Rugby World Cup 2015 Podcast with Dan Crowley

Podcast Ep 181: Rugby World Cup 2015 Podcast – Dan Crowley

Podcast Ep 181: Rugby World Cup 2015 Podcast – Dan Crowley

It’s Super Rugby Final week here at Green and Gold Rugby but because there are no Aussie teams playing we are going to bring you another in our series of Rugby World Cup 2015 Podcasts. This week we finally get to the position you’ve all been waiting for, the front row. What better man to have on the show than a two-time RWC winner, the tough as nails Dan Crowley.  Despite winning two World Cups, Crowls has a different story to tell than those of most of our previous guests as Dan only started two games in both tournaments, however was a crucial part of the wider squad. It’s a great listen with some interesting insight to the success of those two great Wallaby teams.

Once Dan departs, Hugh and Steve join me to dissect the two Super Rugby Semi-Finals to work out where it went wrong for the Brumbies and Tahs. Once we’re done though, we have a go at picking our Wallaby team for the first test of the year against the Springboks in Brisbane on 18 July. Make sure you let us know who you would pick in the comments below.

Once again we are thrilled that the Queensland Rugby Union is supporting this series of Rugby World Cup 2015 Podcasts and hope you will support them by getting along to their upcoming event, the Reds Long Lunch. If you’ve enjoyed these podcasts and love listening to legends, then this will be a fantastic event for you to get along too. Click the below panel for more details of this not to be missed event.

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  • idiot savant

    Thanks guys for a great cast. Its hard not to take notice of the undercover cop’s blunt reminder of Uncle Bob’s view that you need 5 or 6 players who would make s world XV to win a RWC.

    With that sobering thought what have we got to lose? Perhaps our best chance to go deep in to the tournament is the right game plan? I like Cheika’s clarity of mind when he said that he is first going to decide on a game plan and then pick the players who can execute it. It will be interesting to see pif today’s squad announcement provides any clue as to what that game plan might be.

    I thought the EOYT showed that Cheika ball takes a while to learn to play coherently and that the referees are not that sympathetic to quick breakdown play. What adjustments will Cheika make, if any? More kicking? More running close to the ruck? Is there enough time for the team to learn a new game plan?

    I think we have to take risks and that our best chance is to pick as attacking a side as possible. To that end I admire rugby Reg’s audacious move to shift Beale to fullback and Folau to the wing. Giteau at ten is bold seeing he has never really excelled there but its time for risks. The same risks need to be taken in the forwards. I would have Hooper, Skelton, and Higginbotham starting to provide strike power. If we pick journeymen the journey wont last long.

  • skip

    I’d have to say the 91 RWC is the most important to me. At the time I was at an international school in Germany which had kids from all the world but a bit over half were poms. As the only Australian kid in the school, my life would have been made a hell by the kids of the council estate that the British Army sent to Germany. When those guys won it saved me from a lot of agro and if ever I meet any of them, I’ll stand them a beer. I still get sentimental when I see the old games.

  • rod hohn

    Great Podcast 91 was a great RWC Final. I was keen to hear his thoughts on some of the characters in that side. In 99 i was cheering from my Local Pub ( league supporters in the pub were looking at weirdly) . The Welsh put on a great show in the end. I would like see some of the highlights from both campaigns in the lead up to the Cup.

  • SuckerForRed

    So, I am a week late…….. But as per my tweet this morning Reg, I’m sorry you are wrong. I agree that Beale’s best position in fullback, but he is currently not better than Folau. Fair enough Folau is not a patch on the AB’s Izzy but I am not sure we have a better fullback running around at the moment. Finding balance in the back 3 is just as important as finding balance in the backrow so I am expecting it is going to be difficult. I just don’t think Beale has done enough to push himself into a Wallaby side. I know that Cheika has spoken about getting a game plan and picking the team to suit said game plan, but if his game plan involved chip kicks & sideways running we are in some strife.

    Also……. where do I sign up for the shield?


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