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SIRU2017 Grand Final – Leeton Phantoms v Wagga Waratahs

SIRU2017 Grand Final – Leeton Phantoms v Wagga Waratahs


Christmas has come early this year for those folks out in the MIA, the Leeton Phantoms have been the gift that keeps on giving this season for their loyal supporters and have swept all before them this season. Can they bring home the bacon on their home turf?

Waratahs have been the only team to get within Cooee of the high scoring Phantoms in 2017 and if you listen to their inner sanctum, they’ll tell you they had the Phantoms beat. Their thoughts don’t matter at this stage of the season though do they? It’s all about what happens at Leeton #1 Oval at 3:15pm Saturday.

The Phantoms have been through some lean years in recent times but have been slowly building over the past two or three seasons and have definitely hit their straps in 2017. With a strong island flavour, they are deadset bristling with pace across the park and have scoring prowess from 1-15.

The folks that I’ve been talking to keep telling me that Leeton are dangerous on the fringes but I’ve seen something different. They definitely push teams to the edges in defence and swing from side to side with ease but the area that I’ve seen Leeton exploit teams has been through the middle after creating mismatches.

The defensive structure will be at the forefront of Waratah’s thoughts this weekend, with no doubt in their minds that they need to nail every ball carrier to the turf with ball in hand or face the prospect of a Leeton off-load and 70m in territory. Waratahs have some strong defenders and these guys will need to work hard but any defensive format is only as strong as the weakest link and there are some soft defenders in the Waratahs 1st XV who need to step up if they want to hoist the silverware on Saturday afternoon.

Leeton have been pretty patient in defence from what I have seen this season, they’re happy to tackle and tackle and tackle, not worrying about pilfering too much but relying on strong mid-section contact to force errors and then counter attack. Guys like Simon Vunilagi and Bill Bevan are the back bone of the Phantoms defence and will be keen to give it to Waratahs on this front.

While the Phantoms are avid ball carriers and obviously enjoy throwing the pill around, one area of their game that they’re not so confident in is their set-piece and I reckon this is an area of the game that Waratahs will be keen to exploit. Waratahs had Leeton’s measure at scrum time two weeks ago and if their form in this area continues, it does expose a weakness in the Phantom’s lineup.
Lineouts are pretty even, however Waratahs showed last weekend against City that they can pilfer lineout ball if the opposition throw is not accurate. This is an area that Leeton have shown a lack of focus at times and if they aren’t accurate tomorrow, they could find themselves on the back foot here.
Both backrows work pretty hard, albeit with different focuses for their respective clubs. Sam Bunny showed some great individual skills for some long range efforts last week and Waratahs will be hoping he emulates that form this week. I wouldn’t be confident that he’ll get the same leeway from the Phantoms cover defence in the big dance.
Veriti Tupou has been a key player for the Phantoms this season and young Tom Hallam from Waratahs will have his work cut out for him chasing Freddy around. The sniping runs that Freddy has been able to execute this season have been the starter for some serious linebreaks and shutting down this aspect of the Phantoms game around the rucks and through the middle is going to be important in the GF.
During the regular season, Leeton have scored 881 points to Waratahs 584 which shows you that in 14 games, they scored roughly 63 points For (Waratahs 41). Defensively, Leeton only leaked 194 points (avg 14 per game) vs Waratahs 321 which equates to 23 points per game.
2017 results for these guys look like this:
Round 3: Leeton 40 bt Waratahs 36
Round 10: Leeton 54 bt Waratahs 27
Finals Week 2: Leeton 66 bt Waratahs 27
What does this mean in terms of results for the Grand Final? Probably not much, but it’s worth looking into these figures just as an insight into their previous results.
This weekend is an historic occasion for the competition as it’s the first time in SIRU history that they’ve taken the GF away from Conolly Park. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of crowd show up to see Leeton run round on their home turf and what impact this has on their performance.
The weatherman is tipping a mostly sunny 16 odd degrees in Leeton this weekend which should make for a sensational platform for what should be a really entertaining game of rugby. Expect to see plenty of strong tackles and Fijian flair on display in this game as the Phantoms attempt to bag their first GF on their home turf.

SIRU2017 Grand Final kicks off at 3:15pm at Leeton #1 Oval

Referee: S Donelan


1. Harry Cook
2. Jock Munr0
3. James Daley
4. Austin Wallace
5. Joe Mullany
6. Harry Hosegood
7. Sam Bunny
8. Dave Armstrong
9. Tom Hallam
10. Xavier Chigwidden
11. Dan Selmes
12. Tim Corcoran C
13. Matt Shortis
14. Tom Hobbs
15. Ooon Bonner
Coach. Angus Macleod


1. Kula Kaloudonu
2. Tim Rolls
3. Si Ratudradra
4. Tino Semeti
5. Emori Vueti Vulagi
6. Dennis Feagi
7. Bill Bevan ©
8. Simon Vunilagi
9. Veriti Tupou
10. Jimmy Moore
11. Joe Ratu
12. Noa Rabici
13. Adriu Tagilala
14. Joe Tuidreke
15. Petero Tautusi
Coach. Marika Vunibaka


  • yourmatesam

    Thanks GAGR for your ongoing support for rugby in the bush. Much appreciated guys!

  • Nutta

    Its been great to see the resurgence of the Phantoms. After sampling more than a few quiet ales and Kava in the Skull Cave over the years it’s great to see them up.

    Cheers to the Tahs. A truely great Country club. Fantastic to see them in the GF for 1sts, 2nds and 3rds with only the Tarts missing out. Demolish 40 beers. Drink rum with all of us. And don’t give a bugger about anyone other who don’t give a bugger about us. Only sorry that Soapy isn’t there to see it – but I guess he saw plenty anyway.

  • Maulalltheway

    Cracking preview YMS. As always your insight into the game is outstanding. Thanks again for your coverage.
    Go well.
    Leeton, Well done. Cracking return to the top. Ratudradra, Vunilagi, Ratu and Rabici will be hard to stop. If Daley, Armstrong/Hosegood, Corcoran and Selmes/Hobbs/Bonner can contain these 4 blokes it will be a ripping game.
    Thanks again

  • Pearcewreck

    Leeton Phantoms is a great name for a club.
    Up there with Narromine Gorillas.
    And do the Phantoms still have an image of The Phantom on their jersey?
    I used to love that comic strip.

    • Nutta

      Yep. A big Phantom head on their chest. And they play with the colour schemes etc. They also used to wear letters instead of numbers but not sure if they still do. The clubhouse is the Skull Cave and there is a Skull Throne mounted on a stage. They were always a fun club.

      • Pearcewreck

        Thanks Nutta.

  • Nick

    Nice work on the preview.

  • yourmatesam

    Thirds Deni bt Tahs 20-17
    2nds City bt Tahs 22-17
    Women’s Leeton 32 bt CSU 27
    1st Grade Leeton 30 bt Tahs 29

    Thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys. A great day out at Leeton #1 Oval.

    Congratulations to the Leeton Phantoms and commiserations to Wagga Waratahs.

    A great First Grade GF.

  • Warcomet

    Wow Vunibaka looking out of shape in that pic, well tbf, he is 42…

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