybe blue (say like the Force colour) would have been the go for this game.

    • bill

      If it lacks leadership how have they won the last 2 games? Both games they outplayed their opposition for the majority of the game, only to let them back in. Then found a way. Yeah, against more polished opposition they would’ve been done like a dinner . Team ethic got them through, which is pretty much the same as saying everyone led when they had to.

      They sure do have a lot to work on though. They really ought to be dissapointed not to get a bonus point out of that. The ‘canes were second best at every facet of play barring whinging and at one stage rolling over the ball in the ruck.

      I thought we were supposed to be in awe of these kiwi teams. Well I’m sure the others will be better than the’canes were this game. Even the ‘canes will be better.

  • Beerbarrels

    The true sign of a brilliant player was when Gill made a mess of that kick and then redeemed himself through that hard-hitting tackle. He realized he had made a bad mistake and then did everything he could to resurrect that moment of misfortune. A true sign of character.

    I just hope Robbie has the balls to select the best 7, not the most lauded 7. A long way to go in the season, but I hope that the no. 7 jersey is justified.

  • Pedro

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the tight head that resulted in Simmons’ try. That was the turning point for me, especially as they had just knocked on and got it back a few meters from the try line.

    Always good to see Aussie teams beat NZ or SA teams but this one could have gone either way. The reds haven’t looked like the reds (yet) this season.

  • Patrick

    On the bright side, they got the win and have Genia and Horwill to come back…still looks alright to me!

  • Johnny-boy

    Ooooo NZ teams are soooo amazing. Ooooo NZ teams are soooo incredible. Oooooo Australian teams are such crap and will be no match for NZ teams ooooooo.
    Hahahahaha – suck it up you PATHETIC LOSERS !!!

    • ‘BoutBloodyTime

      Bit early in the season for that assessment mate…hope it doesn’t come back n bite us.

    • Digby

      Jeez dude. That’s a big call this early in the season. Especially as the Red’s were at home.

  • Polo

    We have to move on and leave Cooper him out let him go to League 2nd grade you have to tackle .

    • Brax

      Ummmmm. No!!!! Pretty quick to throw a talented player on the scrap heap aren’t you? And your pre misconceptions are clouding your vision. Cooper’s tackling has improved dramatically.

    • Digby

      Agree. Most overrated player in world rugby.

  • Polo

    Consistent over paid ego . (Cooper ) look at Johna Placid great year for TGS XV & Australian school boys , It worked for Tim Horan & Little get them in early give them the tast for super rugby, what are we waiting for Cooper to turn into ? Good only at times. Percentage rugby wins games, Placid & the rest of the Australian school boys will go to League if we keep waiting for the Coopers of the game to pic there shit up, move on QLD coaches go and look at GPS rugby , To match NZ we need quick ball from breakdown that is all the NZ teams do . Get the young backs into super rugby or they will go .

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