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Riverview beat St. Augustines in major trial

Riverview beat St. Augustines in major trial

Riverview beat St. Augustines 25-14 in an inter-assocation game at Rat Park yesterday.

It was ony a trial but it was a needle match between the teams fancied to win the competitions of the Sydney GPS (Riverview) and the ISA (St. Augustines).

It was a typical trial, or early season match, and there were a number of errors from both teams because skills and combinations were rusty.

First half

For View 5. Beau Petterson had a couple of rumbles up the middle and once he was in the act of scoring a try when 12. Luke Lough of St. Augustines came flying across and nailed him, spilling the ball.

Luke Lough saves try

Luke Lough saves try

But after Saints cleared their line View came right back at them through a precise box kick to the corner by 9.Lachlan Condon. 11. Thomas McBryde chased it and scored a slick try after running shoulder to shoulder with a defender and taking the bouncing ball.

The conversion missed and View lead 5-0 at 16 minutes. The lead was increased to 8-0 at 24 minutes when 10. Jack McGregor kicked a penalty goal.

St. Augustines was finding it difficult to get out of their own territory and were susceptible to bursts when their defensive spacing was ragged.

But from the restart St. Augustines got a rare visit into Riverview real estate and found the visitors short of tacklers wide out. 8. James Lough swept up touch and when tackled popped the pass up to 10. Ben Marr backing up.

Sione Afu in space

Sione Afu in space

He ran under the posts to score a try which he converted. It was game on, and although Riverview was still leading it was by only 8-7 at 27 mins.

Then just before half-time 15. Conor Hurley scored a brilliant individual try surrounded by Auggies defenders. McGregor could not convert and the score at oranges was Riverview 13—St. Augustines 7.

Second half

There wasn’t a lot in it at half-time, but after the break View fans were lifted when their star player, Henry Hutchison came off the bench. He was soon involved in a set move.  Having ran 10.79 seconds for 100 metres in GPS athletics recently, he won the chase to the ball kicked through for him nicely by McGregor, and scored.

McGregor converted from wide out and the scoreline of 20-7 was looking ugly for St. Augustines.

It got worse after 4. Jack Bodwitch powered over their goal line soon after and suddenly Riverview was cruising 25-7 twelve minutes into the second half.

Johnnie Walker try

Johnnie Walker try                      Photo – Les Bodis

St. Augustines steadied after that and gave as good as they got. They threatened once near the View line, but dropped the ball on a lineout drive; however they were rewarded just before the end of the match.

Marr went on a searching run to set things up and not long afterwards 7. Johnnie Walker dragged a couple of tacklers over the line for a try. Marr converted with a difficult kick and the final score was 25-14.

The teams


After a close first half Riverview showed their class in the second, despite many inept moments of rustiness. It wasn’t their first trial but they were missing their GPS athletes until this game.

Overall they were more relentless, got into better field positions and created more chances

St. Augustines

Despite having nine players in the 2014 ISA team St. Augustines looked overmatched sometimes in skill and self-belief, but they had a reasonable first half and finished the game well.

The St. Augustines’ team manager, Mr Les Bobis, said the sides were well-matched physically but Riverview had a few fast lads who took advantage of St. Augustine mistakes. He gave praise to the visitors, who had a longer rugby tradition than his team.

They took their opportunities better than St. Augustines did. They were calmer about the game—it was 100 years of rugby playing twelve years of rugby.

Mr Bobis thought that the brothers 8. James Lough and 12. Luke Lough played well for St. Augustines as did 15. Ben Fontaine, who got his team out of trouble several times.

Henry Hutchison through the gap

Henry Hutchison through the gap – outstanding for Riverview

He congratulated 8. Jack Hayson of Riverview on his fine performance and thought that Henry Hutchison was an outstanding player for them:

He’s a class act with his pace: just give him the ball and a centimetre of space and he will kill you.


Riverview — 25

Tries: Thomas McBryde, Conor Hurley, Henry Hutchison, Jack Bodwitch

Conversion: Jack McGregor

Penalty goal: McGregor

 St. Augustines — 14

Tries: Ben Marr, Johnnie Walker,

Conversions: Marr (2)


Photos by Lee Grant


  • JA

    Yeah – good summation. I, too, was at the game and it lived up to my expectations. Two great sides, albeit rusty, going at it all game. Some very sore and tired boys at the end!

    I thought the young No. 6 for View, Rudd, had a strong game. The View Hooker, Pritchard, was strong in general play but had a surprisingly poor day throwing into the lineout. The View lineout was pretty poor all around. No doubt it will improve with time.

    For Saints, Johnnie Walker had a blinder! What an exciting player! He was really effective at the breakdown and gave the View halfback a headache with his constant pressure. I look forward to watching his progress throughout the season.

  • Johnno

    Matches like this is why CAS/GPS/ISA should merge. And preferably into either, Geography Areas- eg northern conference, or by Sydney-wide Team strength put into division.
    2 Northern Sydney teams battling it out, awesome. I’d love to see a Northern-Sydney conference.
    Barker/Knox/Riverview/Joey’s/SHORE/Pius/Alyo’s/ST Augustines/Redfield/Central Coast Grammar.
    Battling it out in a Northern Zone conference.

    Far more exciting than watching say Riverview V Newington, which is not a local-derby.
    In proffessional sport local derby-blockbusters sell. Same should apply to schoolboy rugby, more local derby blockbusters, and proffessionalise schoolboy rugby more.
    Get the TV deals going. This match should of been on pay-TV.
    But the sydney schools are protectionist in there old fashion values tradionilist attitude. You know they are!
    NZ/South Africa, the schools all have pay-tv deals showing there schoolboy rugby, sydney private schools should do the same. Get rugby to a wider audience, help produce more wallabies and pro rugby players these schools should do. The ARU and Bill Pulver would like the private schools to get on board more.
    Last weekend’s local derby trial could of been on tv, or have them play in a northern zone conference. But no sydney private schools have taken the attitude, that there not there to help Australian rugby’s development. So they live in a closed shop and restrict media coverage, and don’t overhype schoolboy rugby or allow pay-tv deals these headmasters.
    Oh well good luck Gold Cup then. The ARU basically had no choice but to have a gold cup and put money in to finding future wallabies, as the private schools didn’t want in. I hope the Junior Gold cup is a winner, rugby needs it.
    But I wish more sports fans and rugby fans could of watched this game on pay-tv, like in NZ/South Africa, where you can watch school boy rugby on pay-tv.


Voted most valuable member of the G&GR Forum since records began - Ed.

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