Reward offered for GAGR Interns - Green and Gold Rugby

Reward offered for GAGR Interns

Reward offered for GAGR Interns

Not to be outdone by the Tahs and Brumbies, Green and Gold Rugby is looking to appoint three passionate interns to assist with filing, faxing and photo fetching in the Performance Kiosk of the site during the 2012 season.

The successful candidate will report to Overlord Gagger, and will be required to help with all aspects of our media operations in Australia and overseas.

Candidates should have extensive experience in interning, including strong skills in written and oral communication.

Excellent oral skills

Please note this is an unpaid position, however you will not go unrewarded.


  • Lunch with Overlord Gagger in London (all flights, accommodation at your expense. And you shout lunch)
  • A Venn diagram of our 3 tiered leadership structure
  •  A limited edition printed guide of our 8-man leadership group, detailing their roles within the group, their favourite drinks, and an overview of what they really think of each other (He’s a real character, very passionate)
  • A speaking part on The GaGR Code incorporating a slo-mo walk down a dark tunnel to the brightly-lit media room with emotive commentary
  •  A copy of Rocky’s book, annotated by Barbarian himself
  • A Guide to Spin, teaching one how to describe losses as “not the ideal result”, and shit games as “gripping affairs”

Key selection criteria

  • Putting in 110%
  • Playing what’s in front of you
  • Playing for each other
  • Showing a lot of discipline
  • Setting a platform
  • Taking it a game at a time and not getting too far ahead of yourself
  • No braces


  • RugbyFuture

    “Lunch with Overlord Gagger in London ”

    whats second prize?

    • Skip

      the loser has to have dinner with him as well.

      • Funny, that’s the way Mrs Gagger feels as well

  • Balms

    How do you apply?

    • There is a tough 4 hour grilling at the Normanby Hotel you have to pass first. At your expense of course.

      • suckerforred

        Who ever is left standing has the job?

      • RedK

        allan langer will def get the job than

  • Goddess

    I’d apply, but my blue dress is still at the drycleaners from my last internship.

    • Gagger

      No need to wear the dress

  • Jnor

    So where’s the email address we send our applications/CVs/fawning cover letters to?

  • suckerforred

    Add me to the application list. Don’t have a blue dress, will a red jersey do?

  • Brumby Jack

    Having had lunch with Gagger in London, I know he has VERY expensive tastes. Bags of chips I’ve never even heard of.

    And yes, I had to pay my own way.


  • Tangawizi

    Maybe it’s time for a lifesize GAGR Mascot to take on the likes on Rusty the Koala, Tah-Man & Brumby Jack at matches around Australia in some sort of GAGR Rugby Mascot Challenge.

    Either that or get a couple of promo models known as the “Gagger Girls” to stroll around outside the grounds – depending on what sort of clientele you want visiting the site.

    • Cat

      Fairly sure naming promo models “Gagger Girls” will determine the clientele we attract…

      Gag-man should go up against the other mascots in a manner befitting the rugby competition: boat races.

  • Tangawizi

    Actually, whack a GAGR T-Shirt over the top of this and bob’s your uncle – one “GAGR Farting Rat” mascot ready to stroll the streets.

    Would it be considered ambush marketing by the ARU though?

    • That is freaking awesome, I would so wear that to a Wallabies match!

    • Bay35Pablo

      The ARU does marketing? How can you ambush something that doesn’t exist … ?

  • mattyjinoz

    sounds interesting. Do you have to know anything about rugby?

    • Cat

      Nope. In fact, it helps if you don’t.

      • Yeah – fit in better that way

        • mattyjinoz

          Great how do I apply?

  • GoReds

    I just don’t think that paying my way to England to buy Overlord his lunch is enough of a commitment ritual to entice me.

    However, creating a secret undersea GAGR command centre somewhere under the north pole. I’m in!!

    • If you build it, we’ll print a farting rat to stick on the door

  • Baldwid

    how does one apply??

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  • Reds

    This could be the marketing genius that the ARU is crying out for…….The Gagr Girls will combat the plight in Sydneys west, keep in touch with the Meter maids on the gold coast and bring the crowds back to Ballymore….maybe we could also bring back the push boys on the same undercard…..


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