Rugby Podcast 157: Thinking outside the Boks, with Brendan Cannon - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Podcast 157: Thinking outside the Boks, with Brendan Cannon

Rugby Podcast 157: Thinking outside the Boks, with Brendan Cannon

In this rugby podcast we chew the fat with former Wallaby, former Red, former Waratah and former Force, and now HSBC Ambassador, Brendan Cannon to try to work out just what went wrong in Auckland and where we will turn it around in Perth v the Boks.

Then after Canno, we try sleeping with the enemy and discuss the Wallaby v Bok test with a real South African!!!!!

Oh, and James O’Connor also gets a mention.

  • USARugger

    Great podcast as usual but I just can’t help but disagree with Brendan wanting to introduce some sort of tie-breaking element to test rugby.

    Adding extra periods of time has the potential to be farcical due to how tired the players would be, not to mention the danger you put their bodies in when you have them playing well through total exhaustion in a full-speed, full-contact scenario.

    Kicking goals to decide would be even more farcical.

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing for there to be no winner if neither side is able to outscore the other. They both have 80 minutes to do it and they both are more than aware of this going into each match.

    I’m afraid his stance may be a bit of a knee-jerk to a particularly painful draw in Sydney.

    Some insight from the Australian-based readers would be great though – does the lack of a ‘Golden Point’ system in Rugby damage it’s marketability as a product?

    • Bill

      Agree with you and disagree with Brendan, I would almost rather lose than draw, but sometimes a draw is a just and fitting result. Golden point is a ridiculous confection. Have to say though give him a bit more leeway and time than your standard soundbite and Canno is a lot more articulate and interesting than I would have otherwise thought. Well done to Reg. Now if only Reg could simarly redeem Greg Martin in the near future. I used to enjoy Greg’s fox commentary to an extent, but a couple of years ago he went over to the darkside and embraced the role of quoteable retard a little too fervently. It’d be nice if Greg had at least the opportunity to express himself in a forum that didn’t demand the attention span of an organically compromised gnat.

      • Bill

        Urghh just remembered Brendan’s buffet of mixed metaphors that ended with ‘players at the coalface’ , articulate maybe isn’t the right word, but he certainly was a lotmore enjoyable and engaging than I’ve seen with him on other formats.

  • Rob42

    Reg, a great interview, one of the best podcasts yet.
    But you’ve got to do something about that microphone, it’s really jarring.

    • RugbyReg

      yeah, getting that feedback a bit. Sorry guys. It sounds great on the night! Going to test a few things over coming weeks. I try not to talk too much but will look to get it sorted ASAP.

      thanks for the feedback everyone.

      Always open to anymore. Guests, segments, questions, sign-offs etc.

      • Nathan

        Hey Reg. Long time listener first time commenter. Love your work. Would love to send you a nice usb microphone on me! If you are keen pls give me an address. Thanks. Nate.

        • RugbyReg

          hey Nathan, have just come across this comment. Very much appreciate the offer but I think I have it sorted now. Let me know what you think! Sorry again, for not getting back to you earlier.

  • Mart

    Great podcast guys. Really enjoyed the international guest. You should do that more often..maybe even have a kiwi on….on second thoughts…

  • Kate Elizabeth

    His use of the word ‘inspid’ is such a good word to describe our performance at Eden Park – uninspiring doesn’t quite cut it, and disgrace is too common.

    • RugbyReg

      agreed Kate. As soon as he said it I felt it captured the performance perfectly.

      • Robson

        Me too.

  • Kate Elizabeth

    I think that his discussion around the tiers (and I am not getting bogged down in the third tier argument) is the point that while the Wallabies are the flagship, the other levels all help drive passion – my favourite team (always) is the Reds, followed by the Wallabies. Although, at the moment Sunnybank might trump them! We have seen how importance tribalism and passion is in other codes (soccer *ahem* football in the UK) – I think the more tribalism we can build through a comp like NRC, the more the rising tide will float all boats.

  • Robson

    A draw IS a result. It’s the result of two teams going at each other for 80 minutes and neither one being able to outscore the other. In such circumstances, why do we have to wring our hands and lament the fact that there was no winner and no loser? The semis and final of the RWC is a bit different, because you can’t really share the cup. Maybe tries scored differential should be applied in such a case. Other than that tiny detail I really enjoyed the podcast and Brendan’s comments.

  • Kate Elizabeth

    Has there been any word from the WRU about the JOC release situation? Three days of radio silence (unless I missed it) sits a little awkwardly ….

  • cay_t

    Why no podcast this week? It ruins my week not having it……. :(


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