Rugby Report Card 44 - Round Won - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Report Card 44 – Round Won

Rugby Report Card 44 – Round Won

No Dick this week, Blake and James talk the first round of the Super Rugby , the march of the Australian sides, and Theodore Flanigan.

WARNING – contains swearing


  • Happyman

    Good Pod boys how good to be back with the Rugby.

    Agree Straight red is 10 minutes at 14 and then back to 15 with Red not returning.(Particularly for the high shots there are guys getting red cards at the moment who had no ill intent in the contact.
    Yellow is 10 minutes at 14 then he comes back on.
    I would say 2 yellows for the same player is the rest of the game with 14.

    Overall the Aus quality looks good but the Kiwi’s are still at least one step ahead.

    F$^k off 50 times

    • BigNickHartman

      HOW GOOD

      Higginbotham just got 3 weeks, after pleading guilty. If he fought it, could have got 6 weeks. 6 weeks is a pretty big punishment in a 15 week-ish season. Better and bigger punishment IMO

      • There were a lot of similarities between Higgers offence and Kepu’s brain-fart last year. Not exactly the same, but Higgers record at the judiciary meant he would not get off easy. Both were three week penalties.

    • Huw Tindall

      Something like this could work Happyman – it’s so easy to get binned for a legitimate accident that a red is very very harsh. It’s a high tempo, high impact (risky!) game so accidents are going to happen. Overly penalising a team for an accident just ruins the contest. Red cards for the most heinous offenses and some in between card for the 10 mins in the bin but the player can’t return like has been discussed.

      To the people who think the ‘sanction’ needs to be a sufficient deterrent to protect player welfare do you really think a 10 in the bin and then the player not being allowed to come back on is not enough? What player or coach would ignore such a sanction and train his players to go for high risk tackles?

      Would like to see some analysis of whether high tackles have actually gone down in the last 2 years? Probably difficult as more are being reported but just from looking at the games over the last 25 odd years of my rugby watching career I don’t recall at any time a rash of head high tackles or shoulder charges.

  • Moz

    Blake, apology accepted! Great podcast yet again!

  • Twoilms

    Enjoyed it boys

  • mikado

    Apologies, this has nothing to do with rugby. But I see Rugby Reg has been quoted on the BBC news website. Good on ya, Reg!


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