Rugby Podcast Episode 183: A strong bench strategy - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Podcast Episode 183: A strong bench strategy

Rugby Podcast Episode 183: A strong bench strategy

In our latest rugby podcast Matt, Hugh and Reg get together to discuss the Wallabies bonus-point victory over the Argentinians in Mendoza.

Following their in-depth discussion and our continued Rugby World Cup prospects, we talk NRC, future Wallaby schedules, the Aussie 7s team and then the upcoming Club Rugby Finals.

Plenty of rugby podcast chat to be had!

  • Bobas

    My back-row to take on the darkness.

    • You’re like a proud dad

      • Bobas

        I didn’t even make it, I outsourced it.

  • onlinesideline

    thats a photo for the ages

  • The comparison of Bernard Foley as the Paul Giamatti of the Wallabies. Too good.

  • Red Kev

    Pretty blue Waratah glasses in the discussion of Skelton in my opinion.

    I have three major problems with Skelton’s game, and this is every game he plays, I’ve yet to see one at either Super Rugby or test level where he does not make at least two of the following bone-headed plays.

    Firstly Skelton might be able to run into the line, but he cannot retain possession. He makes contact with the defensive line and instead of driving his legs he tries to wrestle side to side – all that does is put his support players out of position. Then when he realises he can’t break the tackle, he flops straight to ground, he doesn’t make the defense bring him down, he drops and looks for quick recycle by presenting the ball immediately. Unfortunately he’s already put his support out of position and he’s left the defender on his feet – easy prey turnover ball. Kafer highlighted two instances of this in the Springbok game during Rugby HQ and put the blame on the support players which was a simplistic analysis.

    Secondly Skelton might shift bodies at the ruck but he doesn’t ever maintain his feet – this is technically illegal as he makes no attempt to stay on his feet, instead he dives (as opposed to drives) into the ruck which should be a penalty every time.

    Thirdly Skelton is a cheap shot merchant. Shoulders, swinging arms, grapples, shoves off the ball – some due to laziness, some to poor technique and some because he’s drawn into it. It isn’t aggression or proper mongrel, it is the actions of an immature guy who is used to just being the biggest, he retaliates to niggle and the opposition knows it.

    Bob Dwyer does talk about work rate versus impact (he’d rather 6 work rate and 8 impact than 8 work rate and 4 impact), but Skelton’s work rate is lower than a 6 and his impact is less than an 8. Far too many people equate his size to impact without actually examining his involvements – and even guys like Bob Dwyer are susceptible to this.

    I like Skelton’s potential but I don’t understand why he isn’t made to lose 20kg and taught to play at no.8.

    • Mart

      yeah he’s taken the Bone headed mantle off Simmons…

  • Mart

    Good podcast guys. I reckon just start Pocock at 8.

    Barbar, disregarding my views of McCalman on the international stage in the past. I didn’t think he had an impact at all?

    He definitely warranted a run But like Higginbotham the week before, really didn’t add much.

    Either way the 8 spot is still wide open. Give Cilffy a start for Bledisloe if he’s fit?

    • Hugh Cavill

      I thought he was much more involved than Higgers, and made a couple of really nice carries off the back of the scrum.

      • Mart

        Yeah he did. The carries were not very effective/ mostly sideways

  • RobC

    Thanks guys! Excellent podcast, again.
    – Agree with Hugh. WBs were visibly the better team for the whole game, except the scrums
    – 3 tries came from dominating WB defence . It will be a totally different scenario in ANZ, esp around wings

    – Yes, Slipper was playing injured. He’s had bad niggles since Brisbane 2014. Over used in EOYT then SR15

    – The only ten we need now, is the one who can kick goals

    – We’re gonna get massacred in lineout next weekend, unless they field Messam, in which we’ll just get creamed

    – Yes Crockett will probably scrum inwards. Just like the Pumas

    – Cant wait to see Big Willy’s scummaging form again. Thought he was much improved last weekend

  • Huw Tindall

    Regular part of my weekly routine. I hate the off season.

  • Mart

    or make references to rugby HQ… he doesn’t have fox

  • Red Kev

    Sorry! Good podcast though, am eagerly awaiting the results of the Hooper hearing.

  • Huw Tindall

    Granted! Knock yourself mate :)


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