Rocky Elsom - Jumpin' Jack Flash

Rocky Elsom – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Rocky Elsom – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Just what was Rocky Elsom thinking with his Jumpin’ Jack Flash impersonation in the game against Fiji?


  • Newb

    head scratch, eh?

    i figure he was focused on getting over the fijian going low and didn’t notice the man he jumped into. fair call by the ref since that is an illegal move.

  • Bobas

    I’ve always wanted to see someone do this to a low tackler, didn’t know it was illegal, I assume if noone had touched him afterwards and he scored it wouldn’t have been called dangerous but rather the try of the season.

    • mickeyc

      Yeah the penalty wasn’t for jumping over the man on the ground it was for jumping into the man who tackled him. So if no one had tackled him and he scored it would have been fine.

      It was a move you are more likely to see on an NFL field than a rugby pitch.

    • Noddy

      it was referred to in the commentary but NSW Cntry did something ‘similar’ to score a try once. 5m scrum, their feed, I think the scrumhalf picked it up and flicked it inside to the blindside winger who jumped up onto the top of the scrum and basically launched off the back of it to score a try.

      Penalised for the same reason as Rocky.

    • In 97 during the Mid North Coast reserve grade grand final Grafton’s winger launched himself over Port Macquarie’s defender at around the half way line then went on to score a try because all of the Port players stopped.
      It was beautiful watch. Cleared the guy by at least a foot. It was like watching the hurdles.
      The ref allowed the try because he was so high over the tackler (who did go low) he deemed it safe.
      Sadly Grafton didn’t win anyway.

      I like stories.

      • DPK

        What about the Crusaders try last year where a player dove over the top of a ruck? Obviously its different to the Elsom one, but it has similar elements.

  • have the AFL scouts approached him?

  • DPK

    He said post game he just saw the low tackler coming in at knee height and decided to avoid injury altogether. Smart move, I’d rather give a penalty than miss a 5 or 6 weeks.

    • James Buchanan

      Doubly smart after the B.Alexander incident.

      That still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. A player dropping his body on another’s knee like that, and illegally too.

  • Bay35Pablo

    Somersault with triple pike next time please Rocky … :)

  • Who?

    Can anyone let me know which law he contravened here..? It’s been described as dangerous play, but I can’t see anywhere in the laws that it says you can’t jump into a tackle, only that you can’t tackle a player in the air…

  • rawr

    watch andy elis from the crusaders, he did the sweet jump over the top of a ruck to score


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