Rugby Report Card 26 - But, We're Sh*t Though - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Report Card 26 – But, We’re Sh*t Though

Rugby Report Card 26 – But, We’re Sh*t Though

The boys are fuelled with fire and anger and try and breakdown the darkest days in the Australian rugby.

Warning, likely EXTREME levels of swearing today.

  • Mike Thompson

    My anger has burnt out. This week’s performance is not exactly an anomaly is it? We did just loose to Scotland without a couple of their best players, right? This is our level now. We have no international-class contenders for 6, 7 or 8. A poor 9 and 10. No 12. etc.

    We have inexperienced coaching staff. The selections are puzzling. The fitness is poor, apparently. We have difficulty with basic skills like passing and box kicking. Blah, blah, blah.

    All of which is not a temporary blip – it is a trend. There’s trajectory here. We don’t have the cattle or skills or fitness for fundamental, hard to change reasons. Horrible but true.

    Empirically, we simply can’t compete against the big three (All Blacks, Boks, and England) we are, instead, competing in the tier below that: Argies, Wales, Scotland, Ireland.

    Bring back Ewen <— this is now officially a thing

  • Geoffwho

    Enjoyed the rant. It was cathartic. Peace out.

  • John Nugent

    and no 5 star hotels

  • Stiffy

    Hey fellas, loved the 1-15 review of the players. What did McMahon do for you to say he’s been a dick about leaving Aus?

  • Happyman

    Hi guys great podcast. You actually kept it pretty balanced I was totally full of rage for the defence. My 4 Things for you to work on.

    1 be less forgiving on our shit tactics.
    2 go after the selections more.
    3 inject more passion into it LOL
    4 play the man more ARU, coaches and players

  • Bakkies

    Richard will be happy that England under 18s have hammered SA Schools 52-22.

  • Moz

    I actually went to Monster Truck Jam rather than watch the game…says it all really. Although I would say that Monster Jam was amazing!!! The guys drove with heart!!!!
    Love your work boys, working while listening to you right now!!
    Maintain the rage!


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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