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Shocka of the week – Round 6

Shocka of the week – Round 6

Which is is your Barry Crocker of the round and why? We had to whittle these down to a manageable list this week.


Shocka of Round 6

  • GoForGold

    Lucas made me LOL.

  • Tim

    It’s a tough call LOL

  • Nutta

    Gotta go to Lucas

    Kimlin – the cut-out pass was the right idea with just crap execution. The man he tried to pass to was unmarked and clear

    Timani – a tight5 forward didn’t move up fast enough and left room on the outside by an early-moving AAC then to be outrun on his outside shoulder by a back. No suprise there

    Lucas – poor execution and a lack of urgency to recover

    B’thm – shit happens

    The Lucas one puzzled me as there appeared to be no urgency to recover after the initial screw-up. His running back after the initial mistake almost seemed to be at half pace

  • Barbarian

    Kimlin for mine. For two reasons:

    1. It secured the game for the Stormers after the Brumbies had done well to graft back into it.
    2. Locks should never throw cut-out passes. Because THAT happens.

    • Parra

      Definitely Kimlin – for the reasons stated above. But more specifically – FORWARDS should not throw cut-out passes (unless your name is George Smith). Just as FORWARDS should not kick (unless your name is George Smith). Actually Moore had a splendid kick, but I still maintain, FORWARDS should not kick. Stick to what you’re supposed to do and let the backs stuff it up.

      Timani’s and Lucas’s were more clips for funniest home videos reel. Lucas was way to slow to get back, and way to slow to react once the Blues got the ball. Betham had a very off night but Kimlin threw away the chance they had of saving the game.

  • Lucas and Betham, just hilarious. Kimlin wins with disastrous results.

  • Swat

    Sorry Gags but the Shocka of The Week has to go to Kurtley Beale.

    • Nutta

      Fair call that

      • RobG

        Haha true. But on the pitch I’d have gone for folou. That’s gotta be up there for botched try of the season.

  • Fan of Tahs

    Jeez, the Rebels got off lightly

  • cay_t

    How are at least one of the Farce’s botched tries not on there? For example… Godwin only had the FB to beat, had a man inside and out, yet chose to chip it into the hands of the Cheetah’s FB… Pek Cowan had one to beat and a back outside him, chose to hit it up instead… I could go on…

  • Miles

    “We had to whittle these down to a manageable list this week.”

    hahahaha, oh man… you could have put the whole Rebels Sharks game in there, a shocker every phase by the Rebels.

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