RWC Podcast Ep 195: Off to the big dance

RWC Podcast Ep 195: Show your Gold

RWC Podcast Ep 195: Show your Gold

The Wallabies are off to the RWC Final after their 29-15 win over Argentina in the semi final this weekend. Naturally we spend a fair bit of time talking through the match – the big plays and the big players.

We also take a look at the other semi-final between the All Blacks and the Springboks and review the NRC Semi Finals won by the Canberra Vikings and Brisbane City.

All Rugby all the time!

A reminder to get behind the Wallabies and “Show your gold”. Get the Wallaby flags or posters out and get them outside and visible, then take a picture and tag us on twitter or facebook with #showyourgold. Let’s get visible with our support of the Wallabies this week.

  • The Rant

    Haven’t listened yet – but nothing makes me happier than seeing a new podcast that’s One Hour and Twenty minutes long! Better have a wee first.

  • JJJ

    Forget the ref, the Argies were really killed by the choir that took all of the sting out of their anthem. It was disgraceful. They should be cited. There were 73% fewer tears from the pumas and those tears were probably distress rather than patriotism. No surprise they leaked early tries and took a while to recover. I’m disgusted that the World Rugby Board hasn’t apologised already.

    That said, a champion team needs to be able to rise to the challenge and take the anthem performers out of the equation. Having your anthem femininely mangled is part and parcel of the modern game, although no less despicable for it.

  • MungBean

    I’ve been one (of a few) who’s raised a couple of questions about Foley. It’s not so much that I believe that Foley is a poor player. I think he’s a bloody good player. The issue is the differential treatment. If Quade had missed three crucial conversions and dropped two high balls in the context of the Scotland game, then he would have been crucified. Similarly is this insinuation that Cheika is the messiah, that McKenzie was incapable of doing what Cheika has done. Once again, hats off to Cheika. I think he’s a great coach. It needs to be remembered, though, that McKenzie didn’t have the Giteau Rule, McKenzie didn’t have Dave Pocock and Mckenzie didn’t have Steve Larkham. Alot of strings have been (rightly) pulled to assist Cheika. It’s a terrible shame for McKenzie and Australian rugby that he didn’t get a chance because some punk wouldn’t wear a team t-shirt.

    ps Good podcast

    • Huw Tindall

      Cheika was the ones pulling those strings so all credit to him!! Cheika is my favourite member of the squad.

    • I don’t see the differential treatment.

      When Quade was the WB 10 he got plenty of lee-way, especially because of the skills he brings and few have. Over time though we’ve come to see the downsides that come with it – erratic play, especially as the games get bigger. So when we see those errors he now gets a reaction because we’ve unfortunately come to expect them – like the next yellow card etc.

      If that comes to pass with Foley he’ll no doubt cop the same. But in the mean time – while he ain’t perfect – he keeps making the big plays; tackles, runs, kicks and now passes – when they matter. A super rugby title and 10 from 11 this year don’t lie.

      As for McKenzie – I feel for him. I’ve met him a few times and he’s been a friend of GAGR. However, those ‘strings being pulled’ you mentioned were things Cheika made happen and Ewen either couldn’t, or didn’t want to.

      Letting the Beale debacle continue to tarnish what Cheika and Foley are doing doesn’t do anyone any favours.

      • Drew Sampson

        I think its more to do with the fact that when foley doesnt have a good
        game, you basically glaze over it. I’m pretty sure last week you
        basically gave him a pat on the back for getting charged down by saying
        well it was on if he didn’t get charged down. While QC has been smashed
        for doing the exact same thing. But when foley does have a good game you
        cant stop talking about it.

        There’s also never any comments on
        the errors he makes and the biggest one is the lack of assists he’s been
        getting. To be fair he did get a nice try assist this game but thats
        his second of THE YEAR, the other being against the USA.

        He’s been missing conversions from wide, which you guys excused because of
        the difficulty. But when Quade missed similar conversions, you basically
        said this is why foley will be first choice 10.

        I see what youre saying about foley being apart of winning sides this year and that
        doesnt lie. But this is such a general statement. Its like a reply I
        received from you saying well foley led us to defeat the all blacks this
        year. What did he actually contribute in that game? Didnt goal kick and
        made errors and was hooked around 50-60 mark, after which we started to
        play well with toomua at 10.

        In saying all this I think foley has played some of his absolute best games for the wallabies in this tournament (england and argentina game), but this doesnt mean he’s the
        second coming of larkham or excuse the errors he makes or lack of
        playmaking he does. Just a bit of a balanced view in an ‘analysis’ would
        be nice. Did appreciate the game management issues, you guys brought up though, valid point.

    • Braveheart81

      The missed conversions suggestion would seemingly come back to Cooper’s kicking against Uruguay. There was a general opinion at that point in time that the door was still ajar for who would wear the 10 jersey against England after Foley didn’t have a great game against Fiji.

      The consensus would be that Cooper would have to have a blinder and kick well to have a chance of winning the 10 jersey. He missed a lot of kicks and for that reason it was a talking point. For someone wanting to take the place of Foley who was viewed as a more reliable kicker, he needed to produce a very strong kicking performance which he didn’t. Cooper was hardly crucified. It was just discussed as a fairly compelling reason why he wouldn’t be picked ahead of Foley based on the game he played.

  • Huw Tindall

    Great Podcast gents. For an unashamedly Australian website I think the analysis is remarkably balanced and you hit all the major issues. So yeah. Keep it up. I already use Dropbox so can’t help you there.

    Only Mr T is going to be wearing more gold than me this week.

  • Will Honeycomb

    English press have been a mixed bag. You’re right on Clive Woodward- utter dickhead on English television coverage after Wallabies game. Even the affable Michael Lynagh was riled.

    But there is, as you mention, some generous appreciation. Paul Hayward in the Telegraph:

    And Andy Bull in the Guardian had a beautiful piece on the Fardy Pooper

  • DrewB

    Ali would not last 14 rounds with Pocock!

  • harro

    Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one surprised by Foxtel deciding that Semi Final #2 was not part of the RWC. Luckily, I noticed beforehand. Better go check that the Final’s going to record

  • Duncher

    I also use Drop Box… Love this podcast guys… As an aside, I went and saw Pacific Rim at Imax… I guess the final will be a similar affair… I’m salivating at the prospect of the back row battle alone

  • Chong Ly

    One Question: How did Fardy get penalised for playing the ball on the ground when 3 seconds before the Argentinian player moved the ball with his hands to avoid Kirindrani toeing the ball through at the base of the ruck. What The?


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