Rugby Report Card 45 - Hookers - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Report Card 45 – Hookers

Rugby Report Card 45 – Hookers

The boys are all back together to discuss round 2 of the Super Rugby.

WARNING: May contain swearing

  • Jason

    Gee guys, should give the Reds a little more credit, the Brumbies are a very good side, their forward pack is very good, even missing Sio, Pocock, and Valetini. This team was and should still be the assumed number 1 pick for best Aussie team.

    The Reds backline isn’t exactly setting the world on fire but they aren’t leaking points. The lack of tries wasn’t so much an overly conservative approach they just took the best option in front of them, the Brumbies just kept conceding penalties 30 out in front.

    On the topic of the Waratahs and Rebels, I think looking only at the results tell only half the story.
    The Rebels first.
    They have only beaten the Reds (who are apparently awful) and even then they needed two cards to do it, and it wasn’t until deep into that advantage that they were able to assert any kind of dominance. The Reds were up for a while despite being a man down, and it took Willy-G playing out of his skin to drag them to that place of dominance.
    Then the Sunwolves game — half time 10-all, and again it wasn’t until relatively late in the game when the ‘wolves had between 4 and 6 injures — they had a flanker playing on the wing, that’s how many injuries they had. Still the Rebels needed till 45th minuet to start to assert dominance. By that point the Sunwolves had gone 92 minutes with the bench (especially considering that the Sunwolves have probably the worst bench in Super Rugby and a number of injures coming into this game too).
    I’m not saying the Rebels are shit, not by any means, maybe they are flat track bullies — they’ll smash teams worse than them but struggle to match teams on their level. Maybe they are the real deal and haven’t yet had any opportunity to show that.

    Regarding the Waratahs, I think they are another example of two kicks a meter either way and they are 0-2 rather than 1-0. They stole the game from the Stormers (well the Stormers put their wallet in the Waratahs pocket and walked away), and while they weren’t bad against the Sharks and a draw in South Africa is a win they could have very easily lost this game. Also their scrum isn’t going to stand up to (or actually they probably will and that’s the problem) any real pressure. You are spot on about Beale being out killing this side, I think Beale is the most important player for the Waratahs, more important than Foley, Folau or anyone else.
    Also god I hope Phipps (again) isn’t the starting 9, but Cheika will still pick him in the Wallabies squad.

    Finally, Cheika. He’s not doing well, he’s not doing enough. We have a talented Wallabies team, they are as good talent wise as Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa and even England. Yet has a win record of only 55.5%. He’s only won 13 games since 2015, he’s lost 14 (and two draws). Eddie Jones was fired after around the same win rate, and a less bad loss to Wales (despite an injury riddled team) triggering his dismissal; Robbie Deans had a better win rate (60%) and a comparable win rate against New Zealand (3/15). Cheika is flirting with being not good enough, the only thing keeping him in the job is that he’s going post 2019 RWC and that we don’t have anyone to replace him at this point.
    If we could find someone to replace him, he’d be gone faster than you can say ‘Cheika loves to pick a Waratah’.


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