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Statistics: Bledisloe 2 Wallabies v All Blacks

Statistics: Bledisloe 2 Wallabies v All Blacks

A much better performance from the Wallabies last week but the All Blacks still look another step up in class.

The statistics confirm what most of us already know – the Wallabies are retaining possession but have little to offer in attack.  It’s obvious to the vast majority of G&GR readers that Giteau shouldn’t play #10 ever again and there’s no doubt Cooper will slot straight back into that position for the next game.  The question is where will Giteau go?  It’s interesting that Giteau is allowed to play for his club this weekend but the rumours are that neither Quade Cooper or Anthony Faingaa will be allowed to play for their club side.

I’ll be posting a separate analysis on the Wallabies attacking woes next week but for now, following are some numbers comparing the Wallabies possession and tries scored so far in the Tri Nations.

Number of Times in Possession 37 29 42 108
Number of Phases 139 128 154 421
Average Phases Per Possession 4 4 4 4
Tries 2 3 1 6
Percentage of Possession Sequences Ending in Tries 5% 10% 2% 6%
OPPOSITION       Total
Number of Times in Possession 41 37 40 118
Number of Phases 129 114 114 357
Average Phases Per Possession 3 3 3 3
Tries 2 7 2 11
Percentage of Possession Sequences Ending in Tries 5% 19% 5% 9%

Some other key areas we’ve been following closely are Defence and Possession Lost.

DEFENCE v SA v NZ v NZ Total
Tackles Attempted 169 171 163 503
Made 147 141 141 429
Missed 22 30 22 74
Made % 87% 82% 87% 85%
Tackles – Dominant % 23% 17% 10% 14%
Tackles – Completed % 77% 83% 90% 86%
Possession Lost at Breakdown 2 4 9 15
Possession Lost Other Than at Breakdown 18 4 8 30
Total Possessions Lost 20 8 17 45
As a Percentage of Total Possessions 54% 28% 40% 28%

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  • Dally M

    Pretty sure i read somewhere he is definitely not playing for his club as Robbie doesn’t want to risk him getting injured.

  • Old Weary

    Great work on the stat’s Austin.

    The one that jumps out at me is the no. of phases/ no. os posessions of the AB’s relative to the rest (both Wallabies and SB’s) ie. they are much more efficient using possesion.

    So with the Wallabies having a failrly consistent missed tackle count, I can only assume the majority of tries came in untouched?

    • fatso

      Kurtley’s tackle stats for 7 August test v ABs were outstanding for him – 33%. 3 tackles attempted with 2 missed and 1 successful.
      I love the way he manages to avoid being in a position where he has to make a tackle. He hides really well behind the forwards and trails far enough behind the ball so as to not to be in a position where he might have to actually contribute something in defence.
      This with his strength under the high ball will make for two very interesting tests against the Boks in Africa particularly if they decide to target him.
      If the All Blacks were selecting the Wallaby RWC team Kurtley would be the first player selected.

      • realist

        Hey fatso I think you are being a bit hard on Kurtley. He showed exceptional speed in scoring that try – my grandfather says he could run that fast too if she had the whole All Black team after him.

  • Rob o

    I think it’s time for the Wallabies to mix it up. Their play is, or has become, one dimensional and predictable, hence the opposition defensive line is set. How about some pick and drives and mauls from the forwards, and some smart kicking from the inside backs (no bombs)?

    I’m stoked this year has been more about running the ball but why not employ some other tactics to mix it up and keep the opposition guessing?

    To a lesser degree I think the ABs did this last weekend. After half time they played more of a territorial game knowing the Wallabies were behind and would have to come out firing to get back in the games, so Carter puts in a couple of nice touch finders with the Wallaby back three in an attacking frame of mind.

    I would have liked the Wallabies to respond in kind and change tactics 2 or 3 times during the match?

  • Bangkokwobbly

    The issue is do we have the player or players to “mix it up” as you suggest. With our full strength pack I think we could try the rolling maul/pick and drive options, but not at the moment. We certainly don’t have an exceptional open field kicker and haven’t had one for a long time – is Berrick our closest? It amazes me that half the country is obsessed with a game and culture like AFL which is all about excellence in open field kicking, and yet we seem to find it so hard to produce any truly world class kickers in rugby. Is the answer more cross code training/shared learning? Can we poach some AFL players who may have had some rugby exposure or could learn? Surely someone will make the leap one day soon?
    Anyway, Quade will be along shortly and this will all be redundant as we run rings around the Boks backline with scintillating backline play……right?!

  • Bangkokwobbly

    News just in, Vickerman set for Wallaby return next year.
    Unless age has caught up with him or Cambridge has turned him soft, we are now looking at a really strong full strength pack for next year, with the weakest link having been one of the second row positions……

    • can’t buy spirit

      Ha..knew it. He’d be stupid not to cash in on the desperate wallabies. Noones seen him play for 3 years but here’s hoping.

      Bit worried the article says he wont start games until june…whens the world cup?

  • Lee Enfield

    Cooper is in negotiations with the Parramatta Eels. He isn’t happy with his top up deal from the ARU, and is considering switching codes at the end of the season, no RWC.
    The ARU better come to the party, if they give Giteau a healthy top up, they should certainly give Cooper a healthy one, he brings more to the team than Giteau. Without Cooper our chances of winning the RWC or even a tri-nations game next year, plummet to almost zero.
    Hopefully this is just posturing by Cooper, trying to call the ARU’s bluff.

    • James

      I think we all hope you are right about it only being posturing looking for more $. We all saw what backline spark the Wobblies had without him – zip.

      One thing I guess is that he may feel more comfortable in league where his near-conviction for robbery would be par for the course.

  • Dally M

    ARU had a meeting scheduled with his agent today to discuss the ARU top up amount.

    O’Neill & Deans both pooh poohed the story today as well.

    Any coincidence the story breaks the same day as the meeting?

    He’s probably not happy about good behaviour clauses they have put in his new contract.

  • Sam Bananas

    Hey Rob O, isn’t that what Deans’s “Play whats in front of you” is meant to encapsulate? ie: change tactics/mix it up to suit your opposition. The Wallabies aren’t playing whats in front of them. They were completely on dimensional and predictble last match. If the opposition can realign and shut down the one-off pass, then change tactics. Move the ball 2-out, 3-out, chip or grubber into space, Run some decoys and for godsake somebody catch the ball and hit the line at pace. The stand and wait pedestrian style doesnt cut it in third grade.

    Surely Deans would not be directing them to “be predictable”, more likely he’s wanting them to be innovative but it’s just not happening. Maybe a change of on-field marshall is in order. Did anyone even ask Rocky if he wanted this roll? Sharpie inspires and has more captaining experience than anyother in the current squad. Let Pocock be free of official leadership, he inspires enough with his play.
    Martin Johnson had the complete respect of his peers and refs that his age and years of graft in top flight rugby garnered him. He wasn’t flashy, was ugly as a seagull pecked meat-pie and slower than Sharpie but he inspired others to be stronger and smarter in battle. I think Sharpie and Johnson have much in common and takeing the weight of leadership off Elsom will help his game as his form’s dipped and his surly silence doesn’t gel with the refs.

  • Melsees

    Bananas! I say based on form give it to Pocock those two need to front up and concentrate on their game. Sharpie for instance needs plenty of hot water to wash off the butter on his fingers. Elsom’s form I agree is dropping and he needs to lift his performance. Pocock’s influence on the game now is phenomenal he is matching McCaw now in everything except…….talkin to the ref. Picture last NZ test halftime whistle blown, McCaw joggin off the field with Kaplan chatting away like two long lost buddies, Don’t let him do that guys!


Scott is one of our regular contributors from the old days of G&GR. He has experience coaching Premier Grade with two clubs in Brisbane.

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