Rugby Report Card 67 - Where To Now? - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Report Card 67 – Where To Now?

Rugby Report Card 67 – Where To Now?

The boys are back together again to discuss the latest debacle.

  • Glen Be

    sigh. hasn’t buying league players contributed to the mess in the first place? and you want to start buying more?

  • dru

    The mood has definitely turned from despondency to despair but you still had me barking laughter. The point where you’ve gotten at crazy o’clock in the morning and then 20s later.

    Looking back it really is farcical comedy.

    And hell yes, I’m curious about Genia – Quade – Toomua at Rebels.

    PS definitely get your alternative commentary going.

  • qwasimodo

    Cracking episode guys, the despondency at the start and the positivity at the end perfectly reflected my feelings on rugby. Plus funny as hell. Loving those ideas for one nation to host the RC each year and the alternative commentary. Put an article together about the RC idea if you can and get some momentum behind it!!!


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