10 Zip: All Blacks 23 Wallabies 22

10 Zip: All Blacks 23 Wallabies 22

10 Zip: All Blacks 23 Wallabies 22

The Wallabies have succumbed to late All Black pressure to lose their 10th successive encounter after looking a chance earlier in the game.

They might be 2nd in the world in the rankings after the Kiwis but there’s a significant gap between 1st and the rest.

The All Blacks have already won the Tri-Nations and Bledisloe Cups and you wouldn’t think they’d have the same degree of motivation as the Wallabies tonight.

To switch on and come back from 22-9 down in the 61st minute shows that they are worthy world champions. They’re the first team in the extended competition to win all their Tri-Nations games (6).

As predicted, defence was the Wallabies downfall late in the match. The game started pretty well with a James O’Connor try from a Ben McCalman break off the back of an attacking scrum at the 15min mark.

Backed up by a number of Matt Giteau penalties the Wallabies went to the break at 14-6 and looked the better team.

The Wallabies were gaining confidence in all aspects of play – there were two lineout wins against the ABs and a not straight early in the 2nd half to gift possession to the Wallabies.

A Ma’afu steal lead to an Ashley-Cooper try in the 47th minute in the corner. Gits kicking started to go awry after he missed the conversion and a number of other penalty opportunities. This came back to haunt the Wallabies later in the game.

KB was handed the ball and he slotted a neat penalty in the 61st minute to give the Wallabies a game winning lead of 22-9.

That’s when the match turned and the All Blacks flicked the switch. Continuous pressure led to an easy try in the 68th minute to McCaw from an attacking scrum, which wrong footed JO’C in defence.

Weepu converted and then a final Read try under the posts, again converted by Weepu in the 78th minute took them over the line.

I was disappointed that again Deans didn’t use his bench as early as he probably should have. It was obvious that the Wallabies were struggling late in the match and needed that injection.

Sure, everyone got on but it needed to be earlier – especially stronger defensive players like Barnes and Faingaa to defend the 13 point lead.

Best for the Wallabies were Kurtley ‘Gilbert’ Beale – he was my MOTM, both on attack and defence. Hasn’t he come along?

Lakkie Turner had a good match and Ben McCalman was just terrific with his ‘go-forward’, the find of the tournament for the Wallabies.

Rocky Elsom continued his run of form from last week and I liked the way he took on referee Lawrence. Genia and Cooper were disappointing but the latter had the edge over his counterpart.

Cooper definitely needs some defensive work (missed 5 tackles) and I don’t think he earned too much of his $600,000 tonight….

Ma’afu had his best game so far around the field (9 tackles, 5 runs, 5 ruck/mauls, crucial turnover) and that’s why he probably stayed on a bit longer but the Wallaby scrum was always under some degree of pressure.

Cruden was very average for the All Blacks but was covered by the quality of his team mates. Richie McCaw was again a class above all others (18 tackles, 10 runs, 11 ruck/mauls, 2 turnovers, try) and the master of the breakdown while Read is an emerging talent.

It seems to me that our only hope of defeating this All Black side will be when we have all our injured players back on deck. We might have given them a scare tonight but don’t have the composure to pull off a victory.

Notwithstanding this disappointing defeat, there were certainly signs of improvement. There was more control and shape to this test than other recent efforts and we didn’t fold quite as easily as before.

All Blacks 23 (Richie McCaw, Kieran Read tries Piri Weepu 2 cons 3 pens) defeated Wallabies 22 (Adam Ashley-Cooper, James O’Connor tries Matt Giteau 3, Kurtley Beale pens).

Crowd: 70,288

  • TC

    What an awful performance by the referee! I simply couldn’t believe how wayward much of his refereeing was tonight. What a joke.

    • realist

      Reality is that we were beaten by the Kiwi “B” team. The players give their best but you have to have the right ones out there to win.

      • Dizzer

        It’s not exactly our own ‘A’ side out there though, we have more key players missing than the kiwi’s. Still, we should have won this but again capitulated in the second half proving we are still a 50 min team.

      • ozrugbynut

        Change your name.

        • ozrugbynut

          Meant for ‘realist’. ;-)

        • realist

          Change your mind – if you have one

        • ozrugbynut

          Realist, Kiwi “B” team?

          Sure no Carter, but many of their heavy hitters were on the bench.

        • fatso

          Were you born in Auckland?

      • fatso

        Mix is not right. Possession was licked away far too often and defence is still a major issue. Very disappointing for the players and supporters.

  • George


    • realist

      ozrugbynut – lucky for us that they were on the bench.

  • pants

    Yet another game lost by Giteau’s shit house goal kicking.

    • hosko

      should have given to kicking duties to KB way earlier. gits is shit

    • Gumby

      As much as I like Gits after costing us three games now he must be repllaced as our first choice kicker.

    • Dizzer

      Matt Giteau should fuck right off out of this team, he’s cost us too many now. That’s three losses directly attributable to his shit house kicking.

      • Garry

        It’s seems simple….with so many kickers in the team, that others should be given the goal kicking responsibility. A confidence player like Giteau would probably suffer from carrying the negative responsibility of missing goal kicks.

        But an international level coach would already no this….(or even a fourth grade club level).

        Pull up hard on those reigns Dingo.

  • Brando

    Absolute joke, ref too busy waging his personal war with Elsom. How many f**king infringements before an all black gets binned?

    • Springboche

      How many offsides at each ruck before a Shackle Dragger gets binned?

      How many early tackles on the tryline before a Convict gets a red card and a penalty try is awarded?

      • Dizzer

        Now now, no need for name calling.

      • Sage

        That is no way to speak to your superiors

      • Lindommer

        Carry on with that sort of needless name-calling and you’ll become a (G&GR) convict. Please note this is an Australian site.

  • hosko


  • Brando

    Yeah Giteau lost that one, knew those lost points would bite us.

    • The Rant

      The kicks he missed just outweigh the 7 points from the richie mccaw try – and they go down on james o’conners cheque – absolute travesty of defence, what the hell was he thinking coming in??

      Possibly things a specialist winger knows…

  • Fatflanker

    Would love to see a comparison made of red zone penalties conceded over the tri-nats.

  • Big Paddy

    If we could have gotten at least parity in the scrum we would have won that game. I agree with the comments about the ref, he was too busy watching Bam to worry about any of the ABs.

  • SFA

    angry. dont know why nonu wasnt carded, nor mccaw… angry!! gits – please spend all day every day between now and the next match practising your kicks, or Deans please just get gilbert, barnes or kwooper to kick!! shame we lost it in the 2nd half, we need to keep up our intensity!!

    • Joe

      Why wasn’t Lachie Turner yellow carded for his professional foul when Muliaina nearly scored? Why wasn’t Mumm yellow carded when he cynically pulled down a maul on his own 5m line? Why wasn’t Pocock yellow carded for his repeated infringements? Why why why? See a pattern of whinging?

      Get over it mate.

    • Dizzer

      Nonu should have been carded, how many times did he have his hands around someones neck.

  • ozrugbynut

    Well, Lancey boy, I’m feeling OK (I predicted 13).

    7 front-line players out, un-used bench, untested fly half (QC), a replacement winger, (a kiwi coach) AND the ABs with 3 weeks rest (WBs with a nice flight from SA) and we only lost by 1. Sure as FARK I don’t like it, but it’s better than I predicted.

    For the ABs, no carter, but the bench was choc-full of starting 15 players. It should have been a hiding.


    – Cruden was average (poor restarts, general play, but he’s definitely a tough nut)
    – Numerous uncharacteristic mistakes
    – Poor kicks (3 consecutive kicks not out in H2)
    – NERVES?

    For mine, if we had have put on the replacements before the ABs first try, it could have been a very different story. As for the last few matches, we were starved of possession in the last 20-25. Takes me back to that post a few weeks ago about Deans and his bench strategy – Maybe he’s ‘conditioning’ the boys?.

    The only area I thought the ABs had a clear edge was the breakdown. Richie was simply outstanding.

    Anyway, “Come next faaarkin world cup”, every team will be wanting to take the ABs on. Who knows whether they’ll be without Carter, Sir Richie, Thorn, Mils, Nonu?. A call to all you Poms, Irish, Scots, Welsh, Argies and of course you (beloved) French – have a go!

    Boys and girls, I’ll be wearing gold on Monday.

    • ozrugbynut

      …and of course 9 lost points by Gits. Really need another kicker by WC time..

      • Gumby

        From memory it was 11 wasn’t it. Three penalties and a conversion.

    • Garry

      Takes me back to that post a few weeks ago about Deans and his bench strategy – Maybe he’s ‘conditioning’ the boys?.

      The question needs to be asked- are we going forward?

      Or is this a well manipulated policy of stifling this teams potential.?

    • Lance Free

      ozrugbynut – well, it seems from all the comments that you’re the only one?

  • Gumby

    The Ref didn’t cost us we cost ourselves. Simply put if Gits had nailed 3 of his four missed kicks, as a reliable first class kicker would do game after game, the AB’s would have been smoked by half time.

    To me what was pleasing was that we forced the AB’s out of the style of game they wanted to play. In the end they were forced to revert to grinding forward play to haul us in. Had we had more of a reward for our first half dominance by virtue of Gits lead boot that tactic would not have won them the game.

    The Wallabies are back in the hunt and will just get stronger from here.

    • It’s true, the Blacks weren’t in the game in the first half. Patience and belief got the All Blacks back into it – traits we certainly need to work on.

  • ozrugbynut

    AND a final comment to any disheartened WBs supporters…

    Sure its 10 in a row, but WE ARE STILL PUNCHING WELL ABOVE OUR WEIGHT.

    • realist

      Hey ozbugbyney – i never heard of a good flyweight beating a good heavyweight

    • Garry

      Stop that.

      This team has a huge potential, that will not be realised under this coaching regime. The fact that they have come so close under these directionless morons speaks buckets.

      The question that needs to be asked is when will it be enough for the WB’s supporters to say ‘enough’. JON, it is not rock bottom, I’m well passed it.

      Put a well organised coaching unit in place and watch this team excel. And we can all say why did we wait for so long.

  • Scoot

    How NZ won.
    100% on kicks.
    Still smarter at getting away with indiscretion.(Aus made the ref focus on themselves)
    NZ used their bench superbly and we didn’t.

  • Suzy Poison

    Stop whinging about the REF. He was fair. Giteau cost you the game. Wallabies were the better side for almost the whole game, and deserved to win, if you had a decent kicker, then even the AB’s the master of the comeback would have fallen short. Great game to watch. Actually the last four games of the Tri-Nations, have been decided in the last five minutes. Beale is a future star. Turner had a great game. AB’s missed Carter and also Kieren Reed, as soon as he came on , he made an impact. Not sure why Matt Giteau is in the team, really. His defence is suspect, he never steps or breaks the line anymore, and he can’t kick. Give Barnes a shot, he can’t be any worse. All Black line-out is still shaky and it may come back to haunt them at the World Cup. All Black victory margins.. +20, +14, +21, +10, +7,+1….very slowly the other teams are catching up. All Blacks should not have won tonight, and they should not have won in Soweto either. I really don’t think the AB’s are that far ahead, but credit to them, they have made winning a habit, (except in WC semi’s) I wonder what would happen if Richie was injured at WC time? He is the world’s best player.

    • Groucho

      Yes, whinging about the ref is unattractive at the best of times. This time it is also wrong.

      • old weary

        Agree – I thought Lawrence had a pretty good game and got the benefit of some calls (Nonu’s high tackle? Not his falut Git’s missed)

    • Pete

      Read played the entire match. But I actually agree with pretty much agree with you. If the Wallabies and Boks cut trim the fat (Smit, Habana, PDV, Giteau at least as kicker, Ma’afu) and get their best players back (Du Plessis, Du Preez, Brussow, Horwill, Ioane, Palu, maybe Vickerman) there will be nothing between the three Tri Nations teams. Those are all big ifs though. The ABs have the runs on the boards with winning habits and Richie McfuckingCaw.

      I hate that guy.

    • Jay

      Er, that trend ignores the fact that the two smallest margins were away games.

      • pants

        Anywhere on the East coast of Australia is not an ‘away’ game for the ABs.

        • Jay

          Bollocks, Sydney is probably the second hardest venue for the AB’s other than Ellis Park.

          Have a look at the for and against at Telstra Stadium then show me a home venue where the AB’s have lost more than they’ve won.

        • Pants

          An away game is one where more than 50% of the supporters are against you. That’s not the case in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. So while it may not be a home game, its far from the hostile environment of an away game the Wallabies get when they play in NZ.

        • Jay

          There were a decent amount of AB supporters in the crowd, but you’re having a laugh if you reckon there were more than 50%. Or if they were, they were pretty quite compared to the locals.

          Besides that, the crowd noise is only one factor in whether a match is a home match or not.

          Sydney is one of the hardest venues for the AB’s to play in, as evidenced by their winning record there.

    • Joe

      What games have you been watching Suzy?

      Correction – Kieran Read didn’t come on in the second half, he started the game. I’m sure you meant Jerome Kaino.

      AB’s lineout was rubbish because Corey Flynn is rubbish. Mealamu and Hore have improved remarkably.

      All Blacks have been winning because they know how to play the full 80 minutes. The Springboks and Wallabies do not – that’s why the Aussies lost tonight.

  • Alex-A

    Absence of carter was clear by the lack of structured attack from their backs, however the AB’s won that game through the forwards, with the help of their good mate Mark Lawrence.
    Their first 3 pointer of the game for the AB’s was an absolute joke of a decision. Richie’s try was completely illegal, he broke off the scrum several seconds before the ball was out and created a HUGE miss match. OK we weren’t dominant, but the wallabies still should have won that game.

    • Jay

      He did break early, but the mismatch was created by O’Connor not trusting Elsom to take Read.

  • Groucho

    Great recovery Blacks though. They came back and won. No taking that away from them.

    • ozrugbynut

      Read above comments Groucho.

  • Groucho

    There is a time for moaning, and a time for feeling gutted about a loss. I feel gutted.

    But I’m inclined to look at some of the good performances. This is not an ‘excuse’ so cut me some slack please.

    Kurtley really stepped up in defence, and Lachie Turner made the most of his chances.

    This was a very big ask, the third game in a row. Hard luck boys. And good luck in the next one. You’re almost there. And when you are, all the naysayers will have been on board all the time.

  • Sam Bananas

    Tis true after two hard games on the High Velt, stealing a win in the final seconds, the travel back to Oz, we did well. The AB’s aren’t unbeatable, certainly missed Carter. I agree, without Sir Ritchie the AB’s will be extremely vulnerable.

    Many have been saying it for a long…long time, Gits is not pulling his weight. Give another player a go. Gits is a confidence player. He should’ve passed on kicking duties after his 2nd miss.

    We owe Vitto one. A simple flanker move, take the first man with the ball off the scrum. Simple stuff.

    • Joe

      I could say the same thing about Giteau, Elsom and Sharpe. Every team has senior players that are sorely missed, but the difference is Carter and McCaw are irreplaceable in team because they’re that damn good. To suggest Giteau or Pocock are even close is laughable at best.

  • Jay

    Game turned when Kaino came on. He was huge in the last half hour.

  • Sam Bananas

    Wallabies are on the Verge of greatness!!

    We’re so so close.

    Beale is looking like talent incarnate! His defence was brilliant and boy can that boy run!

    • Gumby

      Beale will be one of our greats. I’ve been waiting for his talent to come to the fore since he was a schoolboy. Don’t think he will ever go over to the Mungos either.

      • realist

        they are not that stupid

    • Seb V

      He is looking the goods. But please beale, work on the high ball, then you will truley cement the fullback position.

  • Joe

    Wallabies had plenty of chances to close out that game but so did the All Blacks. They had a superb first half and were in everything.

    All Blacks know how to win the tight games and have created a winning culture, where as the Wallabies ran out of puff as I expected. They looked tired, lazy and rudderless in the last 20 mins – what happened to their senior players? Giteau, Elsom, Sharpe and AAC faded fast while the AB’s got their second wind lead by McCaw, Weepu and Nonu. How disappointing.

    Ref was quick to blow the whistle but mostly consistent for both teams, so no whinging allowed really.

    • Dally M

      Dunno…but it might have had something to do with 3 games in 3 weeks, 2 at altitude & the trip back from South Africa versus the AB’s rested for 3 weeks.

      Very poor use of the bench. That cost us the game. Edmonds was exactly the sort of fresh ball runner we needed in the second half, but again Robbie & Co. just don’t use them when we need them.

  • He’s been doing it all day ref!

    The Wallabies deserved to win that game, but my God does Richie McCaw have it in for any and all Wallaby victories.

  • ross

    Gutted. Good effort across the park by the WBs. Superb fight back by the AB forwards in the last 30 as they dialled it up a notch, again. The AB backs were ordinary tonight. Yet the WBs didn’t make enough of the advantages they created. Seriously, with several good kickers, a left footed kicker should never take a kick from the 15 metre line outwards on the right side of the field. That is where Gits was missing them from.

    Worst thing for me was watching Richie McCheaters try. Seriously, how does a #8 pass it from the back of a scrum to a flanker 5 metres to his left and behind him? By law, that flanker needs to be bound until that #8 passed it! It looked suspect in real time from the grandstands.

    How do the referee and his assistant not pick that up? Empower the bloody assistant referees. The IRB are not keeping pace with professional sports. If they want to stick to one ref and two assistants, well bloody well make them assistant referees instead of touch judges.

    Playing at home in perfect conditions against the ABs without Carter and rotating several others into the starting XV while also have several more out with injuries, this was the ONE the WBs had to win. They honestly did enough with their play in the 80, just those missed goals and that missed penalty for illegal binding that allowed McCheater to score an obviously illegal try my 11 year old son was able to correctly call from 80 metres away!

    • realist

      What you say is true. Wallabies should have beaten this All Blacks “B” team by 20 points. What is wrong?

      • Bob

        For a start, kicking 7 for 7 (to match their 5 for 5) would have meant beating them by 10 points….

    • Garry

      Yet the WBs didn’t make enough of the advantages they created.

      How many times must we hear that. Again, are we moving forward?

      Empower the bloody assistant referees.

      Paddy O’brien, through his recent actions, has frightened touchies to the point of dis-empowerment.

    • Who Needs Melon

      Ross, I was screaming the same thing at the Telly when that happened. They made it look so easy… and it was because he detached early, didn’t he?

      Anyway, credit to the ABs – they made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes in the first half but seemed to really tighten up in the 2nd and just ground it up the field in the forwards phase after phase. Forwards is where we lost it.

    • Joe

      The ref missed heaps of stuff for both teams so you can’t really moan about one single incident.

      WB’s honestly did NOT do enough with their play in the 80 mins. They ran out of gas on the 60 min mark and the AB’s dominated from there.

      • That’s a rather big one, though. Pretty sure that would be a “critical incident” in refereeing terms.

  • Dizzer

    Thought the anthem was so much better with the old boys choir, people could actually sing along. Big improvement on the usual acts.

  • Bob

    You can’t win games when you are only kicking 3 out of 7. Morne Steyn rarely (almost never) misses.. Weepu went 5 for 5. 70 or 80 percent of those kick-able penalties and try conversions need to go between the posts. 70 percent, hell 50 percent, would have meant the game for the Wallabies.

    Everything is still going to come together….however the Wallabies are still going around fixing aspects of their game, while other pieces fall apart. When it comes together, and with some consistency, the results will be massive.

    • pants

      Unfortunately it may NEVER come together. It hasn’t for the past 10 years. Being on the verge of greatness doesn’t mean we’ll get there. Seems like being on the verge is where we stop.

  • Ian

    Thats it!…

    Had enough, I’m done!

    I have played Rugby my whole life, been priveledged enough to play low level rep, Have mates that have won world cups, but this is too F**king much!!

    I am sick of these overpaid, spoilt little turds not respecting the jersey.

    Lots is said about “Progress made” but no, it has been the same for the last 3 years, just bloody primadonnas.

    Stuff it, Im watching the mungo finals from now, thats how bad this is!

    • Groucho

      Some people have way too much time for their own stupid opinions.

      Those kids – and many of them are still kids – played their heart out and turkeys like you pour vitriol on them, moaning and groaning at the TV with a stubby in your hand.

      The fact is they ran the best team round – some say one of the greatest AB teams – as close as hell, and not for the first time.

      “overpaid, spoilt little turds”. Hmmph. Show some fucking respect.

      • Ian

        Groucho, My guess is you are the armchair critic, wake up and smell the failure, you just dont get it, we have the worlds best coach, some of the worlds best talent, and yet, bugger all!!!

        How exactly do you explain this?

        Youth my arse, most of these guys have been 2 years in the squad, youth is no longer the issue, it is entirely attitude that is the problem. I was at the stadium tonight, it was simply not good enough!!!

        It would also help if these damn sydney toffs would get behind their team, but that was totally secondary to the initial failure!

        To improve, you must first accept that you may actually be approaching the game the wrong way.

        We expect more, simple fact!!!

        • Dally M

          World’s best provincial coach. He is yet to show us anything of substance at international level & the misuse of the bench is inexcusable.

      • Ian

        And i assure you that I have done more for aussie rugby, than you bloody armchair critics!!! Oooh Oooh, they are just kids!!! Bolloks, they are Wallabies, they should be MEN!!

    • suckerforred

      Agreed – but still not going to watch Mungo. That will just piss me off more.

  • Paul Parker

    “As predicted, defence was the Wallabies downfall late in the match.” How friggin predictable does it have to be before they bring back Muggleton? Do we have to shout it out — MUGGLETON. When will O’Neill get off his executive arse and make a decision that insists Deans and Muggleton sort out their differences and get on with the job of winning the World Cup back. It’s the national interest and while it may be hard for Deans the Kiwi to stomach that, O’Neill better lay down the law of this land…..or else he might as well bugger off to Christchurch to help clean up there.

  • Mark

    Matt Giteau must be dropped as kicker. We cant miss 3 penalties against the All Blacks and expect to scrape home a win. The All Blacks didn’t win the game the Wallabies lost it – and it wasnt even a A grade All Backs side!!

  • mattyj

    did anyone else think the ref looked a lot like George Michael? Those frosted tips and that neatly trimmed beard, all he needed was a dangly ear-ring with a cross hanging from it.

  • Roo

    I can’t believe the shit Richie was allowed to get away with tonight…. I actually saw the ref yell at McCaw a few times for being in the wrong place but not blow his whistle??? Seriously, he should have been carded. Our work at the breakdown kicked arse tonight. Pocock is amazing, Turner had a blinder, Beale showed all the naysayers that he can defend with the best of them.

    • Dally M

      Seems to be a common thing. The AB player get’s caught offside, raises his hands in apology & the ref lets it go. No matter that the play has been slowed as a result, he got back onside so all is ok. Offside is offside. Penalise it! This is international rugby, not under 12’s. Blow the whistle, don’t warn them.

  • Garry

    And this from a South African news site….

    Australia led 14-6 at halftime and were 13 points in front after winning most of the battles against the world’s number one team, but the physical effort of three consecutive weeks of Test matches took its toll.

    It seems that all and a sunder realised that the boys would be tired, except the three coaching monkeys that we needed to the most. There timing of the use of the bench was poor at least, inept at worst. Stop looking at missed kicks and start to look at the twenty something points that we conceded in the last quarter.

    • Mark

      Gary granted the flood of points we bled in the last quarter is real problem but so is that poor kicking, When games are close they can be won or lost on penalties. We have (at least) two areas to address.

      • Mark

        See the write up in the Sydney Mornig Herald

        But what the Wallabies must do is take a serious look at their goalkicking dilemma. For Matt Giteau to miss four of his seven shots at goal, any of which would have won the Wallabies the Test, is not good enough. And it is not as if Giteau losing his goalkicking compass is a rare occurrence either, as over the past 12 months there have been a number of times when his kicks have gone astray. He is certainly struggling with the pressure shots.

        So it’s now time for one of them to step up and take over kicking duties. It’s that important.

      • Garry

        So an international level coach would make the immediate change in goal kicker that is necessary. A simple decision, of which we have abundant options in the squad, and we move on.

        But instead we have to go through this painful process of repetitively beating the man over the head which the fact that his performance cost us the match.

        The AB’s Three wise men must be doubled over laughing hard. Not only did they win, but they snatched victory at the death for our Sydney siders to walk home with. And now, a dangerous player like Giteau, who is a world beater, has to have his confidence sucked out of him as we dissect the situation over and over, calling him a useless *****.

        Question, Do you think that he is not aware that any of his kicks could have one the match? Put yourself in his shoes, and imagine waking up with that on your mind today.

  • Joe Mac

    Signs of improvement. We played 60 minutes of great footy and should have beat the world number 1’s if Giteau could kick.

    Seeing he can’t; would he please mind f*cking off to France?

    Barnes deserves a shot. His defence his better. His kicking could not possibly be worse and he can pass a ball…

    AB’s didn’t look the same without Carter. If he or Richie are injured they are very vulnerable. Kaino should have started. Vito is not AB material yet.

    They say you enjoy winning but learn from losing. This year while not a good one for fans will certainly bode well for next years WC. I look forward to another chokefest from the AB’s.

    • Ian

      Sorry, not for this post, but for previous,

      I agree with Joe Mac, we need to ditch Gits.

      Give the job to A Faiinga, his work in prem league was amazing, as was his time with the reds, the Faiinga is the future!

    • Garry

      I look forward to another chokefest from the AB’s.

      I remember feeling the same way during the match. Sadly, as WB’s supporters, that is all we have to look forward to.

      Wouldn’t it be great if we were playing to our ability, and instead, were looking forward to both teams going head to head in a great match.

      Big JON, how do you feel?

  • CJ

    Anyone think that the Wallabies have missed a trick by not having a restarts coach?
    A kicking coach?
    A defence coach?
    Christ…. when England won in 2003 they were the most highly organised and managed team… all the players had to do was go out and play. They were fit, strong, they even had ‘hand eye’ cordination coach!
    Personally, we need to sort out this off field support team…. and build a bigger ‘camp wallaby’ base around the players.
    In relation to the game… ok we lost and I hate that and I’m sick of it. But the positives for me are that the Blacks are vulnerable. The world cup is still 12 months away and anything could happen to Carter/McCaw and co over the next season, and they will be under huge pressure at home… and I can see France or SA turning them over in a semi final.
    For our boys, it’s been a long 3 weeks on the road, they are tired, and will continue to learn and grow from losess like this. I always believed the best thing for the Wallabies in ’91 was that we lost a test in NZ to the Blacks before we set off.
    Yes, we have a lot of talent to come back. And we will continue to improve. Remember, we’ve only got to get it right come semi final time in 12 months and win two games and we are world champs but…. we wont be until the IRB start taking seriously the issue of McCaw’s infringements, the referees performances improve dramatically and the Wallabies learn the off field lesson of the past year just as much as the on field lessons.

    • CJ

      Agree re above – can we see a graph etc of how many penalties per yellow cards the Blacks give away/receive in their own 22m zone.
      And… lets get a fitness coach on board fulltime if we dont have one already. the power, fitness and physiques of the Blacks is still 15% more than the Aussies.
      Gits clearly has a ‘yip’ in his kicking style. This wouldn’t happen in England or NZ… where Dave Alred or Grant Fox, Andrew Merhtens etc would work day and night with the player to improve and perfect techniques.
      Finally…maybe… less time on twitter and doing each other’s hair… more time earning your $600K a year and be out kicking and practising? Just an idea.

  • KDog

    Ok I am also gutted. Another “bang”, but they went close.

    From the back.
    KB had another good game which can only be good for his confidence, and boy he can run.
    Turner had a good game he has lots of ticker, was it him that came up and put a good tackle on Nonu in the last 20min. I would pick Turner over Schmoo any day, because of his attitude he keeps on trying. Schmoo thinks he’s a superstar and goes missing from time to time.
    JOC needs time on the wing to learn how to defend as a wing, his error coming in on Read allowed the try. He also needs to be coached how to catch a high ball, I can’t stand seeing him run in and jump up only to knock the ball off his chest and hand the ball over. But he is still a kid.
    AAC had a solid game but ran out of puff in the last 20.
    Gits, well I think its time to put him on the bench and use him as an impact player. I don’t think he should have kicking rights. I have squirmed for years, every time a WB player takes a penalty kick, as we have not had a consistent kicker since Matt Burke days. How is it that the Boks and ABs always have a good kicker. We cannot allow points to be left on the field if we want to compete and make an impact at this level. Gary Player said the harder I practice the luckier I get.
    Cooper well I think he had an average game, his positional kicking was good. But his tackling is terrible and he’s not a small lad. It seemed to me that the back line did not have the spark that they showed against the Boks.
    Sanchez ran out of puff and seemed clueless at times not the same standard as we have seen him play at the Reds.
    Ben Mac had a reasonable game at 8, but he runs in to a tackle too upright, needs to be taught how to hurt someone when they try to tackle him, he’s a big lad and he must learn to make some one pay to take him down.
    Rocky, I think he looks like a petulant schoolboy when he complains or talks to the ref. They need to take him aside and coach him on body language and posture and how to talk to refs. I think the captaincy is effecting his potential at playing a good game.
    Bam Bam had a good game, felt he overdid it with the ref a couple of times, but is all heart and gives it a go. Did you see how gutted he was as the final whistle went.
    Oh the locks.. Sharpie steady game but do we need some help here. Why don’t they use Van as Chisholm is no good and Mum, well I don’t know.
    Front row well thats a dark place to go, can’t believe that Moore missed his strike’s but thats a communication problem between Sanchez and him.

    Ok the WBs are a young team and they played a “B” AB’s team. it would have been different if Carter was there, Cruden did not play well and he is too small for a 5/8th i dont think we will see him back again. In the first 40 the WB’s were in contention. In the last 20 the ABs changed thier game plan and ran at the WB forwards and the WB forwards ran out of puff. The 3 weeks of games and travel took their toll.

    The WB’s are improving, they came close and they are now second on the world ladder and it showed.
    What I do not understand is Deans lack of use of his bench. I would have made wholesale changes at the 60 min mark, I had hoped that Barnes was going to stay on the field. Why have a bench if you are going to use them for 2 – 5 minutes. It is beyond me.

    Deans is a good coach, but has only really coached at Super 14 level. I don’t think he realises he needs help. The WBs need a few extra coaches. A sports psych coach to get them to believe in themselves, a kicking coach, and a new defense coach.

    There is still time to improve, we all say once the other players are back we will be ok, but we have to get this team as good as it can be, because injuries are a part of rugby.

    Having watched the ITM in NZ and the Currie Cup you realise what depth of players they have in NZ and SA and how well the WBs do for not having as much cattle.

    So even though I am gutted I will still a WBs supporter be…
    Look forward to saying … “Go you good thing go” as Budha would say in the good old Easles days…

    • Garry

      Moore missed his strike’s

      Didn’t that happen last week? I swear, I haven’t seen clean tight-head scrums at international level since Adam was a boy. Oh my god.

  • Springboche

    They’re the first team in the competition to ever win all their Tri-Nations games.

    Only if for some reason you’re inclined to discount New Zealand’s blackwash of the competition in 1996, 1997 and 2003 and the South African’s whitewash of it 1998.

    Check your facts, particularly if your primary source is ‘strayan match commentators.

    • Lance Free

      It’s the first whitewash in the extended competition – its now 6 games. I’ve made it clearer.

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    I hate it when comments aren’t clear.

    Anyone wonder how Tangawizi feels?

  • jonnyD

    Did anybody else find the persecution, and effective nullification of Bam Bam mysterious ? He dominates a couple of games with his breakdown work and gives away barely a penalty in super 14, and yet suddenly he is called repeatedly for doing exactly the same thing.!! My suspicion is that the powers that control the refs ( Paddy O??) has had a word to Lawrence during the week because it seemed to me that Bam Bam was penalised when others were not — only Bam Bam … It is a shame that after reviewing the Bloemfontein game OBrien did not warn refs and touchies to watch flankers breaking early from attacking scrums to run interfeence ( see Burger then and Mccaw last night) BUt that would nullify an all black advantage wouldn’t it.

    • suckerforred

      But wasn’t interesting how pissed and ancious Sir Ritchie was getting with Bam Bam’s performance. A positive reflection on how Pocock is performing.

      I think that the wallabies as a whole need to lighten up on the ‘penality appeal’. Once the ref blows his whistle he is rarely going to change his mind, and appealing for the penality does very little if the opposition has taken their chance adn advanced up the field. If there is a valid issue with the way the game is running – wait for a break in the game and let the captain approach. Playing any sport you need to take to good with the bad and play the calls on the day.

      Yep we all winge at the reffing mistakes, but I think that the ARU needs to stand up to Paddy O and start pointing out the issues that are becoming a large influence on the game we all love.

      • Garry

        As has been discussed before, I would say the most professional approach to the variances of referee interpretations is to adapt. If the ‘sleeping Kiwi’ is not being policed, we need to implement the ‘sleeping WB’. It is no good complaining about the vagaries of interpretations. While ever Paddy O’brien is in the big chair, nothing is going to change.

        The style of Sir Richie the Unquestionable is to push to the limits, gauge the line, and then retreat back slightly. A lesson well worth our learning. Sadly, once again, this is not within the coaching scope of the Dingo trio.

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    Shit a brick……it’s after 11am the day after and I’m still simmering.

    Lots have been said already about Richie’s ‘try’ & Gits kicking. So enough on that.

    But I do wonder about things like ‘who determines that Gits is the kicker’? It seems reasonable to me that during the week & even at the warm-up before the game, it comes down to who slots them better. I mean shit a brick these are points on offer for the team and the fans and we seem to treat it as if it’s MG’s right of passage or something. So let’s sort it and have the best kicker taking the shots. Who have we got? Gits, KB, JOC, BB. There’s probably another one in there too. Give the job to the best most consistent boot. Surely this can’t be Gits!

    Okay with that off my chest. Just a general point of how I feel.

    Seems hard for me to work out where we actually fit into the broad scheme of things. AB’s B team with 3 weeks off and rusty and missing Carter versus Wallabies team with key players missing, leg weary after the Boks, tired after the long flight, poor use of bench, Gits missing 9 kickable points, Richie’s ‘try’ right in front of the ref………….it’s all too much for me to work out.

    Are we improving or not? That’s the question. Let’s look at the things within our control.

    * Clearly we don’t seem to have learnt a real lot about how to use the bench.
    * I’d reckon a kicker needs at least 75% to get the gig – select accordingly.
    * We’re still too slow to the breakdown and too many people waiting for someone else to do the work = AB’s blow over the top and ball turned over.
    * Rocky isn’t being taken seriously by the Ref (something needs to change)

    On the positives – I thought our scrum held up okay. I liked our lineout. Restart receives were better but then their 10 wasn’t the best. The National Anthem was GREAT!!!!!!!

    Sorry Robbie but I’m with the others here. We need Muggleton or Les Kiss to stiffen-up our defence.

  • Robson

    Just two things about last night’s match for me.

    The ABs won the contest at the breakdown and when the WBs tired in the second half that became a critical area because the breakdown is the “glue” to maintaining possession. Set pieces simply restart the game and are largely determined by whose “put in” it is. The breaddown is more of an open contest and it was a contest that, last night, was won by the ABs. They therefore won the game.

    Having said that ,Gitieau’s conversion attempt would have won the game for the WBs. Yeah he missed three penalties as well, but it was the conversion that would have won the game if it had gone over.

    Everytime a penalty is missed there is a restart from the 22 so the flow and nature of the game changes from where it might have otherwise flown to. A successful kick which would have restarted the game from the halfway mark and the shape of the match would almost certainly have been different. Maybe only marginally different, but different all the same; and maybe different enough to interfere with the final scoreline.

    With a conversion attempt the game is always restarted from the halfway mark irrespective of whether the kick goes over or not. If Gitiea had slotted the conversion the flow of the game would not have changed. If he had been successful with the first penalty the game may not have followed the course it did. So in the end it was only his missed conversion that was critical. it would have won the test match by a single point.

    My membership of the MG Fan Club has well and truly lapsed. However, I don’t think it is fair to bag one person for the loss when sustained intensity by the whole forward pack at the breakdown would have ensured continued possession and maybe the opportunitiy to score more points late in the match.

    The ABs won in the final few minutes because they muscled up at the breakdown and we didn’t.

  • Derano

    The ABs played very badly and Oz started well. Vito showed his inexperience by showing McCalman the gap. Cruden struggled with his kicking game and direction. The attack continuity and lineout suffered after the early loss of Mealamu. And they had Nonu playing at halfback for a while…?
    Australia plays a fast-paced game that can quickly rack up the points but they cant play that way for the full 80 minutes. It seems to be that they play for 60 then try and hang in there until the final whistle. The ABs are more measured. The Wallabies should have won, the ABs were woeful.

  • pants

    If we’re going to have a clean out, lets get rid of the channel 7 commentry team. Every last one of them. I’ve suffered their inane mind numbingly boring bullsh*t commentry for far too long. I remember when channel 10 did the world cup and they had Ben Tune and Ben Darwin doing the commentry and it was sooo much better. Just had to get that one off my chest.

  • JKB

    The wallabies were the better team last night and the only reason they lost is that Giteau kicked 3/7. Why did it take him 7 attempts to realize there was a problem?
    The Wallabies with their enterprising and solid play earned several penalties and conversions that should have been converted, to the tune of 10 points. The TEAM earned those points but unfortunately one of the most experienced and high profile players in the team again showed he doesn’t have what it takes the be a clutch goal kicker. Giteau has cost the Wallabies 2 tests this year with his lack of composure, concentration and skill.

    The simple fact about rugby is that whomever has the most points on the board at the end of the 80 minutes wins. You must convert your point scoring opportunities when they present themselves, especially against the AB’s. The AB’s are always going to finish strongly and score points, especially against a team playing their third test in as many weeks and who are still suffering from the flight back from Africa. The aim is to be far enough ahead to counter that. Not even the AB’s could have come back from 32-6 down with 20 to play.

    It’s hard to take 10 losses in a row, however, everything has gone right for the AB’s this year. Having said that, what they have achieved is remarkable.

    In my opinion the constant focus on the World Cup has cheapened test rugby. What the All Blacks have done this year is far harder to achieve than winning the World Cup. They have beaten all the home nations, France, the Spring Boks and the Wallabies without a loss in 15 games. That is worth 2 World Cups.

  • Cpt Croweater

    Did anyone else hear Greg Martin say “shit” early in the first half?

    • dave

      I heard him say a lot of shit in both halves. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  • dave

    There were a few glaring misses by the ref. One was the obvious McCaw disengaging from the scrum that lead to the 1st AB try. He didn’t just disengage the once but also on the preceeding scrum. What game was Lawrence and the “assistant” ref watching? Then there was Conrad Smith “pillar attacking” which I wouldn’t have had a problem with except for the fact it happened just after Barnes was penalised (incorrectly) for exactly the same thing. After all how many times does this happen in a game? He’s only going to start penalising it now? Then there was Kaino picking the ball up from behind him in the ruck just before the Read try. (Admittedly the laws are unclear whether this is offside.) Then there was McCaw sheperding Elsom off the tackle, that the Foxsports commentators called subtle. It was anything but. Then there was, . . .

    Admittedly the WBs also got away with things but not to the same level of the ABs.

    Overall the loss can be put down to a few things. Giteau’s inaccuracy, the WBs running out of legs, and the ref confusing himself, both teams, and the spectators on what he is prepared to let go and what he will ping. The last being the most influential factor. The ref’s inconsistant decisions, not just Lawrence, but the refs performance during the whole tournament is, for a die hard rugby fan and WB supporter such as myself, very frustrating.
    And I’m sick of the constant justification for the AB’s openside cheater of “if he gets away with it good on him, that’s his job”
    Maybe it’s my bias but it seems the WBs also lost the sub-game of “getting away with it”.
    The ABs are very fortunate to now hold the record that they do. They are masterful cheaters but I’m tired of this being lauded as a virtue.

    Whinge over.

  • Robbo

    Close but no doughnut pigs…

    Well well. Wasnt it nice to see some ABs looking stressed and under pressure? Wasn’t it nice to see some panic in their smug faces? Wasn’t it horrible to see it all fall away again in the last seconds? McCaw’s try was probably illegal. Flankers cannot break bind of the scrum until the ball has left the scrum. In saying that AACs try involved a tackler on Genia being interfered with by the Ref. So perhaps its even. I’m going to be bold and predict that WBs will beat ABs next year and bring Bill home. ABs peaking to early, WBs starting to threaten. Plus coming off back of two games on tour at altitude (which showed around the 60min mark), numerous injuries, immature coaching usage of the bench a bit of bad luck and finally crap goal kicking. These issues are all issues that are capable of a quick and easy remedy. A lot has been said of defence. Again going to be controversial and say that this isnt a problem. What has happened is that av. gas high octane tactics implemented by the WBs, ABs, Bulls (not SA) have resulted in defences looking flimsier than they are. A Wegner (soccer coach) says pace is the one thing you can´t defend and i think that is applicable here …if you think of “pace“ being applied to the team tactic as a whole. But screw defence. This brand of rugby is awesome to watch (dont think i am fit and young enough any more to play)… In short… patience my pretty fans. WBs have a good chance of beating the ba$tards in their own back yard for Bill. We´d probably all happily trade that for the next 5Bled cups. I´d like to see a bit more chip and chase from the classy WB backlines. ABs are so flat in defence and a wee chip over the top could pay dividends.

  • Toadman

    Ok enough is enough, this needs thrashing out. Deans’ record is the worst in the 45 years I have been involved in rugby. This myth about his coaching skills needs examination. He was assistant coach in the ABs failed 2003 campaign and presided over a set of brilliant canterbury players who formed the majority of the ABs. It would take no skill to get those guys up. Don’t forget his taking the Crusaders to 10th in the Super 12 either when his cattle were not as strong. He is a tactical buffoon. I have watched this team fumble kickoffs, kick incessantly and crack when the pressure builds (Scotland, Ireland, ABs)in the last 2 years. We now have a good running team but that is what I expect of the Wallabies and I thank Phil Mooney and co for uncovering Genia, Cooper and others not bloody Deans. It is an abomination a KIWI is coaching my bloody team. I am hurting for a week when the ABs beat us but I wonder how much this bloke is bleeding. Ship him home. All this crap that we are a young team. There are plenty of vets in this team. But we are learning according to Deans. Learning what I am not sure. He is a bum


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