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Rugby Resolutions 2018

Rugby Resolutions 2018

Like a lot of people, I take the opportunity at the end of every year to reflect on the year that has passed and my conduct and see if I could have done anything better. Nah, that’s crap. I’m usually so flat out at the day job and with all the other Christmas jobs and parties that I don’t even think of New Year’s resolutions let alone rugby ones until after most punters have broken them. This year isn’t any different but for some reason, I’ve had a little time to think about it. so here they are my rugby resolutions 2018

1. I will not blame the Refs.

I say this every year. Actually, I could say this every week! But this year is different… No, really it is! This year I’m going to take a count and think before I type. Referee’s make decisions in an instant, they train their guts out to be part of a game they love. We have slow-mo replays and hours of time to formulate our opinions of what they should have done. A ref having a good night or a bad night deserves our respect and this year I will try my best to give them that respect.

Photo courtesy of Keith McInnes

Photo courtesy of Keith McInnes

2. I will give Super Rugby a clean slate.

If I said 2017 was a tumultuous year for Rugby in this country I could win an understatement of the year contest. I don’t think there is a word big enough to describe the shit storm the ARU managed to stir up. Like everyone, I took a side and watched the ARU do the wrong thing. But for the good of Aussie rugby, I think we have to let it go and start working towards getting all five of our top rugby sides in the one competition. Whatever that comp looks like. Equally, my ‘hate’ for Melbourne will be the normal level of hate I feel for any team that’s not the Queensland Reds. You know… The normal banjo picking, rum loving, redneck hate level. No biggy.

3. I will give my new Coach a chance.

 Every Australian franchise has new coaches in at least one senior position. This year I won’t be expecting miracles in the first week. I will give them a chance to build into their new jobs and not expect pre-season training to replace bonds forged under fire. After the year the teams had in 2017 surely the only way is up.

Reds Assistant Coach Brad Thorn

Reds Coach Brad Thorn

3a. The Wallaby Scrum coach.

I will hold my fire no matter what numpty gets the job.

4. I will be more involved.

Last year I let things slide. I didn’t make one Premier Rugby game. I let others take photos and write for the Reds. I missed NRC games. I forgot why I got involved with this website. I forgot why I took photos. I love rugby. I love photography. I love rugby photography. I love telling people my opinion, who doesn’t. Expect to see and read more from me.

(Btw: Anyone who has crap loads of cash who would like to lavish someone with very expensive camera equipment to feed someone obsession, please contact the author. He knows a guy.)

5. I will not bestow mythical powers

He’s not a beast. There is no GOAT. Black is just a colour. I think… Yes… Just a colour! Damn it! They are just players with a love of the game just like I have. New Zealand has a great rugby team but they don’t have superpowers, they are just well coached. From birth! Something you can’t always say about our players. I will still watch with wonder when someone does something amazing, how could I not. I will embrace the Milner-Scudder stutter, Michael Hoopers amazing motor, even Eddie Jones’s rugby brain. But I say no to mythical powers.

No Promises!

I can’t promise to follow all of my resolutions. I mean the Reds coach is BRAD THORN the greatest cross-code forward of all time! All I can promise is to do my best. Have a happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions.

  • Love it Sully.

    Starting to feel a stirring myself….

    • How long since you’ve had these ‘stirrings’?

  • USARugger

    Reds Assistant Coach Brad Thorn, yeah? Wishful thinking, Sully?

    • I guess when we took that he was. Will fix it. Thanks mate.

  • Brett McKay

    Nice one, Sully!

    “I love telling people my opinion, who doesn’t”

    Strap in, people!!

  • Brumby Runner

    Great start to the year Sully.

    I will join you in trying not to blame the refs this year, but I also acknowledge that some of them are less than competent to be ruling on the intricacies of the laws of the game.

    I would like to say I will stop criticising Michael Cheika’s coaching and player selections (see Waratahs) at the Wallabies, but I know that will be impossible. I clearly see the game from a different perspective to our national coach, and therefore I am bound to disagree more often than not.

    I am not yet ready to throw my support behind the Rebels, though I know the decision to axe the Force, which I heartily disagree with, was one taken by the ARU. I just cannot yet forgive the Rebels for being such a financial drain on Aus rugby as a whole. That was the real issue that ignited the move to contract imo.

    Here’s to 2018 being a whole lot better, results-wise and management-wise, than 2017 turned out to be.

    • “Here’s to 2018 being a whole lot better, results-wise and management-wise, than 2017 turned out to be.”
      Truer words never spoken.

    • Every time I want to blame a ref, at least in writing, I stop and imagine it’s two sides I really don’t care about and what I’d think.

      Yes, every referee makes mistakes but they’re not malicious, not that I’ve seen in a televised match anyway. Some of them are due to inexperience but the only way to cure that is by letting them actually blow the whistle in big matches. Sometimes they just have a bad day, however good a referee they are. But unlike most of us at work, if they have a bad day they can’t just bunk off early, or do something light and easy. They’re in the middle with, if it’s a big match, the eyes of millions on them, directly or through the TV and there’s just nowhere to hide.

      And often they understand what they see and make a decision in next to no time and they get it right. Often what we see is different to what they see (at scrums they get to move and often look at elbows and then quickly at the backs and hips of the players for example, getting a much better all round view in real time than the cameras give us, and the commentators are far, far worse at understanding and relaying the laws of the game to the audience than we want to believe. Just listen to them talk about what you have to do to score a try sometime, then look up the law sometime. Most of the commentators get it wrong and that’s relatively clear and not affected by the IRB’s latest interpretation.

  • Pearcewreck

    My News Years wishes:
    1. Please Rugby Australia, no more mungos.
    2. Please, win the Bledisloe, the whole thing, not just one game.
    3. Please, can we beat some NZ teams in Super Rugby, please.

  • Big Stu

    The United States Eagles and Canada to host a future Rugby World Cup.

  • I was thinking of writing of piece like this.

    1. I will not say Cheika should be sacked after every game.
    2. I will stop saying Phipps should be replaced with someone that can pass the ‘kin ball.
    3. I will stop saying Folau shouldn’t play with a 15 on his shirt. Or shouldn’t play in a GAG shirt at all if they’re going to keep him there.
    4. I will stop saying Hooper is not actually all that good a 7 on an international stage, at least with the 6 and 8 he’s currently got.

    But honestly… even I don’t believe I can do any of those beyond the first international. Which is still better than a lot of New Year’s resolutions but only because the first international isn’t until June!

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Resolutions need to be achievable mate. These seem a step too far

      • If I ever really made New Year’s resolutions, I’d try to make them so I had a chance of keeping of them. These were more in the bracket of satire…

  • Simon

    I guess it’s one small mercy that Karmichael managed to shit the bed just before New Year so we can lump that in with the rest of 2017’s Annus Horribilis for Australian rugby.

    It really has been a terrible year. Here’s to starting with a clean slate in 2018. My resolution will be to help out a bit more with match reviews etc – if you need any assistance Sully.

  • Nutta

    3a. Nope. I won’t.

    • @disqus_vjuclDn4w7:disqus
      You were the only one who noticed hat on

      • SuckerForRed

        I noticed……. laughed……. moved on…..

      • Nutta

        ‘Meat & potato’s Boy’

  • Alister Smith

    Thought i would have a crack at this.

    1. I will watch more live rugby

    2. I will watch more club rugby & NRC at the ground – Go NSW Country & Queensland Country

    3. I will be a supporter rather than a fan(atic) – though thats a little hard as I don’t really have a Super Rugby team. I am a NSWelshman who played a lot in Qld and more or less follow every Australia team plus the Crusaders and the Highlanders when it all gets to hard and I want to watch my team win a game. I am really looking forward to see what Brad Thorn can do with the Reds and what Wessels can do at the Rebels and also looking forward to the return of Leilifano, Pocock and the addition of Naisirani at the Brumbies.

    4. I will be more positive and less sarcastic

    5. I will try to understand before I criticise (and then perhaps not criticise at all)

    However, it all this (and many of the other resolutions from others are borne out) I suspect the GAGR website might become a little bit boring. it’s lucky then that few if any of us will keep our resolutions.

    As they say in France “Bonne Année” everyone

  • P00chie

    Couldn’t disagree with #2 more. No clean slate for Super Rugby, it needs to go for the game to grow here.

    • @rugbyphanatic:disqus
      I disagree. Firstly it’s not going in 2018 and secondly it doesn’t have to go but it does need to change.

      • P00chie

        We’ll have to agree to disagree then!

  • RahRah

    2. Categorically emphatically vehemently and ardently absolutely bloody will NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t think you’re alone in hoping for some competition. You only have to look at the Lions series to see how much interest it generates. I’d love to see a Rugby Championship where we don’t play you guys the first two games. Surely the draw doesn’t need to be the same every year?

    As for the post? Don’t be too impressed I wrote it a few days ago.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      I agree on the draw. It’d be nice for us both to meet up after some other games.

  • andrewM

    1. I will endeavour to despise the ARU less
    2. I will watch more club rugby
    3. I will endeavour to despise deClyne less

    Somehow I can only see me keeping one of those resolutions

    • andrewM

      Less than a month in and I have failed 1 and 3. Let’s home I can keep 2

  • Brisneyland Local

    Sully for some reason missed this and have come back to it.
    I tried to be positive, I had good intentions. I was hopeful with the signing of Brad Thorn.
    1. The reds started booting contracted players that will now cost them a fortune.
    2. Karmichael ‘White line fever man” Hut screwed the pooch.
    3. The Reds fucked up my member ship for the fourth year running.
    4. I resinged and got my money back.
    5. I am over the season and it has not even started.

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