McCaw offside stubby coolers

Tahs Championship and McCaw Offside Stubby Coolers

Tahs Championship and McCaw Offside Stubby Coolers

We’re back after a three year hiatus with a fresh supply of Green and Gold Rugby Beer Coolers, including our now world famous McCaw Offside stubby coolers.

This time we’ve gone for the traditional style of ‘cylinder with base’ cooler (as opposed to flat pack we’ve sold in the past).

The Line-Up

We have three coolers available for the discerning drinker, known on the order form as ‘Players’, ‘Fixtures’ and ‘McCaw’.


How to Order

Head over to G&GR Shop and place your order there.



Coolers have now arrived, and we’re planning to ship pre-orders this weekend.


We’re planning to donate a cooler to each of the Waratahs squad and coaching staff, so a portion of your purchase goes directly to the players.

  • Bay35Pablo

    Love it!

  • Bobas

    Is that a stubby holder signed by Sir McCaw pictured above?

    • Steve Timms

      Yep, he thought it was funny. He’s a top bloke, and a bastard all at once.

  • bad ass

    It should read “I only drink when McCaw is onside”.

    • Drunk

      Nah, it’s right how it is.

      He’s always offside, therefore
      I am always drinking (condition of McCaw being offside is met), therefore
      Excuse my condition, I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink when McCaw is offside.

  • Davo

    Can anyone explain the origins of “Fanga” and “Gilbert” to me?
    And shouldn’t Nathan Grey be “Crazy”?

    • Westy

      I think Gilbert comes from this header:

    • SuckerForRed

      Apparently “Fanga” was Phipp’s Dad’s nickname. When Nick went to the same school that his Dad taught at he got tag with “Little Fanga” which has morphed into “Fanga”.
      Yeah I had to ask as it was bugging me.

  • Singapore

    Is there an option for overseas delivery? Lots of Wallaby fans (and too many Warratah fans ;-) overseas.

    • There is,
      I just couldn’t work out delivery costs in time ;)

      If you want to put through an order, but don’t pay yet, I’ll contact you when I work out the postage cost.

      • lemoensap

        Hi, do you perhaps know how much shipping to South Africa will be? Any extra tax applied? Thanks

        • No extra taxes that I’m aware of.
          Costs for a 500 gram package (~14 coolers) to RSA are:
          $11.50 Seamail
          $20.20 Airmail
          $26.20 Registered

          Would recommend registered unless SA postal service has drastically improved.

        • lemoensap

          Thank you very much.

  • David McKay

    I went to the G&GR Shop but I can’t see where to order the stubby holders?

    • Hi David,

      If you head to this link:

      Then you should be able to click on the image of the stubby coolers from there. Once at a cooler’s page, click on ‘add to cart’, and when you’re done click the ‘Cart’ in the top right of the page.

      If you’re still having trouble let me know and I’ll send you an email to get your order and address.


      • David McKay


        Thank you. I found it alright and I’ve ordered my coolers :).


  • Erin

    Hi, Is there any way we can get an order of 25 for overnight delivery?

    • Hi Erin,
      The coolers have just arrived from the manufacturer. For an order that big I could send them express post tomorrow.

  • timmehb

    Just wanted to say I got my G&GR McCaw stubby cooler the other day, and I swear the beer tasted even better and more righteous than usual. ;)


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