Stats Comparison: Lions Test 2 - Green and Gold Rugby
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Stats Comparison: Lions Test 2

Stats Comparison: Lions Test 2

Apologies for the delay with this week’s stats comparison. It took me a few extra days to recover from the last ten minutes of the second test. Now that I’m feeling better, let’s get on with it.



The Wallabies did the lion’s share of attacking on the weekend, absolutely dominating the Lions in the attacking stats. To start things off the Wallabies enjoyed a healthy 63% of possession. The Lions seemed to take a page out of the Blue Bulls textbook to attacking rugby, regularly kicking the pill back to the Wallabies.

The Wallabies also carried the ball 459 meters to the Lions’ 140. These meters came from the Wallabies managing 136 carries while the Lions only toted the pill 66 times. The Wallabies, unsurprisingly, also beat double the amount of defenders at a count of 14 to 7. The men in the Green and Gold also made 4 line breaks to a resounding 0 from the Lions.

Israel Folau was a standout on attack once again. 90 meters from 11 carries with 6 defenders beaten and 2 clean line breaks. Imagine if the Wallabies had a flyhalf or fullback with any intent to distribute the ball!

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  • Rocket Surgeon

    What is a rocket surgeon? I wanna be one of those when I grow up!

    • Parra

      Surely he means brain scientist..

  • Ryphon

    Amazing to think of the impact that lost Lions lineout potentially had too.

  • jc

    as a lions suporter i would say bring on sheridan put croft back at 6 and lets win this at the set piece. kill the at srum time and if they stil only contest line outs at the back, just drive every line out as it is clearly a strong point.
    obviously sheridan isnt coming but maybe with corbisiero we could stil do that.
    also our centers are not working so get roberts to start if fit and tuilagi on the bench as impact player

    • Ottawan

      Watching the game live I would have agreed with you, anyone but Vunipola. But having read the stats in this article it doesn’t seem like Vunipola did so poorly apart from the scrums. Maybe Gatland won’t take him out. And I’m not sure Croft would be able to completely solve the line out problems for the lions.


    I can’t help but think that some Cooper-esque long flat passes would have really helped in that game. Can you imagine Folau feeding off Cooper? I think that’s something the fans deserve to see…

    We really missed Pocock over the ball on the weekend. Looking a little into the future.. Is anybody else excited about a possible 6.Mowen 7.Pocock. 8. Higginbotham Wallaby back row? I for one am.. That combination looks world beating.

    • Ottawan

      I’d see Mowen and Higgers fighting for the 8 jersey TBH. I’d leave the flanker spot not taken by Pocock to be a contest between Gill and Hooper. I think that leaves more space for adjustments due to injury or for impact subs. Either way, Wallabies do appear to have some fantastic depth in the back row for the near future. I wouldn’t complain with almost any of the above combos


        Playing people out of their positions is a curse of the Robbie Deans era that I can’t wait to see the end of. Neither Hooper or Gill are a 6. Gill may pass but they are both a little small to be a blindside in my opinion. With Pocock on one side they need some height in the backrow too to compete at lineout time. Again Gill is passable but again, they are both on the small side. Hooper and Gill to super sub from the bench in the last quarter.

        • Stin

          And mowen is a little light at 8 for mine. With Simmons on and gill and hooper on the side of the scrums and Mow at 8 we looked shaky.

      • USARugger

        Don’t think Hooper or Gill should ever wear 6 outside of the closing quarter of a match as a substitute. Neither have the height or girth to play the position without changing the dynamic of the entire back row.

        I like Mowen at 6 anyway. Big, fantastic line out jumper/operator, athletic enough to get into the wider channels on attack (Izzy Folau’s solo effort in the 1st test), a menace around the ruck defensively. Ticks all the boxes for an international 6 really.

        • argentinianrugger

          phil waugh and george smith made an awsome duo when they used to play together. i think pocock and hooper can play together with great results

        • USARugger

          Smith can genuinely play 6 while Hooper cannot so I’ll have to disagree with you.

  • Who Needs Melon

    ZERO line breaks is amazing. How often does that happen? I know they didn’t have that much of the ball but that still speaks volumes about the quality of the defence which in turn tells me this is a team with great attitude, spirit, trust, etc.
    George North must have got almost half a dozen line breaks all by himself last week.

    • USARugger

      Wallabies defense has been immense the past year or so. The way the Lions played though they never really looked like they wanted to challenge the line.

      Sexton only passed 3 or 4 more times than he kicked on the night. J. Davies was a bit of a black hole for the ball in the midfield as well. When the flyhalf is hoofing midfield bombs and your centers can’t combine to create anything it can get hard to break the line!

  • abmerlin

    Thats the problem with stats! Lions only lost 1 LO – but what a LO to lose! Probably won the Wallabies the match!

  • A. Fox-Russell

    I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am starting to feel cautiously optimistic about this weekend. Horwill has been cleared and you get the feeling reading those stats that our combinations are about to click in the way that only two intense tests can make happen. At least, click as well as they can with JOC at 10.

    If we had held on to a few of those dropped balls in the last 20 mins you would have to think there was another try or two in it.

    Carn Wobs. Wait, it’s only Tuesday. Bugger.

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