Aussie Super Rugby stats freaks - Round 6

Aussie Super Rugby stats freaks – Round 6

Aussie Super Rugby stats freaks – Round 6

We have a look at the numbers from Round 5 of Super Rugby.

Hot on Attack

Israel Folau was dominant in attack on the weekend as usual.  Robbie Coleman was also impressive for the Brumbies, scoring a double.

Photo: Keith McInnes

Photo: Keith McInnes

1. Israel Folau – 14 runs for 96 metres, 6 offloads, 2 line breaks and 2 tries

2. Jesse Mogg – 11 runs for 84 metres.

3. Bernard Foley – 8 runs for 60 metres and 2 line breaks

4. Lachie Turner – 8 runs for 54 metres and 1 offload.

5. Robbie Coleman – 9 runs for 21 metres, 1 offload and 2 tries.


Brick Walls

Matt Hodgson was outstanding once again with a whopping 20 tackles!

1. Matt Hodgson – 20 tackles

2. Michael Hooper – 13 tackles

3. Jake Schatz – 12 tackles

4. Quade Cooper – 12 tackles

5. Sekope Kepu – 12 tackles


Work Rate Animals

This week the backs show up the forwards in the work rate department.

Photo: Keith McInnes

Photo: Keith McInnes

1. Kurtley Beale – 11 runs for 55 metres, 7 tackles, 1 offload and 1 line break

2. Kyle Godwin – 10 runs for 27 metres and 9 tackles.

3. James Slipper – 9 runs for 21 metres, 5 tackles and 1 offload.

4. Sam Carter – 8 runs for 20 metres, 9 tackles

5. Sam Wykes – 7 runs for 14 metres and 8 tackles.



  • Jamie Miller

    Apparently Shane Christie from the Highlanders made 29 tackles on the weekend. Is that a record?

  • RugbyReg

    Quade Cooper – the defensive machine!

    • Klaus

      I am a big fan of Quades but I actually thought defensively on the weekend he was very poor. Again he kept going for those tackles where he goes high and tries to rip the ball. The attacking player always gets over the advantage line and put us on the back foot. He can tackle properly but it is all in his head it seems.

      • dr professor

        That’s because when he does it he rips the ball out from the other team. 3 times he managed to rip a ball of the other player and once led to a try. I agree that I would like him to pick the situations he does this in better, but at the same time, it just adds a facet to Quade’s game that few (if any) other people in the S15 seem to have.

    • RubberLegs

      Patrick Lambie is out with injury. NZ used up quite a few #10s during the last World Cup. Top shelf playmakers are rare and there is a long season ahead; the Reds should have QC defending at fullback again and put Lachie in the line for defense. Quade does a lot of tackles because no one reads the game better. The Reds have downgraded defense as a priority- Anthony Fainga’a is on the bench.

      • Matthew Lalor

        controversial rubberlegs! I am not sure what to think. I recently read one punter saying that he thinks QCs placement at 15 in defense by Link may have been for reasons other than his tackling (in)ability after all!!! well derr…. QC is easy to hate on but most reds agreed that his d isn’t bad (pretty darn good in fact) and that it was tactical. Now there is less hate, all of a sudden people start understanding even after many other super teams adopted the same approach. I still want to see him in the line for d but either way, he offers the team a few options. Ant F in is very poor form and see him going the way of Steve kefu. one or two good seasons and that is it. He is in no way in contention for wallies this year. little to no impact. the red’s 2011 saw fewer discipline issues and good d. i think the reds have no chance this year because they bite at both at the moment.

        • RubberLegs

          You have touched a raw nerve there… I still miss Steve.

        • Matthew Lalor

          We all miss Steve mate…

  • Klaus

    James Slipper should move up for workhorse. Those prancing backs don’t have to worry about putting any effort into a thing call line-outs or scrums!


Wallabies, Waratahs and Northern Suburbs supporter. Twitter: @Hughadams01

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