Rugby Report Card 106 - Call of Rugby - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Report Card 106 – Call of Rugby

Rugby Report Card 106 – Call of Rugby

While the rugby has been off the boys have been lost. During iso Blake and Richard (newborn babies) and Jim (COD) have had to find something else to do, but now that Super Rugby Aoteoroa is back on the horizon the boys can finally chat rugby again.

  • Raytah

    Great to have you back lads! I’ve missed the ramblings!

    I’m much more bullish on the future for Aus rugby. Piecing the dots together from news/pods from across the globe, Rugby is within 3 weeks the biggest structural change since professionalism with the CVC investments and the global calendar meaning we are a realistic chance of seeing a March-April Rugby Championship (with Japan and Fiji at full strength), an Anzac Day Bledisloe, a continuous Oct-Nov International window vs the 6 nations teams, and a Trans Tasman comp + southern champions league/world club cup.

    Re. the future of super – I completely agree that less is more. We just need a model that supports the Wallabies, services the die hards, and does not haemorage cash. My view is we should angle to channel our funding and talent into no more than three professional teams in an 8 team TT comp. We will need to loosen regulations on Wallaby eligibility – say to require min 6 years contract commitment in Aus only (i.e. No cap requirement). The harsh reality is that we will not be able to retain the talent to produce 4-5 top level teams that can consistently beat the kiwis. We have some world class athletes, but really only enough from two states to support a super rugby team, so even three teams is a stretch without even considering the wage inflation pressures we will see over the next decade as a result of privately owned clubs in the UK, France, US and Japan.

    Would be good to hear your thoughts on some of this stuff on the next pod!

    Would be good to know your thoughts!

  • ATrain

    English Premier Rugby just cut their salary cap by 1.4 Million pounds – that is probably worth what 2 of the top Aussie players would earn. So that might mean either less opportunities for Australia players over there or lower expectations in terms of what they could earn – player managers need to ensure they have the best long term interests of their players in mind and that they adapt to a different market. Not sure if France or Japan will follow but Japan has some restrictions on foreign players (though they also have a number of divisions).

  • Reds Revival

    So good to have a new pod from you guys (even if it was fairly morose about the state of the game).

    I for one, can’t wait to see the ten part documentary on the Demise of Rugby in Australia. Don’t forget to add Quade Cooper to the list to talk about his “toxic” comments, and his love affair with Thorny.

    With regards to the Reds boys, it seems that there wasn’t any bad blood with Thorny, but they obviously felt there was better coin in Japan (I’m guessing driven by their agent, who also moved Kerevi to Japan).

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    So cool to have you all back.
    I’m not sure that I agree with all of your decisions on the competition. NZ wont agree with the franchise shit and it seems like a poor excuse to try and make up for the shit management and administration over here and a patch idea to resolve the shit that happens over here due to all the self entitled ands selfish crap from NSW and QLD. Why cant AR just sort their shit out and make it work.
    Trans Tasman without the SA is a good idea with timeframes but it wont get the money so you’ll lose more people because they’ll go with the money either off shore or other codes.

  • Mark O’Farrell

    Boys – your funny! fyi NZ rugby is great. watching it on kayo $25/month. Great value get on board.


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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