Rugby Report Card 28 - Turning Point - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Report Card 28 – Turning Point

Rugby Report Card 28 – Turning Point

The lads from the Rugby Report Card politely pontificate on Scotland’s win and the second round of the June internationals.

Warning: contains a few bad words

  • Geoffwho

    Every week the comment is that there is no alternative to Foley and I had come to accept it. … however, foley doesn’t seem to be able to handle rush defence. I actually doubt Cheika was planning to use Cooper until Hunt got injured (during close games Cheika seems to leave players on the bench unused e.g. Powell) but when Cooper got on he had a passing game to exploit some of the gaps from rush defence. But I think the overall issue is actually the coaching staff and not making adjustments to counter the oppositions tactics. I also think rushing Beale into 12 is an easy decision that ignores that he has actually been playing very well at 15 in England, not at inside centre, and putting him at 12 means we still have the issues with having so many players switching positions every time we turnover the ball. Keep Foley at 10, Hunt at 12, Beale at 15 and Folau to wing and be prepared to swap Foley out for Cooper if things aren’t working. The All Blacks have been prepared to call a player’s day early when they are having a bad one.

    • Huw Tindall

      Agree – Foley needs quality front foot all. Without it he struggles. And with the current Wallabies forward pack he won’t be getting it! Unless he develops a flat bullet pass (unlikely) or a tactical short kicking game (not that hard) he will continue to struggle with the rush defence.

      • Andy

        True that. But which 5/8 have you seen perform well without front foot ball? I would say all the kiwi ones except I’ve never seen them play without front foot ball. The Bastards…….

  • Mart

    Jesus Richard, I’m 8minutes 50 in and already talking to the computer…”stop stop he’s already dead”
    we get it, it doesn’t get much lower ;)

  • Mart

    P.s the next point about the player numbers is spot on.

    More free to air content and let the clubs pay players, that’s the answer

  • Harbo

    That last 3 minutes and 30 seconds was absolute gold. Cheers for the banter boys.

  • Andy

    Agree on the subject of fitness. If these guys are turning up to the international season mid way through SR and they are not fit they should get their fucking pay docked. It’s an indictement on the SR teams and trainers as well. It’s just not good enough

  • Muzz

    Boys, why the love-in on how good Koroibete is? I still haven’t seen evidence that he’s anywhere near as good as you make out. Yeah he runs hard and hits hard but his positional play is ordinary, he can’t kick and he’s still coming to grips with his defensive reads. At this point I see him a bit like Naiyarovoro in that he’s pretty limited and has significant flaws in his game. So I can’t see how he should be rushed into the Wallabies starting team because he’s more likely to lose the game for us than win it. I agree that playing for the Rebels hasn’t helped his cause though.


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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