Super 14 Fantasy Comp - Round 10 - Green and Gold Rugby

Super 14 Fantasy Comp – Round 10

Super 14 Fantasy Comp – Round 10

No earth-shattering changes to the league this past week.  A couple newcomers to the top 10 and bit of shuffling, but overall looks about the same.  ManBearPigs still sits on the G&GR throne and 23rd overall, with scrumblue coming on strong.  TazXV had a sweet round (3rd best in G&GR) and is on the move up to 8th in the standings.  The Drop Kicks topped everyone with a hefty 489 points.

Now that all the teams have run through the bye weeks, I thought we’d revisit the Wallabies Fantasy Squad.  The list has been updated and it’s pretty damn close to what most of us (and maybe Robbie D) are calling for.  I’m not sure I expected that because we’ve all seen games where a player went bonkers in terms of fantasy points but wasn’t up to snuff in reality.  If this exact team was named in the first test, I wouldn’t be too disappointed.  

The last team to see their bye was the Waratahs and a couple have slipped out of last weeks team (unpublished) because of it.  Kane Douglas loses his bench locking spot, and Ben Mowen slides out as well.  Waugh also goes from last weeks run on openside to eating babies in fantasy clubland.  I would say that these changes reflect form, so no harm done.

A few Reds make an appearance, which many would say is fitting of their recent play.  Van The Man claims the backup lock position (assuming he’s fit by the time tests roll around) and Higgenbotham also gets a bench spot.  I for one would be very happy for that to become reality, especially with Cliffy Palu’s knee injury.

If not for a few points here or there, two more Queenslanders could be in the mix.  Saia Fainga’a has been flip flopping with Stephen Moore for the backup hooker spot and just loses out this week.  His brother Anthony is also squeezed out by Daniel Halangahu.  Sorry, Rod Davies and Will Chambers aren’t quite that close yet….

Pocock has come on very strong since his return from injury and looks destined to claim the openside flanker role within another game or two.  Once he’s in the squad, I think we’re looking pretty sweet and damn close to what could be a real squad.  And yes, I’m aware the Giteau and Barnes are no where to be seen!

So what do you think?  Fantasy points are perhaps loosely an indication of form.  It’s no coincidence that the Reds have been playing expansive, winning rugby and many of their players are doing well in the fantasy points.  And it’s also not a surprise either that players like Giteau and Barnes aren’t in the picture yet.

  • Nusadan

    Bit confused here, is there another Gaggers comp there? As I’m in on Bobas’ 2009 GAGR’s, so I don’t see the above suspects there…and my round score of 517 is higher than that of Drop Kicks’….

  • Good to see we’re still kicking ass at #1. Pump it up boys, I’m back here supporting at 48th in our league.

  • Extremely interesting blog post thanks for writing it I just added your blog to my bookmarks and will check back often.


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