Rugby Report Card 88 - Here We Go Again - Green and Gold Rugby

Rugby Report Card 88 – Here We Go Again

Rugby Report Card 88 – Here We Go Again

Blake and Jim let off some steam.

  • Bobas

    Misses 5 tackles… still gets a pass mark.
    “It’s the systems”

  • voodoo economics

    Oh the system, yes the system. Yes its F%$^ED. I think most are aware and have been in this and in past moments of time. Fresh information this is not. What of solutions? A wise man once said “let him who would move the world first move himself”. Perhaps “remove” is more apt a verb in the situation we find at present. I think you know to whom who I am alluding. Sigh, I and many know solutions were for a time now gone. The fate of irrelevance has been realized.

    Definition, irrelevance – A team that plays professional international rugby that can be discounted to the extent that a win against is highly probable despite resting almost the entire first string starting line up.

  • Mart

    good work guys. So cathartic.

    got this lined up with rugby ruckus second. need this first
    “maybe take the 3 in front of posts you idiots…Fark…no…who’s next?” brilliant. haha

    “could you have a worse game” had to pause it. crack up

  • Texas

    If your 10 could cut out he would unlock the outside center. With a rush defence you need a tactical kicker to negate. CLL, Tma, QC, anyone of these would have made the difference at 10. It just doesnt work with Foley.

  • Bert

    Guys..thanks. Youse are the Ying to the weekends Yang.


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