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Rugby Report Card 71 – What A Year!

Rugby Report Card 71 – What A Year!

The boys are back together again to discuss the year that was. What grade will the Wallabies receive?

  • Happyman

    Good pod guys terrible sound. thanks for the year and merry christmas to you and yours.

    • Alister Smith

      Yes I couldn’t get too far into it as I was having trouble hearing…might just be me though :)

  • Keith Butler

    Cheika lives to fight/fuck up another day. Was always going to happen.

    • laurence king

      It certainly is odd Keith, if an argument can be made that the assistants need changing, then why can’t the same criteria be used for Cheika? One now would have to ask the question, how bad a season would it have taken for him to be sacked? That said, Johnson and another selector may start the ball rolling. Cheika isn’t the Boss anymore, and that is a good thing. Although if he can’t get his way, that may further destabilise things

      • Fatflanker

        With Johnson’s appointment, RA gets to do the Pontius Pilate and wash their hands of even insisting any of the assistants go – they really are world class shirkers. I’ll bet a pound to a pinch of pig shit not even our hapless forwards coach will be punted now.

        • laurence king

          Their inaction over the course of this season doesn’t fill one with confidence. However, it does depend on Johnson doesn’t it and the other selector. He doesn’t appear to be a guy who would roll over for Cheika. If he were to then it would get even messier. I don’t think that even this board could continue to get away with that sort of mediocrity

        • disqus_4os8rcZMGw already

    • MungBean

      Typical bureaucrats’ response: add another layer of management. Australian rugby is being killed by its own management.

      • sambo6

        And how is that we’ve heard that RA can’t afford to sack cheika, but it seemingly can afford to add an entirely new level of management……I don’t imagine scott Johnson is coming super-cheap…..

  • Brendan Wong

    What was noticeable this year was how much the Wallabies missed Mario Ledesma.

    I’ve always maintained that the key to beating England, All Blacks, South Africa and Ireland all start with dominance at the set piece (go watch the games we beat these teams and the constant has always been dominant scrum – recent examples? Ireland dominated the All Black set piece and won; England and South Africa as well).

    What the Wallabies need is to change the assistant coaching – and support for the Head Coach. Don’t cut him, it will kill morale before the World Cup.

    Attack – bring in the Ellas/Campese/Scott Johnstone
    Defense – Bring in Les Kiss/Ryan
    Forwards – Cron/Brad Thorn/Alec Evans

    I’ve always maintained our best 5/8 is Quade Cooper. No other player in the country can pass off both sides like he can. If they want to play a wide attacking game they need a 5/8 who can pass long with accuracy off both hands. They players they have now just don’t have the skill level to execute.

    Australia have the pieces, we just need to fit the jigsaw together.

    • Parker

      Cheika’s staying could be equally, if not more, damaging to team morale. It certainly is to those who should be in the team but keep being overlooked because the out of form favorites are always picked. And include Muggleton in the list of defence coaches.

  • Bakkies

    The Wallabies get a D-. Apparently theRA hadto pay compensation to sign Johnson.

    • disqus_UA7LQX2A11 3+

    • BGA

      Is that right Al?

      Gee you’re well informed for a mid 30’s data entry operator that can’t hold a job for more than 3 months

  • Huw Tindall

    3 things on my Wallaby Christmas Wish List:
    1) stop shifting players about and pick in position. E.g. Kepu was played on both sides of the scrum and Ainsley debuted on a side of the scrum he has never played on. They are specialist positions. Also who could fuc#ing forget Foley at 12.
    2) get some players with rugby nous. If that’s grey beard AAC so be it. We can’t carry mute players like Korobiete, Izzy, Foley, and Beale. We need defensive organisers. God we missed TK. Also a plan B would be nice.
    3) kicking. We need it. All the best nations and RWC winners have world class kicking games. Foley is good at kick off, conversions and cross field kicks but everything else is pants. You need a Hodge boot in there somewhere.


      ……who could forget Foley at 10 I would have said 1st!!!

  • Mart

    Go fuck yourselves boys. Have a merry christmas. Thanks for all the podcasts and twitter banter good work!!

  • Moz

    Yes boys, go get fucked! But come back next year, love your work as always.

    And Jim, what’s the latest on the teeshirts? Let’s put a deadline on them. I’m going to the RWC with a group of mates, and we’d love to be wearing the tee during the tour (and obviously some Force gear as well at times). Should we be discussing a sponsorship deal, wearing the Rugby Report Card shirt around Japan, spreading the word?

  • Andy

    Great cast again lads. Pretty sure you were in the sauce but it made for great listening.

    A few things I would add on the recent changes at RA:

    1. High performance alignment – tick
    2. Appointing someone with experience doing that job successfully- tick
    3. He’s not from the boys club – tick
    4. A selection panel – Tick
    5. Fighting fund for junior talent – half tick. This is something that could go pear shaped however

    When they manage to get central contracting this will enable the changes to really take effect imo.

    On the coaching though, this still needs to change. If Cheika stays his assistants need to disapear. And part of the new setup should include a performance strategist with input into game plans. A guy who studies the oppositions and trends and helps establish game plans. Because from what I’m hearing the current setups equivalents basically cut and paste tape and get no input into game plans. And it shows. Plan A all the way

  • Gipetto

    Happy days for the Reds … KH, the crash test dummy, is off to Tahland and we pick up the speed and silky skills of Bryce Hegarty; Hamish Stewart can be sent back to clubland so he can learn to play #10 under a better coach than The Goon. Hegarty will hopefully be around to take up the slack when Paia’aua heads to Toulon at season’s end


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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