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Sharks V. Reds – Review

Sharks V. Reds – Review

The Sharks lost JP Pieterson in the warm up. A late change to any team is disruptive but the sharks seem to handle it with no problems. The expected fine weather has not eventuated and it looks like another wet game for the Reds.

The first try comes to the Reds off a 15 metre lineout. Horwill soared high for the ball and in the ruck slips it to James Hanson, who takes off for the line carrying two men over in the act of scoring. The sharks have made most of the play so far and the Reds have score off their very first opportunity.

The rain is coming down quite heavily now and the wind is clearly effecting play. Harris has a shot at goal from a scrum penalty but the wind is strong enough to push it under the cross bar. After a strong first 10 minutes from the Sharks  the reds have evened up possession and are on the front foot.

A major blow for the Reds 22 minutes in as Harris limps off the field with a knee injury. Morahan moves to outside Centre and Tapaui moves to the more familiar inside centre position. After sustained pressure in the 22 the Reds score through Higginbotham. Great team work from the Reds, a dozen phases and every player handling in the lead up.

The Game loses it third player to injury as Sykes goes down with a knee injury. The big second rower is replaced by Jandre Mairius. The Reds are disrupting the Sharks lineout and the  Reds back are finding space.

A poor clearance from Will Genia gifts the Sharks possession deep in reds territory and the replacement Marius crashes over for a good try. Jannie Du plessis goes off with an injury after 35 minutes. A bad blow for the prop in his first game back after injury. The Sharks look to have scored another try on the back of some great play and sustained pressure but the try is disallowed on a dangerous entry to a ruck from Willem Alberts.

Ioane is sin binned for a lifting tackle directly in front of the post and Patrick Lambe slots the penalty on the stroke of half time. I can’t say that I agree with the new lifting interpretations. Although the tackle was similar to others penalised recently Ioane lifted Coetzee barely 2 feet off the ground. Hardly dangerous.The Reds go into oranges with a  17 – 10 lead.

After a strong display in the middle of the half the Sharks dominated the last 7 minutes of the half and come out and score 3 points straight after the break to continue their point scoring spree. Poor ball security is costing the Reds dearly. They are trapped deep in their own half but have given up possession 3 time to the Sharks.

The Reds Now lose Ben Lucas to injury. The only replacement is another scrum half. Genia moves to one of the back positions and Nic Frisby takes over. Desperate measures now for the Reds. Faingaa Replaces Hanson and Ioane returns from the Sin bin giving the Reds some chance of surviving this onslaught .

After 10 minutes of sustained pressure Keegan Daniel crashes over from the back of a scrum. The Reds have no one to blame but themselves for losing the lead. They have given up possession too many times to expect anything else.

Frisby intercepts a short pass from the sharks and kicks ahead for Ioane who passes is back in the tackle for Frisby to score. The reds Score against the run of play to take the lead again 22 – 20.

From the kick off the Reds loses the ball again and Riaan Viljoen goes over to take the lead back for the Sharks.

The Reds badly disrupted back line appears to be 10. Genia, 12. Tapiau and 13. Turnstile Morahan. They are behind 27 -22 and with 10 minutes left only a miracle can save them now. Genia keeps forgetting he’s a 5/8 now and turns up at the back of rucks a couple of times.

The Miracle doesn’t come for the Reds this time. The Sharks deserving winners 27 -22 in an entertaining and fiercely fought match. The reds never recovered from the loss of both playmakers and did well to compete as well as they did. The worrying trend of losing possession in their own half will be worring Coach Ewen McKenzie, but if anyone can fix it Link can.

  • Hoppy35

    Viljoens try preceded by du plessis arguably not releasing in the tackle and a sharks forward cleaning a reds forward out by entering ruck from the side. Kaplan is hugely inconsistent.

    • bill

      If all refs were as inconsistent as Kaplan I’d be a pretty happy spectator. I had some angst on his interpretation at the breakdown at times and I don’t know why we didn’t get more scrum penalties but that was a pretty fair game from Kaplan. We lost because we made more mistakes than they did.

      Whether through eagerness, execution or pressure. I can’t fault our adventure or effort. Or the ref.

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  • gav wanganeen

    No surprises an Oz team lost a match in RSA refereed by Kaplan and TMO Shaun Veldsman, who is NO DOUBT on the take from bookies. So, nothing to see here. Move on….

    BTW – Reds bias on this website is palpable. Cop the header “Sharks v reds – Review” as opposed to the serially overjoyed “Tahs get smashed” “articles” that get posted here……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………

    • muffy

      thats coz the reds are awesome …

      • They are aren’t they!

    • Dougs

      If you want ‘tahs bias then just go to rugbyheaven…

      • I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it.

    • Hi Gav.The articles are written by fans of the 5 Australian franchises and if 2 Australian sides play the home side usually does the Review. Maybe you just noticed the difference between a Reds Fan and a Waratahs fan.

  • gav wanganeen

    I didnt watch the game but apparently JP Pietersen scored a try from the sideline….dear me.

    • Did I make a stuff up in the article? I can’t spot it.

  • Train Without A Station

    As a huge Reds fan I’d say the Reds were a little unlucky on the injury front but otherwise the Sharks just deserved the win. The last 2 tries to them were down to bad defense. Not all doom and gloom considering the losses of players due to injury during the game but I think Link will be disappointed with the defense and the mentioned loss of possession.

    I must say it was a good game the watch. Both teams were having a red hot go for a lot of the game. At one point in the first half the Sharks recycling of the ball after pilfering an energetic Reds attack was great to watch.

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  • Big nick

    Sharks had a lot of their springboks out on injury for this game. At times it looked like Kaplan was over compensating his neutrality. A lot of 50/50 calls went to the Reds. Sharks scored most of their points from sustained pressure and set phase. Reds were more opportunistic with their scoring. They will not defend their trophy with that type of rugby.

  • Bally Moore

    few things for me from the match…

    1. Glimpses there of last season – fast, sharp phase play. play that way for even 10 minutes a match instead of 2, season will start to pick up (or at least not dive).

    2. Link gave airtime last week to ref not giving a card for repeated infringments on defence in scoring range. I suspect he may be a bit quiter on the topic this week.

    3. Can someone who knows scrums (or rules) tell me – is it a penalty if the hooker pops his head up under pressure ? Or is it just when a wallaby hooker does it ? I thought the reds scrum went well, particularly in 1H, and du plessis was popping up every single scrum. a Penalty for even half of them would have massively changed the game. Reds deserved better reward there.

    4. I am surprised at how little attention there has been to what looked for all money a simple knock on before the sharks end of 1H try. Whoever attempted to field the clearing kick from the reds seemed to stop and curse himself after dropping, only to play on in amazement at no whistle. a handful of phases later and they are over. Margin was an unconverted try. I havnt seen a replay so maybe i missed something…? Perhaps its just because at the end of the day – Sharks were the better team and fair enough.

    5. Any crispness and fluency genia has at 9, he doesnt have at 10, although cant hold that against him. Highlights Jono Lance value and on that note Rod Davies is a winger (and not first choice right now), not a 15.

    6. Frisby was good…

    • Muffy

      re Bismarks head, it was glaringly obvious he did it nearly every scrum, they also deliberately collapsed the scrum once the reds got a shove on preceding one try, but everyone in SA, NZ and England knows that we could never win a scrum… ever…

      Also I got a bit sick of the “Leave it Reds” call every time they attacked the breakdown…methinks its an SA hangover from Pococks (awesome) display in the quarter final…look forward to the same…they will have to balance that perceived ledger for quite some time…

      • bill

        Well I was wondering how Genia would go at 5/8. Gotta be careful what you wish for I guess.

        Still, It can’t be that familiar a situation for them.

        To me the biggest problem we had was one of Bob Dwyer’s bugbears: passing the ball behind the man instead of in front.

        A couple of players I’m a fan of didn’t have great games here, Lucas and Davies. I think they just need more time at it. Lucas looked ok, but his passes weren’t great, and Davies just got too keen and safe by turns.

        The forwards gave the backs enough of a platform to win but they just didn’t get it done.

        Overall I’m pretty encouraged by the composure and confidence the Reds have shown this year.

        Robbie has rocks in his head if anyone but Ben Tapui is wearing the 12 jersey for aus this year. *cough* McCabe* *cough*. (barring injury).

  • bill

    On a side note that has gotta be the worst away jersey we’ve ever fielded.

    I’m working on the theory that some think tank came up with a design that just made the opposition slide their eyes away from it, and the wearer, in some sort of effort not to be contaminated by that shit. It belongs at the mardi gras. …..Or at the David Jones make up counter.

    Who knows, maybe it’s some sort of ironic post modern deconstruction of traditonal aussie masculine stereotypes! ….it’s still shiiit!

  • free45

    Whats all this reds=loyal, tahs=disloyal garbage….?

    Is this forum full of Gen Y Qlders too young to remember the Sydney City Roosters-esque crowds in the Jones era? (Rhetorical.Look it up.)


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